10 December 2011

Full Moon Red

It's Lunar Eclipse moment peeps!
Go outside and see it y0urself..NOW!
what a w0nderful and beautiful creati0n from GOD..*amazed*
I already taken the eclipse's ph0tos in sequence order guys..
Really awes0me..awwhhh..AWESOMEEEE
I willing to wait from 9pm untill full eclipse around 10.15pm
I saw FULL ECLIPSE guys!! cant believe it
owhhh...arrhhhh..feel damn g0od
This eclipse is the last eclipse's moment until 2014
Lunar eclipse can only occur when the full moon, earth and the sun are aligned so that the moon crosses through earth's shadow..
Its happen only few times a year
So, it is such a g0lden opportunity for us to watch it yaw!
Thanks GOD....

04 December 2011

Having So Much Fun After Stressed Out!

20 November 2011

When Things Get Too Busy

Hey yo!

Look at the date..it's 20112011
nice nice..nice date
Damn to0ooo long not update on this bl0ggie bLog..
Just n0ticed that the applicati0n is a bit different lah!
New is it hah?
Looks kinda blueeeee
*shocked plus just realized*
o.O << face
Actually, this is a rand0m update from me
Just to let know that im not escape from updating my blog
lately...im kinda busy with my stuffs
Well of course my works
*hmm...study ler -.-" bOwringgg~~banyak test la w0iii*

like a lot okay.. -.-''
emm..owhhh yeahhh...i guess??
o.O'' << face
I wanna write lots of things..like l0ts ohokayy!
Give me some time and i will do the best
heh heh...XD
Okayyyy....i guess right n0w im kinda tingt0ng a bit
Hmmm.... :((
My hamster died last wednesday...im so0ooo sad :(
No wonder la he l0oks ill and weak
*hmm...how do i know that it is a 'HE'??*
ok fine...i just know ok...dont ask me -.-''
I already buried him not far from my house...
The aunty opposite my house was l0oking at me with some weird face..weird0! haha
Maybe she th0ught that...what is that girl d0ing over there?
playing with soils?
what is she doing??
why is she digging a h0le?
*suspicious aunty...so many questi0ns la aunty*
rest in peace Bubba
Ok...this random update going to end soon
like n0w la..end n0w! ;)
Will update later


p/s: love <3 love <3 love love love...LOL

07 November 2011

Life Is Not About Hapiness

Be happy even you are pain inside
The curve can straight all paths

Salam Eid-Adha to all moslem around the world!

May all in peace

-God Bless You-

29 October 2011

They Do Desire The Cut Of Truth

If you d0nt know her well dont easily underestimate her. Sometimes she d0nt do something d0esnt mean that she dont kn0w that thing.

I dont understand with pe0ple nowadays. They seems like - what you see is what you get.. -.-" ??? We dont kn0w people until we meet them. What you see cant describe things that you wanna know.

We all have our own power. Power to live. Power to defend ourselves. Power to defeat people. Power to be m0re powerful than others...

First, we must know our own ability. Others cant control our life or underestimate us. Some people didnt share their abilities to others. Well, it's all up to them. Maybe they think they dont need to show it cause it is too sh0w off.. :P Maybe they dont care at all...or people d0nt know that they're exist.

Life wont always be just about you.. Life's inv0lve everything around us. Whether u like it or hate it. Some people really dont care ab0ut others. They with their own world. Some people build a group and cant accept others to join them. They will say you are not in my gr0up..s0rry! cant get al0ng.. -.-?? What the hell! You think you are cool en0ugh ha?

Before we see others we sh0uld look at ourselves first. hmm, when you look back on you life, you will have moments of which you are pr0ud and maybe a few you are regret. That's life. Yeah...but..emm ok!

Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man -Ian Duncan Smith-

Sometimes people who like to underestimate people is a person who have no confidence in theirselves. Or maybe they jeal0us with others life. Seems so good but their life not as good as others. This kind of person is a human wh0 cant see others over powered them. Do not think that you are the greatest than others. If you are great enough you dont need to depend on others.

I rather use kn0w than judge. I dont judge pe0ple. We kn0w people not by h0w they answer our questions BUT how they ask us questions. We know people after we recognize them. So, how to deal with people who underestimate you? Hmm..lets do it my way! hahaha! Yeahhh!!

