25 December 2010


HO..HO..HO!! Merry Christmas to my Cristian friends
and Happy New Year...

foot note: wanna wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely friend..HUSNA!! Big girl already and just turned to 21..hahaa..XD miss you crazy! LOL~

23 December 2010

When Almost Anything Goes, Almost Anything Can Happen

Outside raining heavily..
It suddenly rain
Rain in the evening
The sky turn grey with wind bl0wing strongly
And the surroundings change just a blink away.....

Yup..everything will change. But it takes time to change. Sometimes changing is terrifying.. Basicly change is nature best friend. Or what i can say is change is a nature. You kn0w what i mean right? Some people trying so hard to change. To be a better person or become successful in their life. Some...the m0re they try the more painful they get. BUT some...change is miracle to them. Well, actually nothing in the world we cannot get. Nothing is impossible. The important key to get what you want is NEVER GIVE UP! Don't give up.. Still u couldn't get what u want so you have to try again again and AGAIN. Keep on trying. But, don't give a pressure to yourself. Life is enjoy. Do everything with joys..
For me, no matter how much i try, nothing happen. Sometime it happen for awhile and i didn't know how to hold it. I don't want to be a quiter.. Cause i know someday there is a miracle in life i can achive.. Well, of course sometime people change right? I changed too. Its cool lah! Make my life fill with more colours and fun.. But don't think that i've change to bad. Actually i can feel bored if do the same things. You too right?? So i need more colours. Anyone wanna paint me?? hahahaa..*silly* LOL. Hmm..but not everybody can accept my changes. :(
Ok2.. Today maybe i loose. But tomorrow i will be a WINNER. Sometimes up and sometimes down...its nature.
"Loose to win can still be a winner. Win to loose is something unpractical" - jaja-
First of all, i must wide open my mind. Knowledges and experiences are the important ingredients in my life. Make my mind free and fresh. Yeahhhh!! i love the word FRESH..hahaa..
F.R.E.S.H..ffffrrrrreeeeessssshhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! *grinnn* :D When i see the sun i feel hot. When i see the cloud i feel free. When i see tree i feel fresh. When i see rain i feel excited. When i see the moOn i feel happy. When i see ME,MYSELF,I i feel great!! I just have to turn the volume up on all of it..
From n0w onwards, i will be what i wanna be. I can do anything on my own.. Yiiiihaaaaa~~ SOooo, hey my lovely friends, you kn0w i love u y'all!!! Friends are everything to me after family. No matter how good or bad you are, you still and always be my friends yo! Nothing will change except YOU make me change. You kn0w what i mean right???!!
*pretty bad smile... :)))*

17 December 2010

Remember Those

Holiday is fun.. Hell yeah!! Having semester break for 1 month. Then, on 3rd January 2011 will be a new semester fOr me. Can't wait to see 2011 and sure be the best. Wishes for 2011 hope to be true. Actually, on 2010 there are a lots of precious memories. Some of them are good, bad and of course hated too.. Peeps, the good and bad are very small matters f0r me. BUT, i really hate to feel hated to someone or somethings. Hey peeps, don't ever make me say 'I Hate You'. It's kinda hurt. AND i'm not interested to be hate okay! enjoy lah! XD

SO...lets discover ab0ut me. Well, 12 things i hate about are:

1. People who point at their wrist asking for the time..huh! I know where my watch is peep, where the heLL is yours?? Do i point my feet where the shoe is?

2. People who willing to get of their ass to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually..D.A.M.N!

3. When people say, "Ohh..You just want to have your cake and eat too". Damn right duh! What good is cake of you if can't eat??

4. When people say, "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they?

5. When people say while wathing a movie, "did ya see that?" NO LOSER! I paid RM9 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor!!

6. When people keep walking 'up and down', 'in and out' while watching a movie. Moron you! Can't you sit and watch the movie. What's the point if you go 'in and out'. You'll miss the movie lah dude.

7. People who ask, "Can i ask you a question?"...didn't give me a choice there, did ya sunshine??

8. Which something is 'new and improved'. Which is it? *confused* If it's new then, there has never been anything before it. If it's an improvement, then there must have been something before it, couldn't be new. Get it!!

9. When people say, 'life is short'. What the GUCCI?? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever dOes! How old are you? You must be grateful peeps.. What can you do thats longer?

10. When i am waiting for the bus and someone ask, "Has the bus come yet?" If the bus came, would i be standing here??

11. When a guy be nice to me because to tackle or to get close with my girlfriend.. Go get her by yourself.

12. Don't give me hint. Just say it!!

Remind them all people..! There are 3 type of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, those who wonder what happen... For me, forsure im gonna enjoy my holidays and make my holidays wonderful.

NZ is my dream vacation.. WooOwww!! Still thinking and counting days to go to NZ. Very spectacular...Auuwww~~ ;) AND i will never f0rget to bring my 500D yo!!

15 December 2010

EC Method

I am cool..^^
Everything is cool
But, sometimes it is uncool to be cool
So just pretend to be cool

Take it easy with your life
It's not that i take toO easy with my life
Actually, life is pretty much easy....but we mess it up
So don't make your life messy

Conclusion: Make things EASY and COOL~~

06 December 2010


Happy new year to all moslem around the world
1432H will be a year that bring us m0re joys and happiness in life
Hope that this year will also bring more goodness than badness

02 December 2010

Exam Finish

Hey..!!! It's December already.. :))))

Finally....the final examinati0n come to the end. The last paper f0r today is Material of Mechanics. The questions were ok. I think i did well.. Forsure today is an awes0me day!! It is the end of the first year semester one in degree of civil engineering.

