28 December 2009

Almost There

Time! Why am i still awake n never go to sleep rite n0w?? It's abOut 2.06 a.m...Tomorrow is a new day for me [11.00a.m...1st claz for the new semester] Juz come back from lOng holidays.. Huh! It was very wOnderful.

Position: Rent House>>

First n fOremost, i must clean n tidy up all the things in my room...sOooo many to be done. Alone n all by myseLf.. My roomate do nOt show up yet..Maybe tomorrOw. But i can't wait!! hahaha...Many stories to tell..heeee~ BefOre that, i went to my friend hOuse to take the things that i asked her to buy frOm kelantan...The kerOpok of cuz..hehe..But as a tOken i gave her sum fooD or oLe2 ;D

Things to be DONE: arranging, sweeping, cleaning [dust everywhere..huhh~], ir0ning n bla..bla...bla...~~>>

Lucky me to stay in a rented hOuse. No need to bring all my stuffz n then bring it back again juz like staying in the hOsteL..huhh..so only a few things need to be pack. Actually, i arrived ab0ut 6.15 p.m...then put my things n belongings in my roOm buttttt....huhh i f0rgot sumthin babes.. hOw come Ler~...my EXTENSION WIRE left at hOme.. so i need to go back hOme again. What on earth i've dOne.. SiLLy me!! Very careLess n such a gabra lahh! aiyaaa~... ;P

Position: Serambi Rasa Restaurant>>

Continue to the jOurney...then my aunt asked us to have a dinner at Serambi Rasa..Okie dOkie!! Juz the right time..haha~ That restaurant nearby my rent hOuse.. So we have a dinner there n it was awesOme cuZ it was the 1st time me n my faMily went there..i mean tOgether2 laa. The swallowed item***...hahaha...well u see, there are chicken chOp, fish n chiP [i ate that...hehe], mee rebus n nasi goreng ikan masin, milO ais [i drank that..hehe], skyjuice,teh O ais laici n lemonade...n the c0st about RM**.** sumthin r...dun nOe..haha! Never take a pOrt..weee~

Position: Rent House>>

Again...haha.. nOw it's time to say gudbye fam..wuwuwuwu~ :( My aunt send me hOme n they left me at the rent hOuse.. Cleaning some stuffz n finished at last....

Mind: For Success>>

This year is the very very the last year fOr me in DIPLOMA OF CIVIL ENGINEERING WITH TECHNOLOGY. Sooo i must aim high fOr this semester [last sem babes!] Can't wait to the end but afraid toO...huhuh..Ok then! Need to sleep now.. High spirit n performance for today tom0rrow n EVERYDAY!!!!! ;)

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