29 October 2009

Floating Tower

Project is succeed. The tower floating. It's fun to build and design it. Juz like our real tower. For many weeks trying so hard to finish it n at last the tower is UP!!! Analysis structure is a coOL subject although it is difficult. Alrite, lets talk about the TOWER!!

This floating tower have been built to determine the tower that has the greatest efficiency. There is no difficulties while doing this tower. There are many materials that we used in this project. Such as plain straw, masking tape, sand container and cable thigh. All these materials have their own measurement.

The other equipment that we used are four empty mineral bottle, binding tape, knife, scissor and A3 papers. The mineral bottle that we used is to balance the tower on top of water. Plain straw must in the same length so that the tower do not twist or collapse. Besides that, the A3 paper is for sketching or designing our floating tower. For ur information, each column will have 3 pieces of straw to support the tower.

As we know, our floating tower is fully made of straw. We used about 200 pieces of straws with 25cm length. We choose square as our basic structural shape. Square can support weight but the weaknesses are it can twist and collapse the structure if not supported well. The height of floating tower is 45cm, top base area is 15cm x 15cm, while the bottom base area is 30cm x 30cm. We placed an empty container on top of the tower.

Although, there are many troublesome while completing this project but we manage to solve them very well. To have a strong and stable tower, it must have a good support. Each structure play an important role and must place at the right position. So that, the centroid, centre of gravity, centre of buoyancy, buoyancy, and weight of the tower are in the stable condition.

Huhh!..i'm quite impress with our prOject! Today i'm going to present this pr0ject in fr0nt of my friends n lecturer. Hope that this t0wer will not sink or submerged...Hahahaha~ FLOATING TOWER HERE WE COME!!!!~

27 October 2009

Popping Out to say sumthIn

Ok dude! N0w i've got nOthin to do...Seems to be so empty tOday..Hmm~ juz nOw i had a test. N i think it was bad.. Huaaa~.. My mind can't fOcus rite nOw. How cOme??? What's wrOng!!!! Arggghhh~~... Still gOt nothin. Still got nO signs.. CAN"T FIND MY WAY..Alrite! tomorrOw i'll have an interview. Haishh~...tensi0n of aLL situatiOns rite now. So many things to be dOne on the same time???!!! I think i cOuldn't breath anymOre.. TIRED BADLY ENOUGH.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO SETTLE THEM DOWN???.... [i'll give u a tOken later...hahaha]

Projects and assignmnets here n there.. Might get sickness n madness with all of these stuffzz! The final examintaiOn is juz arOund the corner.But still, nO mood for exam. No preparatiOn. No! nOthin!!...HEY JAJA!! WAKE UP!! WAKE UP FROM UR DREAMZ!! BE FOCUS!!!~.. U NEED TO COMPLETE WHAT U HAVE TO DO...huhhh~..ok2..i understand. I will try my best to success. AiyoOoo~ juz say "success" is an easy wOrd. But to express it hard rite! Wuaa~~..GIVE ME THE STRENGTH PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!

ChiLL out!.. wanna kn0w sumthin...actuaLly i feel bad with sumOne. u kn0w la, that guy went fOr an outstatiOn. In chezh.. He tOld me that he will be there fOr 1 mOnth. Ok fine...He went there f0r wOrk. i fOrget to say gudbye to him... I think he might feel that i dun care ab0ut his living.. Absolutely nOt!! Still want it or over it. Huhh~...AlthOugh, we are nOthin anymOre can he juz make it simple. I dOnt understand wut he is trying to dO. Hey! r U a man or wut??? be pr0fesiOnal la~..GrOw up!!!! Cisss!...

When peOple can't be nice tO me i still can be nice to them.. But if them still can't that, alrite i'll see n think abOut it!! U owe me dude!! Juz wait!

p/s: for that guy, juz think ab0ut the passed. Think! think! think!...~U still rec0gnise me rite?? fine!

11 October 2009

The Best Friday 9.10.09

That day was the best n fun day fOr me..
So many excitment bebeh!!
The photoshOOt day
The open UTHM day
Maybe the gathering day toO..haha

Photoshoot is the best! For civil engineering student batch 07/08..
Started actually ar0und 9.00 a.m but all gather abOut 10.00 a.m
It was quite sunny day that day
The sun shine so bright as bright as our feeling that day
port: Dataran Siswazah
classmates: i think 43 student la..
photoshoOt style: formal n candid
the feel: really enjOy, fun tyme, excitment
best part: of cuz during candid babes!!
props: afrO, big specs, colOrful cowbOy hats, witch hat, rabbit ears, mOuse ears, n bla..bla..bla..
poses: very style la dude! hOp on hOp off..hahahaha

NevA 4get this m0ment
NevA 4get all my belOved fren in UTHM
I will treasure them all in my minD my heArt n My sOUL....
U lighT up my liFe with laughter n hapPIness
reALLy hope that we will never apart
alwayz togeTher n suCCess tOgether
cuz i afraid that can't fight the feeling withOut u guyz!!

Do hope that u neva 4get ur fren
N of cuz ME!!!
Frenz is everthin 2 me...

07 October 2009

Fire Burning

RENTED HOUSE ON FIRE!!!...oh no00Oooo!!... I'm juz lepaking with my lapt0p n surfing the internet, then smelling sumthin weird...Like a smoke. The 1st thought, maybe sumone put on a fire to burn sumthin or rubbish. I dun care..Emm but then, my heart doesnt feel rite. Wanna investigate where's the smell came from... N u know whaT!!! THE KITCHEN ON FIRE!!!.. CRAZZZYYY!! Sumone whO boiled water n fogot to turn off the gas. AiyoOOooo..~ What laa...

Only me n my friend during that time. We dun nOe wut to dO.. Panic! Frighten! all the way. We dun nOe wuT to do with the fire. ArggGHHhh!!....!!! Never get through this situatiOn b4. HUh... At last, i asked my neighbOur to help us. During this time the situatiOn getting more shocked n panic. All my neighbOur came to my rent hOUse to see what happen.

At last, the fire stop. Huh!! Feel released.... Thanks to my neighbOur.. I owe u.. =)

Next time, always be alert for what u have d0ne people!

p/s: Uhuk..uhUk..the smoke still here..wuaaa~..huhh!

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