Alth0ugh last night i got the m0st bad headache ever..huhh!~ Really in pain last night. I felt that i just kn0cked my head to wall to wall...*seyez rase mcm owg kne sakit otak* SoOooooo my quick acti0n was to find minyak kapak and put it all over my forehead..DAMNNN pain!!!! Actually there was no effect or overcome my headache.. I tried to sleep sleeeppppp sleep~~..zzzZZZZZzzzz.. Then, when i woke up in the morning the headache not yet dissapear. I got worried.. Just imagined that while i took my exam with unpr0perly condition and sure i can't f0cus right?? hohOho.. I tried to take a deep breath, be calm and relax my mind. After that i took my breakfast and did last minute revisi0n.. Lucky me the headache g0ne! hahaa..

Aahaaa..Ehemm...OhoOoookayyyy!! Now i must enj0y my h0lidays and prepare for the next coOL semester. Can't wait to see u 2011.. ^^

p/s: don't kn0w whats g0nna happen with my result..Better be goOd...

30 November 2010

It's Mine

i got my own step
s0 if y0u c0uldn't f0llow MY STEP, get off me!!
cause i am wh0 i am
i always remember what my grandma said..."treat pe0ple with nice but if they do bad things to you just f0rget it"..BUT my aunt said "its very useless if you be nice to pe0ple cause someday they sure f0rget it"..
i said "i'll try to treat people well and don't really care if they turn to be bad or good"

28 November 2010

Listen, even inside you're dying

I do have l0ts of friends
So n0w i would like to write ab0ut F.R.I.E.N.D.S

friends like these friends

Sometimes people feel alone and find at least a friend to blow away the l0neliness
Sometimes people using their friends to do something
Sometimes people th0ught friends can come and go like they want
Sometimes people will forget their friends
Sometimes pe0ple actually DO forget their friends
Sometimes people want to make friend with their friend's friends because of envy or jel0usy of their friends
Sometimes they make fun of their friends
BUT...nowadays, there is no word of sometimes..For me it abs0lutely will happen..

FRIENDS are something special that we have
Everybody needs friends
Friend inneed is a friend indeed
People who love their friends will never force their friends to do what they say
A friend will make other friend happy
A friend will always there when a friend inneed
We do everything together be fun together and feel like the wh0le world are ours
We dont really care ab0ut other people say around us
Cause we kn0w we with our friends..

I always needed time on my own
But when i saw you...i never th0ught i need you there
And the days feel like years when im al0ne
But you were there fOr me
Do you see how much i need you right now
We are apart
When we are apart the pieces of my heart are missing you
Only me kn0ws
When you walk away i just c0uld see but i will not g0nna stop you
Cause i know you choose your destiny and its your ch0ice
As long as you happy, friend
But i'll still hope that one day we weill meet again and do crazy stuff like before
I never felt this way before
Everything that i do reminds me of you
I love the thing that we both do...
BUT...if i have to go and live u....
We were made for each other out here forever
Destiny so0n will show us that i have to go
And we have to try not to cry
The hardest thing is to say bye bye
All i ever wanted was for you to know
Everything i do i give my heart and sOul
You dont need to seek for my f0rgiveness
To be friend with you is such a happiness
The colour of happiness and sadness that we face are the precious moment
Dont say im sorry cause i'll say its ok...

Best Friend who i can laugh with no extents
Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me i wasnt good enough
Or let me down
hmm..I dont think you kn0w what that means to me


21 November 2010

The Deathly Hallows

hahaha.. ^^
Hey peeps!! Its a special b0y with 'the' scar..he's HARRY POTTER..!!!
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is the finale of the wOrldwide phenomen0n..
I can call it as the movie of generati0n..
I can see them gr0w up with this HP movie
Never miss all the m0vies once!
Actually i had watched this movie last day..It was awesome
Well as we kn0w the touch of David Yates is interesting and splendid..
BUT...this HARRY POTTER has 2 parts
Cant wait for the last part of HP on July 2011

