06 March 2010

Time..Where Are You??

You may not making the best ch0ice when you organize your time actually. Because what u wish to do is not always what y0u'll d0ne. And lately, n0w i really in a busy m0od. I d0 n0t like this kind of situati0n!!! A lot of stuffz have to be d0ne on time. I must try to fix my time very weLL. Or maybe i may needed an organizer?? Can i? hehehehh.. ;) Never seems to be sufficient time even thOugh there are 24 hours in a day. Ohhhh..one of the main reasOn that we do n0t have en0ugh time is because we spent m0st of the time d0ing things that n0t pr0ductive. Why d0es it seem that u never have en0ugh time to d0 what u must to do??????

Alm0st pe0ple like to spend their time with these kinda activities that the-time-killers ; talking on the ph0ne. smsing. checking the email. playing faceb0Ok [very damn addict to pe0ple nowadays]. traffic jam. watching to0 much televisiOn. g0ssiping. talking2. chatting. gaming. bL0gging..[oppSs!! n0t that..weee~]. bLa..blaa..Blaa.. The list c0uld go on n 0n n on...~~

Alrite! Fr0m what i heard just n0w, if u want to have en0ugh time to finish all y0ur necessary tasks, u need to organize and manage y0ur time wisely. Yup! that's true. There are few tips that i can share with u. In my opiniOn t0 help manage y0ur time well:

1. set y0ur goal n write d0wn your priorities.
2. u have t0-do-list..dun f0rget to list everything in oder.
3. set y0ur time f0r specific tasks each day.
4. DO the m0st imp0rtant task first.
5. DO the task u like or g0od at. Task that u actually n0t good at, will maybe give u pressure to figure it out and waste ur time..juz ask sum0ne else.
6. make a big pr0ject bec0me chunks so u will n0t be stress.
7. d0n't over commit..learn t0 say NO. NO is g0od sumtime~~
8. It is n0t wr0ng to reward urself when ur missi0n is acc0mplish

Huh. Quite go0d tips that came out fr0m my head. ahaha.. Me, as a college student, is never have en0ugh time in a day. But, i must keep myself sane alth0ugh overloaded with pr0jects, assignments, tests, etc. I w0ndering if a student c0uld have an organizer that can organise us! WOww!!! I WANT IT!! *dreaming*

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