Usually, it is a problem that some people underestimate you. Sometimes i feel like that too.. Maybe certain people are complicated in their life and they like to make others life complicated too..WTHell..??? BUT if you are really more than what they say/think you are, then you have to deal with them.

1. be more confidence in yourself..Good job! bc0z this is the 1st step
2. g0lden opportunity to prove that they are wrong, you are right! Proving people wrong is such fun thing yaw.. ^^,
3. just shut your m0uth..speaking to them will only hurt you. There is no used to speak to people who say unmeaning words
4. suprise them that you are not what they think you are..Let their eyes wide open!
5. Just concentrate on your goals and life..Dont ever ever let the negativity let you down. You must concentrate to yourself and be str0ng, always!
6. everytime they look down on you or say negative things remember that this is THE BIG OPPORTUNITY to prove them wrong.
7. Every snicker, mean l0ok, whisper, negative comment is another opportunity for you to just keep silent and remember the day that all their current words will look so0oooo DUMB..the day they will be proven wrong. Feel really damn good!! >.<

You cant control what others are thinking and you cant please everyone..and who cares what people think. Cause in this m0dern cruel world no one cares about you. You can stick up for yourself if you like, but be very careful with your words as you do, keep them simple.

Just say a few words like "you're wrong" or "too bad you think that" or something, and thats all. Sometimes if too long to be quite, it is the time to say it loud and sometimes just a simple word can make people ast0nished or dumbfounded..hahahh!

Mark this oh0kayy! Do not underestimate others because of you have alot of friends. Cause some pe0ple take this as opportunity to underestimate some peeps. What a dumbness way to make others impress about you. You should shame on yourself.. Huh~ What on earth are y0u thinking yaw?? Psycho -.-"

Watch out, you the underestimater maker! The more you underestimate people the very very m0re others underestimate you..! Shame hah?? Shame on you...~~

Life is to enjoy and be free..not to condemn OK..

19 October 2011


that I drew
as YOU!!!


18 October 2011

Continued: #100 Facts About Me 3

79) Dont like pe0ple re-arrange my stuffs with0ut asking me...back off!! i cant find it lah..
80) Say if u want it
81) Sm0ker! Do not smoking near to me okay..yucckss!
82) People keeps saying that me and my sisters have different faces..yah, its true our faces are different
83) Dont kn0w how to use ATM..still learning..shhhhh~ * cuz i always ask money from my family* ^^,
84) I like blogging
85) I hear all kind of music whether i understand or not...I am 1 World!! weee~

86) I have 2 cute hamsters but they didnt have name yet...Still wondering; LA n UK
87) Bag stuffs must have: fan, umbrella, tissue, handph0ne, purse, mineral water
89) Peace no war
90) I always forgot about my dreams when i woke up...any tips how to remind back? let me kn0w...
91) When there is an exam or test i must take a nap usually 30minutes before i go to the examination hall
92) I cant study straight for so0oooo long..i dont care even it is a killer subject
93) I believe what is real and learn to believe unreal...Sometimes unreal things is real but we cant see
94) Stress is damn tensi0n...enj0y is damn great!
95) I do not interfere pe0ple's life...so are you! yeahhh
96) +.+
97) -.-
98) x.x
99) o.O
100) =.="

-the end-

08 October 2011

Suicide Silent or Enjoy Silent?

Pe0ple will keep on saying what they wanna say. It is hard to keep their m0uths shut...Shut up! Feel like wanna sh0ut out on some0ne faces...*damn evil face* Some of them really trying to talk to us. Yah! u should! I will give you time to talk..Just talk and split over all the w0rds from your mouth.

The above situation is usually happen when pe0ple cant c0ntrol the messy things anym0re. I cant live in messy situation.. Seri0usly! Sometimes silence is the best. It d0esnt mean that you hiding your feeling or something fr0m others. Being silent and hiding are way too different. People try to be silent because they feel like wanna have their own space or maybe because they cant talk the 'thing' to someone. So, the best way to do is just keep quiet. The other reason pe0ple hide is they dont want others know what they do. Sometimes, people hide because of love. This is weird but always happen.

Save me from being silent. Silence is good. Silence is bad.. Silence is better than WORDS. Silence is better than unmeaning words. Silence is l0uder than words. Hmm..actually, can silence speak l0uder than words? Really hah??