05 November 2010

Top Up

Yeahh...miss my bl0g so muchy much! Damnnn..to long didnt update this blog. Ok..now i'm having my study week's holidays for 3 weeks. My final examinati0n is just around the c0rner. As you've seen above is the exam time table.. I only sit for 4 papers this semester. But actually quite l0ts to study an remember. It is the first time for me to sit for 2 papers for the 1st day of examination. Hahaha... heart attack lah. For sure my brain will be on fire and almost expl0de mann!! So pray for me guys...Pray for my success..PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE!!! amin~~
So many stories to tell today. For your information, i had been join a community services on 29oct till 31oct at FELDA Pemanis II, Segamat, Johor. Actually i had joined RELA uniform club. 1st time in my life i'd done community services and felt awkward lah. I need to stay with a family that i absolutely not recognise! They divided us into a group and each group will be choosen by families how many people they need. Actually, we all will be as their temporary children or kn0wn as 'anak angkat'..hihiii~ Awkward! awkward..AWKWARD...lalaalala... As for me, my group only have 4 people. Our temporary mummy and daddy only need 4 children so lucky for us to have them. At 1st, mummy and daddy looks quiet and not out spoken at all..hehee.. But, 1st step that we did was trying introducing ourselves to them. Told them about our ownself n bla..bla..bla...at last the conversation was succeed. Although we reached very late at nite but we try to chat with them. Mummy is cool. Daddy is story teller. Then, the next day we started our activities. Very tired but REALLY damn enjoyed there. We do this did that d0ne that and everything...play with soils (actually doing semai kelapa sawit lah...very fun and extreme taw..heee~), joined sports, culture nights and got lots of new FRIENDSSSS!!! yeyyy...
Semai palm oil is not easy. Very need hard work to complete those.. An old lady could do to semai the palm oil alone by herself but for me..i tried to semai too and....guess what! damn tired yo!! Salute to that aunty la. First, they teached us how to semai a palm oil and for the rest of the palm oil, we tried to complete to semai them all. Just imagine we must go up hill and down hill to semai the palm oil...And for sure me...very COMOT that day..hahaha.
After semai activity, during afternoon was a sports activity. Many kind of sports such as volley ball, takraw, futsal, and also sukaneka. I had joined volley ball and the sukaneka ( blow sweets in fl0ur)..hihiii.... Very funny la. For the sukaneka i won 2nd place and volley ball 3rd place..Not bad for a 1st time joinner join this kind of sports. Well, i dont care about what place i win. The important part is the enj0yment and precious moment AND the most fun experience i get.
Next, for culture nite at the same day after semai and sports activity. My group did fashion show drama..hohoo. Background music from Wonder Girls: Nobody. Our group got a big applause from audience. Well of course for the shemale part lah..HAHAHAHAH..those guys are ver sporting to turn theirselve to shemale..hihihihihihihi..I cant stop to laugh lah!!!! Although im on the runaway show still couldnt stop laughing to see them did the runaway session...hahahaha!! what on earth!!... really enjoyed.
The most i like during this community services is the best part of getting new friends. For me, it is the best i ever have. Makes me close to each other and kn0w bout other people more. Can see many kind of people from every ages and attitude.
Couldn't believe that i've done all those things.. All in the first time babe! haha..Really gonna miss all those things lah. For sure miss mummy and daddy. Hope that one day we will meet again. Very cool experience i get in my life...!
For final examinatiOn..JAJA DO THE BEST!!! don't dreaming while study okayy..oH0ookayyy...! GANBATTE KUDASAI

21 October 2010


Come and lets join my photoart at:

-leave ur comment there-

20 October 2010


Today is a special day..Juz l0ok on the date t0day..Isn't it unique!! 20.10.2010
Lets start our day with j0y and happiness

>write 20102010 on your hand
>make a wish
>imagine it
>bl0w ur wish on y0ur hand
>last but n0t list, SMILE...

t0nite u will g0nna see what will happen next!

17 October 2010

Here Again

At last.. I'M FREEEEE
Lets straight to the point!
Very l0oOonnnggggg time i left this webby bL0g alone with0ut nothing
Cause i've been so0o so0ooo busy...
g0t a l0t of stuffs to carry on
Let me list out all of them bebeh!

1. pr0jects (no limit)
2. assignments ( no limit)
3. t0wn and gOwn (2.10.2010)
4. c0nvocati0n program (8.10.2010 - 12.10.2010)
5. Kota Sesat IV (8.10.2010 - 11.10.2010)
6. graduatiOn day (11.10.2010)
7. tests (no limit)
8. phot0sho0ts (10.10.2010 - no limit)
9. cO-co
10. You're Beautiful Programme (16.10.2010)

See..3 weeks stuffs that must be d0ne on time
Jaja is a str0ng gurl!!

I'll post the photos as so0n as p0ssible..

-to be continued-

01 October 2010



My life is busy
Busy sometimes can make me happy
Busy sometimes can make me crazy
Busy sometimes can make me feel valuable
Life busy f0r something
Sometimes d0ing something c0uld make anything refreshing
Life busy with pe0ple
People wh0 need me n unneed me
I make myself busy
Maybe just like an alibi
Busy is part and parcel of life
Life busy with studies
Students really busy with assignments, quizes n everything
I'm shaded
I need a sunshine and mo0nlight to gr0w and gl0w my mind up
Give me s0me light and sh0w me the right path
A stranger that asked to return such a l0ng way back
My time wasted to wait s0mething that is n0t imp0rtant at all
Life is busy
Busy with everything
Handle our heart with care
Bring al0ng where so ever y0u go..
It will be sad if what u've waited bef0r is just like waiting rain fall d0wn in dr0ught
Love to make my life busy with happiness
Just do it!
Tell busy to escape
Tell busy to bluff
Tell busy to all answers
Busy is mess
Busy is alert
Buzz buzzz buzzzyyyy.....

20 September 2010

Raya Over

Alrite..n0w i'm back on track!
No time to update this bl0g...busy f0r RAYA
ok then, my holidays g0ne faraway..urrggghhh!! :(
Just came back to h0stel yesterday. Kinda unusual c0ndition when c0me back to hOstel
Well of course, the Raya mood still alive..haha
This RAYA is very exciting and happening...weee~~!!!

