29 October 2009

Floating Tower

Project is succeed. The tower floating. It's fun to build and design it. Juz like our real tower. For many weeks trying so hard to finish it n at last the tower is UP!!! Analysis structure is a coOL subject although it is difficult. Alrite, lets talk about the TOWER!!

This floating tower have been built to determine the tower that has the greatest efficiency. There is no difficulties while doing this tower. There are many materials that we used in this project. Such as plain straw, masking tape, sand container and cable thigh. All these materials have their own measurement.

The other equipment that we used are four empty mineral bottle, binding tape, knife, scissor and A3 papers. The mineral bottle that we used is to balance the tower on top of water. Plain straw must in the same length so that the tower do not twist or collapse. Besides that, the A3 paper is for sketching or designing our floating tower. For ur information, each column will have 3 pieces of straw to support the tower.

As we know, our floating tower is fully made of straw. We used about 200 pieces of straws with 25cm length. We choose square as our basic structural shape. Square can support weight but the weaknesses are it can twist and collapse the structure if not supported well. The height of floating tower is 45cm, top base area is 15cm x 15cm, while the bottom base area is 30cm x 30cm. We placed an empty container on top of the tower.

Although, there are many troublesome while completing this project but we manage to solve them very well. To have a strong and stable tower, it must have a good support. Each structure play an important role and must place at the right position. So that, the centroid, centre of gravity, centre of buoyancy, buoyancy, and weight of the tower are in the stable condition.

Huhh!..i'm quite impress with our prOject! Today i'm going to present this pr0ject in fr0nt of my friends n lecturer. Hope that this t0wer will not sink or submerged...Hahahaha~ FLOATING TOWER HERE WE COME!!!!~

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