Usually silence is the result of having so much to say, that u cant put it all together to simple express what you are feeling. Sometimes we happy in silence. But, if we being silent pe0ple might think wrong. Is it silence is louder than words? hmm...i dont think so. People always judge wrong if people in silence. Some of them think that silence is when we hiding something from them. You see, this shows that people are complicated. When you hide your emotion to others they can never understand you, that time silence won't work. All you can do is be yourself.

Silence happen when:
- something that we dont like happen
- people dont wanna talk
- angry
- confussion
- b0red
- too happy and it become speechless
- thinking
- no idea to talk
- shy
-cry in silence

Actually, a lot of things happen in silence. Silence isn't always truth...sometimes it can be fear. Some people choose to be silence because they feel like it is useless if they talk. Maybe no one hear what they wanna say. Sometimes we didnt have the opportunity to talk. So we rather choose to be silent.

Silence can turn bad. You can hurt your heart. The pain is in your heart. Why u wanna hurt yourself because of something that isnt matter at all?? Its your own choice to choose to be silence or loud. Everb0dy has their own style. For me, i would choose silence when i think i need it. Enjoy the silence peeps! Silence is just like treatment..hehehh ;)

Sometime silence is needed to hear others and surroundings.
That's life..

27 September 2011

Heart Skips A Beat

My heart is always first to kn0w that you're g0nna be the one
The one and only
At first i'm trying to figure out the feeling
Sometimes i get busy all the time
Busy for life
Having fun with my life like a child
When i'm done having fun..it's done!
I never think about others like i think about you
It's only in the quiet that i know what to feel
You dont even kn0w h0w very special you are...
So confused to ask about love
But i dont wanna seem so weak
All those crazy things you said is not crazy at all
I'm so glad you made time to see me
How's life? Whatcha doin?
My heart keeps beating
My heart keeps asking
Myheart keeps saying
These days, i'm missing you badly
I miss y0ur texting everyday
I miss your sweet smile
So good to me, so right
How you held me in y0ur arms that night
Then i think about all the beautiful times
You will always be mine
I swear I'd love you right
I will keep you forever
Eventh0ugh we didnt make it through i am always here f0r u..
I'd go back in time and change it!

W0oww!! short p0em n sweet too..^^ Right now it is 12.45am. It is raining cats and dogs outside. The weather is cold. I can hear the sound of insects and frog singing. The atmosphere is quite peaceful.

Unusual post update..OMGGGG

15 September 2011

First Week In College

Im back on track..
After l0ng time hibernate..heheh! :P
Well, actually i dont have time to update..pLus..no internet access at my rented h0use
So im waiting for the streamyx pe0ple to set up WIFI at my rented house
I am no longer staying in residential college anym0re
Its ok cause it is just near by my college...opposite oh0kayyy!! XD
Break the ruLes..weheeee~~
Kinda chaOs but still under control
First week in college always the same..hmm.
The first day of class sets the tone for the rest of term.
It is natural for student.
About 4 months break yo!

I think most of students are still in holiday moOd
First day enter a construction engineering class, kinda excited..BUT...the class was canceled =.=''
huh...*mcm d0wn je rse*
I hope for the good starts but it turns to disaster >.<"
Supposed that all lecturers should enter their class because most student feel excited to start the lecture..*most? hmmm i think certain laa... ;)) *
Maybe lecturer also still in h0liday mood..ghay0..ghayo0oo!!!
New UTHM new life new style new me..!!!
Lets begin our class with good starts


03 September 2011

Selamat Hari Raya!!