Arrived hostel:
hmm...s0me pe0ple not yet come back and s0me of them arrived early lah. I c0uld saw some pe0ple still has no feeling to come back to college and STILL in the RAYA MOOD! me too!!!
After reached TF residential college, my legs kinda heavy to get out fr0m car..haishhh~~~ BUT, i am a UTHM student so0ooo no matter what i have to go back to TF and be like a UTHM student.. Study is impOrtant!!! Engineeeerrrrrrr wanna be rite?? So i have to go fOr it..! Then, need to clean my ro0m again after 2 weeks holidays. I also bOught some kueh raya, maruku, tempeyek for my friends.. Oh yeahh n of cOurse having my sec0nd raya in TF..heheee...

classes start:
Haihh!!... all m0rning classes were cancelled. What the..! I get up early today, prepared early, dressed up early..n bla..bla..bla..BUT class was cancelled...mannnn~~!!! I already excited to go to class during RAYA month but no class der.. Maybe, lecturers not yet en0ugh to celebrate Eid..XD ok2..i get it! Well, actually i'm so glad that no class today..wee~ :)))) At 4.00p.m later, will be open RAYA class..wahaha. Mechanics of Material class..COOLLLLL!!!!

okayyyy...i think my writing kinda sucks! haaahh..write so0n!!
*unpr0perly envir0ment*
try to smile.. :)
ok................ ^^

11 September 2010

The Eid Day


really tired but l0ts of enj0yable had happened t0day...

08 September 2010

I Tell Ya

Ting! Ting! Tinggg!!!!
Hell0 bl0ggie...h0w do u do?? haha..
Everything was ok...
Its feel go0d to be with my own family
Well, its been a l0ng time, i think....i d0 not open this webby bl0g...uhh~
Very sure i'll tell ya..kinda busy with my routine and of course d0ing h0usehold A LOTS!!!
Raya is already ar0und the c0rner..hell yeahh!!! damn excited pLus can''t wait
Alth0ugh, i already in 2 weeks hOlidays but i'm n0t feel the mo0d of holiday yet..pity me..
I've been busy cleaning my h0use, r0om n bla..bla..blaa....
They must be go0d, clean, sparkle, tidy and neat f0r sure.
My b0dy felt pain everywhere...duhh.
But..nO pain nO gain, rite?? huu~

"To l00k nice must c0st a lot of effOrt babes" -Jaja-
Oh0okayyy...this year my h0use lo0ks a lil bit different
We've made a renOvation s0me parts of the hOuse..cO0l!!
oh ya! s0me of my friends kinda c0nfiuse to find my h0use..just because of the ren0vatiOn...hahaha
Is that coOL...!! weee~~
Tomorr0w will be the last day of fasting...yess! Then...RAYA!!!! *excited nyer pmpuan nie*
See...s0 many things need t0 be d0ne
Be prepared gurl..!
and HAPPY EID DAY every0ne... :))

01 September 2010

The Art Of Clouds

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

These are some pictures i had captured during the afternoOn around my campus. It's kinda awesome right?? I used my DSLR camera to snap these pictures.. cooL haa~ XD

Can't believe i did that..wee~


Quite prO!!

31 August 2010

Independence Day

J's life.studio
The August 31st have just arrived
Today is Malaysia's Independence day!
S0oo...just wanna wish HAPPY MERDEKA!!!!
And i'm pr0ud to be a Malaysian
Malaysian f0r 1 Malaysia...

It is 53rd of independence day..The past will remain past but present teach us to mOve forward to the future
BUT, we must n0t f0rget the past time..cause the past will lead our jOurney~
A lot of imprOvement and changes happened.
Our country must mOving forward and we, as a Malaysian citizens must coOperate together to be an outstanding country with our great cultures, religiOn and races


30 August 2010

My New Baby

my dream c0me true!!!
reaLLy really super excited right n0www...I have a DSLR camera
Thanks madam..xoxo ^^
Canon EOS 500D (58mm)
The price is RM2600++

>>Higher resolution sensor (15.1 effective megapixels)
>>Extended ISO range up to ISO 12800
>>HD video capability
>>New 3.0 inch 920K pixels screen
>>Adjustable noise reduction and highlight tone priority
>>Face Detection in Live View
>>Peripheral Illumination Correction
>>HDMI output
>>Larger buffer in continuous shooting
>>Digic 4 style menu design
>>3.4 fps
>>170 JPEG/fine frames
>>9 RAW frames


27 August 2010

10 Cases

How do you kn0w if your b0dy getting m0re expand than bef0re:
  • Case#1 when u feel that y0ur body just like the baLLOn size.. expand and getting expanding
  • Case#2 y0ur clothes seems like getting smaller but actually y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#3 when u keep on eating and can't stOp...but really wanna do t0 stop
  • Case#4 you tend to feel hungry and want some f0Od
  • Case#5 y0ur tummy kinda buncit than bef0re...haaa
  • Case#6 a lil bit lazy t0 study and dreaming a l0t... XD
  • Case#7 when pe0ple notice that y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#8 Pe0ple start calling you with the-crazy-fat name
  • Case#9 when y0u, y0urself, find out that u must put on DIET immedietly! Excersise!!
  • Case#10 no eating rice and more eat fruits and vegetables



25 August 2010

Something Wrong Somewhere...

Sometimes what we plan d0 not work at all
S0metimes what i had learned i can't remember at all...
*dripping of tears*

23 August 2010

It's Killing Me

This week such a buzy week..
BUSY is the best word to describe my c0ndition right n0w
I must try to manage my time wisely
I've got tw0 TESTs
Mechanics of Materials on this Tuesday
Hydraulic on this Thursday
Need to prepare s0o so0ooo weLL...
S0ooo i have to push myself t0 study both subjects of course..duhh!
To0 many bo0ks to read n d0 the revisi0ns
Tons of n0tes, calculati0ns, steps and concepts i must remember and understand babe...

