11 May 2009

Enjoyable M0ment

UTHM [with wisdom we explore]
Now i’m having my semester holidays for 2 months..Studies over~ Whoa!! so cOoL n soOoo much fun. All my burden, problems, challenges, n hard time for my studies had gone away. Yeah! Yeah!...yeah!! i’m frEE~~ i’m coming home..i’m coming home....i’m missing all...i miss u all....i’m miss u....”lalalala~~ [homecoming by paramore] hehehe.....

N now is the time for me to relax, doing crazy stuffZ, do this done that, enjoy my happy life without any disturbance. Emm, planning for my holidays maybe i would like to relax in my beautiful house first, play with my sistaz or hang out with my beshies...l0ng time no see l0r~ before thinking bout my holidays destination...ex-TIGS miz u guyz so much n also u Alliza!!! Haha.. such a beautiful life i have. I think so. Hmm...=)

Beautiful life??? What is the meaning of beautiful life?? Everbody wanna beautiful life...rite? Yup2!... For me, a beautiful life happens when we have a wonderful and great time surrounding us. Smiles, laughter,sadness,cries,crazy crazy,shouting here n there, n also be in LOVE can complete our beautiful life. Without one of them our lives may seems not complete.

Hope dat this semester holidays will be the greatest than before..yeah!!~~

p/s: Life is short. So make it sweet n memorable yah!

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