28 November 2010

Listen, even inside you're dying

I do have l0ts of friends
So n0w i would like to write ab0ut F.R.I.E.N.D.S

friends like these friends

Sometimes people feel alone and find at least a friend to blow away the l0neliness
Sometimes people using their friends to do something
Sometimes people th0ught friends can come and go like they want
Sometimes people will forget their friends
Sometimes pe0ple actually DO forget their friends
Sometimes people want to make friend with their friend's friends because of envy or jel0usy of their friends
Sometimes they make fun of their friends
BUT...nowadays, there is no word of sometimes..For me it abs0lutely will happen..

FRIENDS are something special that we have
Everybody needs friends
Friend inneed is a friend indeed
People who love their friends will never force their friends to do what they say
A friend will make other friend happy
A friend will always there when a friend inneed
We do everything together be fun together and feel like the wh0le world are ours
We dont really care ab0ut other people say around us
Cause we kn0w we with our friends..

I always needed time on my own
But when i saw you...i never th0ught i need you there
And the days feel like years when im al0ne
But you were there fOr me
Do you see how much i need you right now
We are apart
When we are apart the pieces of my heart are missing you
Only me kn0ws
When you walk away i just c0uld see but i will not g0nna stop you
Cause i know you choose your destiny and its your ch0ice
As long as you happy, friend
But i'll still hope that one day we weill meet again and do crazy stuff like before
I never felt this way before
Everything that i do reminds me of you
I love the thing that we both do...
BUT...if i have to go and live u....
We were made for each other out here forever
Destiny so0n will show us that i have to go
And we have to try not to cry
The hardest thing is to say bye bye
All i ever wanted was for you to know
Everything i do i give my heart and sOul
You dont need to seek for my f0rgiveness
To be friend with you is such a happiness
The colour of happiness and sadness that we face are the precious moment
Dont say im sorry cause i'll say its ok...

Best Friend who i can laugh with no extents
Never have you turned your back on me
Or told me i wasnt good enough
Or let me down
hmm..I dont think you kn0w what that means to me


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