N0w, my w0rld is n0t al0ne..cuz i have partner
Yeahhh!! Bo0ks are my partner n0wadays..hahahh :D

My w0rld n0w is include with boOks...
I'd read these both subjects couple days bef0re...n i keep repeating study the same subjects
*pengsann* (x.x)
Actually, i'd studied 93% i think so...hmm~
Well....well...well....>>like usual i hope f0r the best f0r these tests..Aminnn.... ^^

19 August 2010

Undefined Items

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio
Try and error
My studio... Just a simple sh0Ot..
Plus, just a simple editing
Better be g0od for the next photoshoOt!

17 August 2010


The interview d0ne sm0othly..
well, i think i had d0ne my best f0r the interview sessi0n
S0oo..hope that i'll get the go0d result
jia y0u!!

16 August 2010

Utterly CooL

hey guys!
actually, i have a lab interview tomorrow..
BUt..i'm n0t study yet
So0oo..i-merry-go-r0und-surfing the internet
Then, i saw s0mething that i REALLY REALLY attracted with..huh.
Yeahh..i really want it!!!!!!!! DSLR camera...

Model: Canon EOS 30D

The Digital Single Lense Reflex (DSLR)...weee~
In love with DSLR *dreaming*..........
Utterly h0t guys!!! Auuuwwww~...
Well, actually, quite l0ng time ag0 i knew bOut this DSLR thingy
At first, I saw this DSLR camera fr0m one of televisiOn show....very2 l0ngggg time ag0ooo....
Very unique and kinda coOL gadget
I only kn0w s0me-that-lil-bit-n0t much ab0ut the DSLR
The shape is very stylish when teenager h0ld it...hahah! smartttt!!!
Nowadays, DSLR cameras are increasingly bec0ming a type of camera that every teenager want.
It is also a type of camera that is in the reach of average ph0tographer cause many types of model that had been intrOduce in the market t0day...
DSLR have many useful functions and the image that will be taken also sh0w the best quality image.
The profesionals usually use the Canon and Nikon model for their go0d shots

The function based on the m0del of DSLR..such as:
>>Canon EOS 400D
>>Canon EOS 30D
>>Canon EOS 5D
>>Nikon D200 (go0d quality for DSLR)
>>Nikon D70s (goOd quality for DSLR)

model: Canon EOS 5D

model: Canon EOS 400D

Huh..there are a l0t of DSLR model that you can search on the internet.. Hmm..however, i actually fall in l0ve with the Canon EOS 30D model...huhh!
Such a heaven if i get it..wh0OOaaa!!!!!~ XD XD
Okayy..i'll try ask my aunt ab0ut this wanted-DSLR-thingyyy!!
But, she'd said bef0re that she actually g0ing to buy this type of camera f0r me..
wahhh!! realllllllyyyyyy damnn EXCITED!!!! haish!!!~
When??? hmm..!! can't wait larrr..
bef0re my c0nvocati0n day or after rayer????
hmmm...still with no answer..waitinggg~~

p/s: later, i'm sure i'm gonna post ab0ut how to cho0se a DSLR camera.

i bet i get the camera...~~

13 August 2010

Engine Maths Mighty

It is 12.55 a.m
Just finished my engineering maths study..
what on earth i studied fr0m 9p.m until 12.55a.m...straight!!!
OhOookayyy...engine maths is quite t0ugh but actually very easy
yahh..! i admit that maths engine actually easy t0 understand and their steps are clear
BUT..the pr0blem is, when it c0mes to solve the integratiOn part..lalala~
My head turn eenie meenie miney m0re...~~
Well, as u kn0w, t0morrow..oppsss! i mean...T0day, i will have to sit my first test in degree
Absolutely, i'm gone mad when study this subject
But..but....BUT....i l0ve maths!!! weeee~~ ;)))
Eventh0ugh sometime i'm easily get stuck or give up t0 answer the questi0ns
It is actually fun and we will feel enj0y pLUsss++ if we get the answers right...rite?? :)
SoOooo..i h0pe that i can answer the questi0n very very WELL!!!
I never get the answer right..th0ugh~~
Owhh..not "never" but finally get the answer right...okay u'll n0t understand...hahah!
Cause i feel sleepy and my brain need s0me rest..
Till then!~

11 August 2010

The Ramadhan

Ramadhan just arrived
Fasting mOnth!!!


do it well~

07 August 2010


why must i get it???? urghh!
very uncoOL...!
flu makes me feel very unc0mfortable

06 August 2010

Forever 21



i'm turn t0 21 on August 5th 2010
sweet 21..go0d bye 2o~
I kn0w it's kinda late but HAPPY BIRTDAY TO JAJA!!! yeahhhh..!
Actually, i'm kinda late to p0st this update cause a lil bit busy
Well, of course busy with my studies..Huhh!
But...thanks a l0t to all my belOved friends that had wished on my birthday
It's very awes0me if s0meone that is so0oo imp0rtant to y0u never f0rget y0ur big speciaL day
I LOVE y'aLL!!!!! :DD
Anyway, big girl c0mes with big rep0nsibilities ( mcm spiderman....)
S0oo, i h0pe i can fullfill my dreams and they c0me true
21 is n0t that i am getting older..but i'm getting m0re mature n gr0wing up..hehehh
At this point, i want to build m0re n mOreee friendship and find the ever lasting friendship
I wish i will have more peOple to love
I wish f0r a happy and enj0yable life
I wish i have peOple in my life who will care abOut me as much as i dO...
I wish i could cherish my friends
I wish i will be a very go0d gurl :)))))
I wish i will be an excellent engineer one day
I wish i will pass my degree with flying coLours n make my fam pr0ud
I wish i have friends who always stand by my side
And last but n0t least...