A short update from me...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin

Happy Eid Mubarak to all moslem around the w0rld

May this eid bring you m0re joy and happiness

23 August 2011

Continued: #100 Facts About Me 2

52) I can speak japanese language..i've learned japanese until Level 2 out of 4
53) I do can coOk but i rarely cook
54) SpongebOb squarepants is my favorite
55) I can be very lazy and w0nt do anything
56) I like black, purple and yellow
57) I d0nt drink miLk...euwww~
58) I am in peace right n0w <3
59) I'm allergic with chicken
60) Some pe0ple keep saying if i'm wearing blusher on my cheeks..my cheeks l0oks red hah?? :P
61) My cellph0ne will in silent m0de while im sleeping..zZzzzzZZzzz
62) I went on starcruise ship once..splendid yaw! It was Aquarius Star Cruise *luckly the ship w0nt sink..hihii*
63) I went to Dubai once..AWESOMEEE!!!
64) Like to watch AFC channel, Masterchef, Nigella Bites, French Food At Home and etc
65) Actually, i have a lil pill0w or sh0uld i called as bantal busuk...hehe..since i was little ^^,
67) I wanna live in Saudi Arabia
68) My favorite show that i l0veeee to watch >> America's Next Top Model, Australia's Next Top Model & Keeping Up With The Kardashian
69) I'm a big fan of Harry Potter
70) I wear eyeliner since baby...actually it is not an eyeliner..its kinda black dust that pr0duce from a black stone..It went to process and become small2 black dust, then put it in a copper b0ttle and smear the dust on eyes. We only can get this from Mecca.. I wear it till n0w babe.
71) I dont tell secrets ;)
72) Pe0ple say that i lo0ks like a school girl..,,ouhh man!
73) I am stubborn...so watch out peeps
74) I like to stay at home rather than going out
75) Oscar Oasis on Disney Channel is really funny yaw!
76) In kindergarten, my teacher said that, i am a great dancer in the c0nsert and dance so well...of coz! *wink2 eyes*
77) I can play organ..have it at h0me. Its kinda music instrument. I kn0w n0tes and knows h0w to read it..I can play any song on organ by listening the n0tes..
78) I really damn hate lizard...kinda ph0bia with lizard

Kinda blur about myself right now..continue so0n~




22 August 2011

Love Animals And They Will Love You Much More

surrounded by rabbits...lovely rabbits ;)

ouhhh....please give me th0se rabbits...PLEASE..~~ *begging*

you lazy...haha XD this hamster sleeps al0t u know...

hamster name's Shoban..It bel0ngs to my friend..but i take care of it once..cute kan! ;)
Shoban gone already... :((

he is active and cute...heheh! This hamster also pee on my laptop once..naughty hamster!

It also belongs to my friend...she brought this hamster to my room to show me
Really cute yaw...feel like wanna squeeze it..haha!

These are the cutey mutey pets ever..
Arggghhh!! i l0ve to own them so0ooo much
They're cute right??

15 August 2011

#100 Facts About Me 1

1) I'm a shy person but when you g0t to know me, i am friendly ^^,
2) I eat ch0colate a lot...love it!
3) Most websites i surf are blogs.. ;)
4) I'm a fashiOn lover
5) I cant live without my HP
6) Love shopping..but i'm n0t shopahOlic
7) I like the smell of marker pen
8) I dont cry except i really really need it..
9) I entered a drama competition during highschool title Macbeth..awes0me drama..BUT actually this is m0re like the #100 embarassing m0ments in my life.. :P
10) I like to pr0mote things
11) I like to wear sh0es rather than high heels
12) T-shirt and jeans is my style..Casual is me!
13) Feel damn blur when no internet access
14) I eat McD a lot...I'm lovin it
15) I dont wear make-up...yuckks!
16) I love dance
17) Music is my favorites
18) I wanna live with high life styles.. ^^,
19) I wish i can travel around the world alone
20) I sing out loud sometimes
21) I dont like hating pe0ple unless he/she freakin drive me crazy...hmm but i think i already try to hate them but i cant...Well it is useless lah~
22) Friends makes me enjoy the exciting of life
23) Eventhough, i know there are some pe0ple dont like me, it's nevermind..cause i really enj0ying my life
24) I like weird things and stuffs
25) I can be so loud and damn quiet sometimes..
26) I dont like copy cats
27) I'm addicted with cute stuffs or things
28) I like hamsters, rabbits and cats...if only i can have puppy as a pet...heheh! *grin*
29) Kinda act crazy when listening to music
30) I forgive people easily but i will never forget what they have done to me..Every bit of it
31) People, please dont force me...i dont like it!
32) I'm dim
33) I cant stand longer in hot days
34) I love rain
35) I prefer night than day
36) It doesnt matter if i have to do everything alone :))
37) I am very patient person
38) I do not like underestimate people..cause i believe everyb0dy has their own speciality
39) I really really wanna go to Japan..Pleaseeeee take me to Japannnn!!! *excited*
40) Who i wanna meet? I wanna meet the engineer who build the Burj Khalifa
41) I cant live in messy place
42) I dont really care if i have to stay alone in creepy h0use..cause it's all up to me
43) I love to watch all Barbie's stories
44) Sometimes i can be serious and sometimes i can be too playful
45) I have more boyfriends than girlfiends
46) I prefer to make notes in my notebook using pencil than pen
47) I dont like to separate my notes by subjects...so my note book kinda messy and only me understand it...weehheee~~
48) Photography is my favorite...i own a DSLR
49) I dont like to watch stupid movie like Alien vs Predator...huh! What is the m0tif of the story???
50) Cant stand with plastic people...get it! bluargghhhh
51) I'm not skinny okay..i think i am thin but sometimes i dont give a damn!


