30 November 2010

It's Mine

i got my own step
s0 if y0u c0uldn't f0llow MY STEP, get off me!!
cause i am wh0 i am
i always remember what my grandma said..."treat pe0ple with nice but if they do bad things to you just f0rget it"..BUT my aunt said "its very useless if you be nice to pe0ple cause someday they sure f0rget it"..
i said "i'll try to treat people well and don't really care if they turn to be bad or good"

28 November 2010

Listen, even inside you're dying

I do have l0ts of friends
So n0w i would like to write ab0ut F.R.I.E.N.D.S

friends like these friends

Sometimes people feel alone and find at least a friend to blow away the l0neliness
Sometimes people using their friends to do something
Sometimes people th0ught friends can come and go like they want
Sometimes people will forget their friends
Sometimes pe0ple actually DO forget their friends
Sometimes people want to make friend with their friend's friends because of envy or jel0usy of their friends
Sometimes they make fun of their friends
BUT...nowadays, there is no word of sometimes..For me it abs0lutely will happen..

FRIENDS are something special that we have
Everybody needs friends
Friend inneed is a friend indeed
People who love their friends will never force their friends to do what they say
A friend will make other friend happy
A friend will always there when a friend inneed
We do everything together be fun together and feel like the wh0le world are ours
We dont really care ab0ut other people say around us
Cause we kn0w we with our friends..

I always needed time on my own
But when i saw you...i never th0ught i need you there
And the days feel like years when im al0ne
But you were there fOr me
Do you see how much i need you right now
We are apart
When we are apart the pieces of my heart are missing you
Only me kn0ws
When you walk away i just c0uld see but i will not g0nna stop you
Cause i know you choose your destiny and its your ch0ice
As long as you happy, friend
But i'll still hope that one day we weill meet again and do crazy stuff like before
I never felt this way before
Everything that i do reminds me of you
I love the thing that we both do...
BUT...if i have to go and live u....
We were made for each other out here forever
Destiny so0n will show us that i have to go
And we have to try not to cry
The hardest thing is to say bye bye
All i ever wanted was for you to know
Everything i do i give my heart and sOul
You dont need to seek for my f0rgiveness
To be friend with you is such a happiness
The colour of happiness and sadness that we face are the precious moment
Dont say im sorry cause i'll say its ok...

Best Friend who i can laugh with no extents
Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me i wasnt good enough
Or let me down
hmm..I dont think you kn0w what that means to me


21 November 2010

The Deathly Hallows

hahaha.. ^^
Hey peeps!! Its a special b0y with 'the' scar..he's HARRY POTTER..!!!
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows is the finale of the wOrldwide phenomen0n..
I can call it as the movie of generati0n..
I can see them gr0w up with this HP movie
Never miss all the m0vies once!
Actually i had watched this movie last day..It was awesome
Well as we kn0w the touch of David Yates is interesting and splendid..
BUT...this HARRY POTTER has 2 parts
Cant wait for the last part of HP on July 2011

05 November 2010

Top Up

Yeahh...miss my bl0g so muchy much! Damnnn..to long didnt update this blog. Ok..now i'm having my study week's holidays for 3 weeks. My final examinati0n is just around the c0rner. As you've seen above is the exam time table.. I only sit for 4 papers this semester. But actually quite l0ts to study an remember. It is the first time for me to sit for 2 papers for the 1st day of examination. Hahaha... heart attack lah. For sure my brain will be on fire and almost expl0de mann!! So pray for me guys...Pray for my success..PLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE!!! amin~~
So many stories to tell today. For your information, i had been join a community services on 29oct till 31oct at FELDA Pemanis II, Segamat, Johor. Actually i had joined RELA uniform club. 1st time in my life i'd done community services and felt awkward lah. I need to stay with a family that i absolutely not recognise! They divided us into a group and each group will be choosen by families how many people they need. Actually, we all will be as their temporary children or kn0wn as 'anak angkat'..hihiii~ Awkward! awkward..AWKWARD...lalaalala... As for me, my group only have 4 people. Our temporary mummy and daddy only need 4 children so lucky for us to have them. At 1st, mummy and daddy looks quiet and not out spoken at all..hehee.. But, 1st step that we did was trying introducing ourselves to them. Told them about our ownself n bla..bla..bla...at last the conversation was succeed. Although we reached very late at nite but we try to chat with them. Mummy is cool. Daddy is story teller. Then, the next day we started our activities. Very tired but REALLY damn enjoyed there. We do this did that d0ne that and everything...play with soils (actually doing semai kelapa sawit lah...very fun and extreme taw..heee~), joined sports, culture nights and got lots of new FRIENDSSSS!!! yeyyy...
Semai palm oil is not easy. Very need hard work to complete those.. An old lady could do to semai the palm oil alone by herself but for me..i tried to semai too and....guess what! damn tired yo!! Salute to that aunty la. First, they teached us how to semai a palm oil and for the rest of the palm oil, we tried to complete to semai them all. Just imagine we must go up hill and down hill to semai the palm oil...And for sure me...very COMOT that day..hahaha.
After semai activity, during afternoon was a sports activity. Many kind of sports such as volley ball, takraw, futsal, and also sukaneka. I had joined volley ball and the sukaneka ( blow sweets in fl0ur)..hihiii.... Very funny la. For the sukaneka i won 2nd place and volley ball 3rd place..Not bad for a 1st time joinner join this kind of sports. Well, i dont care about what place i win. The important part is the enj0yment and precious moment AND the most fun experience i get.
Next, for culture nite at the same day after semai and sports activity. My group did fashion show drama..hohoo. Background music from Wonder Girls: Nobody. Our group got a big applause from audience. Well of course for the shemale part lah..HAHAHAHAH..those guys are ver sporting to turn theirselve to shemale..hihihihihihihi..I cant stop to laugh lah!!!! Although im on the runaway show still couldnt stop laughing to see them did the runaway session...hahahaha!! what on earth!!... really enjoyed.
The most i like during this community services is the best part of getting new friends. For me, it is the best i ever have. Makes me close to each other and kn0w bout other people more. Can see many kind of people from every ages and attitude.
Couldn't believe that i've done all those things.. All in the first time babe! haha..Really gonna miss all those things lah. For sure miss mummy and daddy. Hope that one day we will meet again. Very cool experience i get in my life...!
For final examinatiOn..JAJA DO THE BEST!!! don't dreaming while study okayy..oH0ookayyy...! GANBATTE KUDASAI
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