30 July 2010


Christopher Nolan's masterpiece
The best m0vie ever!!
It is fun and enj0yable watched this mOvie
It makes me keep thinking while watching it..
Cause the dream is real!!!
I think this is the super duper best mOvie of the year
Very exciting and absOlutely minD blOwing...
All characters in this mOvie sh0wed their character nicely n reaL!
They are genius..owhh my~
Ariadne is very talented architect in this m0vie.. Love to see the building moves
Good job Christopher Nolan!

26 July 2010


In my life, as a civil student is very challenging...But i don't mind
Cuz i need it.. f0r bec0ming an excellent engineer one day, perhaps!!
No..i don't mind!
So, i don't have much time to update my webby bLOg..hahaa~~
I really try to make all things to be in secure
Now, i wanna share with u s0mething very new
Actually new in my college..
THE NEW library of UTHM
I'm soOOooo impress to loOk at the bulding structure of UTHM library
Very big, Unique and rOund
Well, it's quite tired to walk around the library cause it is very big..HUhhh!
At the 1st time i went there, i must take a long breath after reach the tOp..Urgghh~
But, it is really fun and enjOy looking and walking at the new library..
So, take a look at those pictures i captured!!

12 July 2010


My legs hurt..
Today is such a buzy messy day
Actually, today is the 1st class f0r me...As a degree student
BUT..First, i need to register all subjects that i will study f0r this semester
the registratiOn need to be done at FKAAS faculty
So..me n my friends reached at the faculty arOund 8.15a.m
We were very SUPRISED!!!
huhh..the faculty was very crOwded.. The office open at 8.30a.m
But, they were so excited until they waited there bef0re 8.00a.m
Well of course, the que was very l0ng..and..student gathered all together in fr0nt of the caunter
hahaha..nO spaces at aLL..
Standing all day lOng to wait the next turn..so do i
Can't stand anymOre..so i went to see my PA to sign sOme of my document n bla...blaa...bla...
Then, i went back to faculty...againnn~
Still in a lOnggggg que...aiyaaa~...
Such a busiest mOment..End arOund 5.oo p.m
BUTT...my cases nOt done yet
Sooo..i'm trying to settle them dOwn as soOn as possibLe duhh!

08 July 2010


Day without sunlight is nOthing
Night withOut star is missing
People without love is wasting
Time without a seconds is sOmething...
Me with0ut bLog is lOosing...loose?? lOose weight?? lalala~
gain weight!! XD
Okayy..straight to the pOint
It is the end of chapter of being a civil engineering diplOma student
Now, waiting fOr the convOcatiOn day..end of OCTOBER! Yeahhh2!!
Well, a lot of sweet, yuCkkss and preciOus mOment i get to be a trainnee
Never fOrget that moment
Actually, i'm a lil bit 'heart heavy' (berat hati)..lalala~ when i walk away frOm CLSB
Yup..of course i can't wait to end this LI but i'll gonna miss what they taught and advised me
Especially to my bOss.. Lots of knOwledges and experiences i got frOm him
And not forgotten to the staffs and my supervisOr
i will use my exprience and knowledge i get for my jOurney soOn..oppss!..frOm now onwards
Being a trainnee there is sOoo great!
Thanks to aLL that had invOlved...
The last advise that my boss said "bile kte dh pndai, jgn lOkek ilmu, bantu org laen plak"
you're rite boss..this is what i do in my life..althOugh sometime peOple take advantage on what i've dOne..hmm~
it doesn't matter...As long as i be sincere to what i've done to them
I'M HAPPY...~ :))))
nO regrets..cuz sometime we must let it be......................

07 July 2010


Today is 07.07.10 @ 7710..haha

My sis 20th birthday..


wee~..awkward pLuss weird cuz i wished u in here

hOpe u will neva find me here..hehe


NVM...no matter where is it, i just wanna say all the best and may ur wishes come true babe!

don't nOty2..~

p/s: happy old day..hahaha
p/s/s: sorry f0r the candlesss..LOL

06 July 2010

Degree's RegistratiOn Day

Just came back fr0m Perak after sending my sister to continue her study in AD course
This is the 2nd year for her
The jOurney was quite tired, bOred and i felt exhausted!
Just imagine larhh..after finish my degree's registratiOn, in a sudden i have to go to Perak
WhoOaa..~ Such a mess and unbelieveable.. It was held on July 3rd 2010
Alrite!! I like this one..hahah..The registratiOn was cr0wded mannn!!!
*shocked* 1st time reached to UTHM
I thought that i'm the 1st one came early to register but i was wrOng
When i reached the destinatiOn, the parking was quite pack!
AiyoOoo~ Actually, i came abOut 7.30a.m and u kn0w what, many peOple there..
They all l0oks smart and tidy
With tie,long-sleeve shirt, baju kurung, and with very smart and clean clothes..wee~
EverybOdy was busy with their files, fOrms, l0oKs and bla..bla..bLaa..~
I think the conditiOn was quite upside dOwn BUT under cOntrol..hahaha
The que was soOooo damn lOnggg....OMGGGG!!!

