21 November 2009

It Gets Into My Nerves

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y...hmm~ holiday!! holiday!! h0liday!!! What is HOLIDAY??? Of cuz an enjOyable mOment rite.. Yupz! Now, it's abOut 2.55a.m n i can't sleep rite nOw...Huh! Juz listening to the music n surfing the internet.. Kinda play s0me games. But my finger can't dO it anymOre..hahahh!!!Ok then, wut sh0uld i do now?? hmmm...mybe juz go to bed n make my dreams cOme true~ [think..think...n bla..bla..bla...] ShouLd i?? aaaaaa......Mybe i shoUld sleep n0w. Gurls can't sleep late..Like ma frenz said..hahahaa...Why?? i d0nt know laa..heee~

What should i do when the sunsrise? This holiday must be sumthin nice then befOre.. bUt what is it???? any plannnnnn....Ok2..THINK>>THINK>>THINK....Alrite! Still can't!!! Hmmm..... [a silent m0ment f0r a while]....

My l0vely blog, u kn0w wut. Today i felt so happy...Mybe sumthin sumthin had happened inside my life. haha... But hard to express it. S0on bebeh! But i l0ve this feeling..heheh ;P Feeling like u've been so happy lately that u better buckLe dOwn n get some work dOne?? Uhh! Well..dOnt. Enj0y this break. I can earn it in more n many ways. Ohh ya! mybe t0morrow i'll gonna cut my hair sh0rter than bef0re. New lOOKs dude!! wehOooo~~

N nOw my eyes feel itchy..aiyaa~ what the h***... Rubbing my eyes n it's feel so gud..hahahaha..Ok! I think n0w i will start to mumbling sumthin weirD..Bef0re its gonna be m0re n m0re worst it's time fOr me to relax n try to sleep..tom0rrow will be a perfect day..Juz hOping the gud ones.. TUDDELS~~ *wink2*

>>pisssttss~...stand up fOr wut u believe k!

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