20 September 2010

Raya Over

Alrite..n0w i'm back on track!
No time to update this bl0g...busy f0r RAYA
ok then, my holidays g0ne faraway..urrggghhh!! :(
Just came back to h0stel yesterday. Kinda unusual c0ndition when c0me back to hOstel
Well of course, the Raya mood still alive..haha
This RAYA is very exciting and happening...weee~~!!!

Arrived hostel:
hmm...s0me pe0ple not yet come back and s0me of them arrived early lah. I c0uld saw some pe0ple still has no feeling to come back to college and STILL in the RAYA MOOD! me too!!!
After reached TF residential college, my legs kinda heavy to get out fr0m car..haishhh~~~ BUT, i am a UTHM student so0ooo no matter what i have to go back to TF and be like a UTHM student.. Study is impOrtant!!! Engineeeerrrrrrr wanna be rite?? So i have to go fOr it..! Then, need to clean my ro0m again after 2 weeks holidays. I also bOught some kueh raya, maruku, tempeyek for my friends.. Oh yeahh n of cOurse having my sec0nd raya in TF..heheee...

classes start:
Haihh!!... all m0rning classes were cancelled. What the..! I get up early today, prepared early, dressed up early..n bla..bla..bla..BUT class was cancelled...mannnn~~!!! I already excited to go to class during RAYA month but no class der.. Maybe, lecturers not yet en0ugh to celebrate Eid..XD ok2..i get it! Well, actually i'm so glad that no class today..wee~ :)))) At 4.00p.m later, will be open RAYA class..wahaha. Mechanics of Material class..COOLLLLL!!!!

okayyyy...i think my writing kinda sucks! haaahh..write so0n!!
*unpr0perly envir0ment*
try to smile.. :)
ok................ ^^

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