1st, went to check all the f0rms that we had brOught
2nd, went to the second caunter that was studies fees
3rd, went to PKU's caunter
4th, went to MHS caunter to collect UTHM gifts ( but actually i'd paid them)..bag,t-shirt,baju batik
5th, took a lift to do the matric card..haa..the condition during this moment was quite
calm and not toO crowded
6th, went to Alumni's caunter to register as an Alumni's UTHM student and took a gift..haha
7th, last but nOt least went to residential college...

During that time, i was a lil bit unimpress with the residential college staffs..How come my roOm number had to be change last minute
And they answered>>"kene penOhkan blok D dlu..pas 2 bru blok yg strusnye plak"
I said WHAT THE??? ohhhkkaayyyy...fine..no words to say cause i'm in hurry...huh!!! BUT really angry larhh..hmm!
Then, i went to my car and toOk all my belongings to "the rOom"..hmm!
I just put them and live it there..nO time to arrange and tidy up..
Emmm..i really tak puas ati with the roOm larh..They change it without any goOd reasOn..
I supposed this is to be uncoOL to spit it fr0m my mOuth..
Hey, actually u must follOw the procedure larh..If the letter said A u do the A larh!
If the letter toLd the Z but u did the A what's the prOblem??!!! rite??!!!
Soo..the upgratiOn is actually succeed in structures and buldings but not the organisatiOn or staffs...~

02 July 2010

Back To The Track!!!

Hey..It's been a l0ng time dOing nothing on this bLog
FYI, i'm quite busy..n too much to handle guys!!
Like seriOusly damn busy n dizzy..haha
So, from this moment i'll try to post the thingy that i have d0ne or not yet d0ne..
Ohokayyy...the industrial training is just ar0und the corner to the End..yeahhh!!!
Very excited pLus enj0y
well, of course f0r my degree's further study
Yupp!! i got it..!! i got the appOrtunity to further my Bach. Degree of Civil Engineering with Hons. in UTHM..againnn~ :)
Can't wait to start the next level of educatiOn but a lil bit nervOus..hahhahh
From what i saw, UTHM is quite different today..
A lot of upgratiOn had been dOne.. Such as the structurers, buildings, organisatiOns, systems n many mOre
N i hope the staff toO *imp0rtant thingy*...hihiii
Ohh ya! i alm0st forget that t0mmorow will be a big day fOr me..
The registratiOn for the first intake of Degree students of UTHM..Will be held at F2 block..haha..The scary bl0ck for student..cuz..there is where all the final examinatiOn to be dOne
BUT, for tommorow it is the busiest bLock!! Arrghhhh... XD
Hmm..i still never prepare anything for tommorow.
Not yet packing my stuffZ..haha..COOL RITE!!??
And...I'm back to Tun Fatimah Residential College..weee~
Best college ever..but the r0om that i get is not quite strategic larhh!
I hope the wireless is very OK n signal OK
Cuz i reaLLy need it..for the sake of my LIFE??? Yahh..haha ;)
>>>back to industrial training>>>
Only 1 week to go
Then, "THE END" babe...
Actually, so many experiences and knOwledge i get frOm this training
I hope i can use it well in the future
But seriOusly, work is tired n not easy mannn...~~ urhh..
Very big-large-wonder-different then being a student....Being a student is much coOLer than a worker..this is my opiniOn laa...You???
SOoooOooo...I wanna say that i will try to be a goOd student and mOre focus in studies
No play play yah!





16 June 2010


Everything is under controL rite n0w...
i feel more comfortable and having so much fun in my beautiful life
The practical thingy is quite under control toO..so no worries i think
just a few weeks left bef0re i finish up my practicaL
Can't believe it
Times fly very very FASTTTT!!!!
NOw, i'm waiting for the UPU's result..still no clue which university will i further my study
I hope they choose me for the rite pLuss suitable place..Huhh~
Life's going on very weLL..
Just n0w, i went for a site visit
As usual, it was tired..BUT...today is different..haha
Coz, it's raining heavily
Went to work a lil bit late..at 8.30 a.m
The site visit was quite far
Then, take a look and do some survey up and down of the building
Lunch that was lalalala~~
Then lalalalala~~ again...
Went back home
-The End-

10 June 2010

Business and Elegance

It is NOKIA E-series E72
New edition
The price is RM1000++
Good price comes with the good quality
It is METAL GREY...elegance!
I just bought it..abOut 1 month i had used it
It is functiOnal!!
I like the l0oks and it is slim AND modern design..
E72 is a high perfOrmance device tail0r-made for sleamess business and personaL communicatiOn
Hmm..this moment, i feel like i like the classy business styLe
It's look like very exclusive
Most of all, i really like the shape and the functions
Actually, this NOKIA E72 kinda the latest one
Just 3 month in the market
at last i gOt one! haha..
The coolest thing is i'm the technology maniac!!!
SOOooo..I enj0y surfing the internet everywhere..c0z WLAN is available
Enjoy quick access to my email while out or abOut
It has everything
Lots of applications pLus navigatiOns in this mobile phOne
You name it! ;)
I can view internet everywhere
do my YM, Gtalk, Hotmail, Yahoo n bla..bLAaa..bla..
I like the keypad thingyyy styLEeeee..!
Write message efficiently and comfOrtably using the compact QWERTYUIOP keybOard
Easy to type and very quick
Memory = 4GB
Pixel = 5.0MPix with Carl Ziess optics
250MB user disk space
It is the latest enhanced capablities for managing yOur life

03 June 2010

Opposite Thingy

Listen with yOur eyes...
Watch with yOur ears.....
Feel with yOur mind........
Imagine with yOur heart......

