16 June 2010


Everything is under controL rite n0w...
i feel more comfortable and having so much fun in my beautiful life
The practical thingy is quite under control toO..so no worries i think
just a few weeks left bef0re i finish up my practicaL
Can't believe it
Times fly very very FASTTTT!!!!
NOw, i'm waiting for the UPU's result..still no clue which university will i further my study
I hope they choose me for the rite pLuss suitable place..Huhh~
Life's going on very weLL..
Just n0w, i went for a site visit
As usual, it was tired..BUT...today is different..haha
Coz, it's raining heavily
Went to work a lil bit late..at 8.30 a.m
The site visit was quite far
Then, take a look and do some survey up and down of the building
Lunch that was lalalala~~
Then lalalalala~~ again...
Went back home
-The End-

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