02 June 2010

Busy Like Bee

Time is preciOus
Everything we do because of time
Time will determine our journey
Just like couple hours juz n0w..i'm kinda busy with my works
After reached office, i have to prepare myself to get ready to work
Today, quite lots of work have to be done
And i was like insane..! hahaa~
Kind of dying with 'the' work man
1st==>i must complete the monthly progress report
2nd==> filling works experience recOrd's form
3rd==>completing the Health & Safety Workers's repOrt
4th==>went to constructiOn site to see the arrival of interlocking-blOck
5th==>anOther site visit to shOw the locatiOn of Banang River road upgrading 5km long
6th==>continue doing the monthly progress repOrt
Huhh...at last, all the jobs D.O.N.E!!! Yeahhhh...!
Today, i went back home a lil bit late because of the busiement thingy (what kind of wordy mo0dy wOrd is this??..me knOws~~)
TomorrOw gonna be the judgment day..haha..The ISO consultant will come and check the progress repOrt and hope that there will be no mistake at aLL..

29 May 2010

It's A Mess Week

what a very l0ng time i had never t0uch this bloggie cutie nicey c0olie bl0G...wee~
Actually, i have so many things to tell.. Hmm.. ab0ut my industrial trainning, favOrite reality
shOw, ISO meeting, monthly pr0gress repOrt n bLa...bla..blaaaa... HUhh!
What a mess..to say so many things
Juz like one mOuth to say hundred of things.. Aiyaaa~
ok..i have to say it n0w..hehehe

1) Industrial Training
Ohh..it's such a blink away. Only 5 weeks to go.. Then, i'm g0ing to further my bachel0r degree in civil engineering. But, never decide yet which university i'm going to choose.. Well, the practical cOndition until this week was very exciting.. A lot of things going on right nOw. I have had so many experience..hmm..i think sO~ The most important thing is i must make myself feel comfortable working in the CLSB company. For sure u'all dont kn0w that i, actually, working under project department (PJC). PJC is the main department that will make the 1st move to the company. All project that this company get will be arrange under this department. In CLSB, i'm busy doing BQ (bil quntities) for tender, PO (purchase order), plan analysing and others.. Pretty amazing and enjoy doing these stuffs. WORK...WORK...WORK...

2)Favorite Reality Show
I hope it is not late to wish congratulatiOns to the AF8's winner.. I knew he will get the cr0wn of the champiOn. Yeahhhh! The winner is SHAHIR!!!! "che amad hoi hoi hOi"...heee~ He got the highest votes 43.9%..i guess...Weho0oo..(excited nyer pmpuan nie..hish) 2nd place g0es to ADIRA, 3rd - DAUS, 4th - MAULANA, and last but not least the ad0rable one, the 5th place g0es to IWAN... ;P Well, i never miss the AF seasOn from the 1st till nOw..haha..freaky ha! (lantak laa..). Ok...these are some pictures from AF8!!! Take a l0ok..!

3) ISO Meeting --- As usual, i went to my office n finish my work. But on last Wednesday, was a creepy and unbelieveable day fOr me. Just imagine, my boss asked me to replace my site engineer position in the ISO meeting.. I said >> haa...WHATTTT??? very speechless duhh.. I just went out from toilet and the admin executive tOld me that CLSB boss wanted me to replace the site engineer place during the meeting..Ohhh damn mann!! haha.. I reaLLy didn't kn0w what kind of ISO thingy is braDaa..! hahaha.. SOooo i, actually, went to the meeting roOm and acted like i knOw everything..but actually i knOw nothing bOuT I.S.O.. HUHHhhh! What the..!! The meeting was held for a h0le day..Tired pLusss boringggggg...They talked abOut bla..bLAaaa....bla...n..bla... They asked so many questiOns. Some of them i can answer very weLL but some aren't.. AND..some, i asked them questiONs..haha! Hmmm..during the meeting the ISO consultant asked me to re-dO the monthly progress repOrt from september 2009 untiL today..n again i said>>> WHATTTT THE??? Crazzzyyy lah! I must finish it very soOn cause the ISO consultant wanna come again.. At last, i knOW the ISO things.. CLSB company have a MS ISO 9001 : 2008 meeting... YEAhhhh!!! So the replacement is success!! ;)

4) Monthly Progress Report ----- i'm exhausted and dizzy completing this kind of stuff. I feel like i must finish it very quickly. hUhhh!! The badness is, i l0st my monthly pr0gress rep0rt foLder dude..Perrhhh..keje giLer r..! I need to do it again..Aiyaiyaiyaiyai~~ Strive f0r exceLLent j0b gurL!! weehOOoo.. Okay..FOCUS time! hey pe0ple..i'll try to complete this rep0rt n talk to u so0n..

See ya..Ganbatte!!

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