Continue later. My brain cant think about myself anym0re.. -.-"

11 August 2011

Nice Guys Finish Last

Yah, somehow its kinda true..gurls are attracted to bad guys.


Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
It’s not what I really want to do
but you only date bad guys so I’ll give him my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

I never open the door or pull out a chair
You can tell me how your day was but I don’t really care
and if you ever get cold, you’ll just have to hack it
cause I’d be cold too if I gave you my jacket

like whoa!
you ain’t sitting up front
front is for the homies you can sit in the trunk
I never answer my phone whenever you call it
and when the waiter brings out the bill, I never reach for my wallet

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
It’s not what I really want to do
but you only date bad guys so I’ll give him my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

and Imma beat you in every competition
going out with the girls you better get my permission
wait no! I take that back you can’t go
house starts tonight and that’s my favorite show

Do I look fat in this dress?
Hell yeah! You do!
Wait let me speak your language
Cows go mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo, mooo

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
It’s not what I really want to do
Oh.. You only date bad guys so I’ll give him my best try
To treat you the way you want me to

but behind the scenes, she means the world to me
I wanna tell her that she’s beautiful
and show her that she’s in love
hold her hand when she’s scared
tell her how much I care
but that won’t win her heart because…

Nice guys finish last that’s why I’ll treat you like trash
Not what I really want to do
Oh.. You only date bad guys so I’ll give him my best try
To treat you the way you want me to


10 August 2011

I Believe With What I Believes

Just give them a chance..when God willings. I think everybody deserve for second chance. Human has been given chance in their life.. So why not if they use it. Is it hard for u to give a chance to them? Oh ya..by the way..who are u for not giving them a chance? You're also just a human being okayyy~ Get it there?? Huhh... I'm sure u also get your own chance rite. Everybody has chances to live. It d0esnt matter if they are good or bad.. Cause pe0ple said no one is perfect. Hmm but i think we can make ourselves perfect..isnt it..hahah! Well, everything is not impossible.

You dont have to show y0ur goodness to pe0ple. Cause pe0ple can see and judge what you did.. Just take care of yourself first. God gave us brain to think, solve pr0blem, and make decision. I think you have it too rite..The Brain. Right?? :)) We came to this world as a human. So, what is human duties? Forsure, to protect the WORLD, make ourselves valuable and live for happiness. Thanks to God..always. :) I know some people trying to teach other people about the precious of living in this world and believing to God. But first, just look at yourself and your surroundings.

Eventh0ugh you are n0t so good but make others c0mfortable ok.. Yah, it is easy for u to give advice to others. People will listen to your advice and as the time's come they will kn0w what to do. You just be good to yourself first. Like i said bef0re, u dont have to sh0w...pe0ple can judge it. Maybe you act like you want to remind us things that we didnt kn0w. Sometimes we already know but a lil bit late to act back. Its maybe quite annoying the answers that we gave but it is kinda annoying if you keep saying or reminding us about the jus.
Insyallah.. I believe with what i believes.

Lets make peace!

syukran ila hayatt~~ ;)

08 August 2011

It's True, Life Is Not Easy

I give all but still n0t enough is it?

what else??


05 August 2011

The Special Day Once In A Life Time...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

03 August 2011

Beauty: Because You're Worth It

Natural is beautiful.. But why women like to put make up on their faces? hmm...maybe it l0oks more beautiful and pe0ple love to see.
Yah. its true that make up can change the definition of natural beauty

For me, i like to see b0th. People with make up and without make up.
Natural beauty is the best but add on some make up can bring more confidence in yourself.
Some people born with natural beauty n s0me people pretty with make up..
BUT, in life c0nfidence is the best

It's d0esnt matter whether a girl with make up or with0ut cause they are what they think they are..
Actually, im kinda not agree with some pe0ple said that 'see..that girl likes to put l0ts make up on her face..too much'
Hmm..as l0ng as she happy and pe0ple didnt say that 'she's ugly!!'..hahaa..it is coOllll

So, let she build her self-c0nfidence by her own guys
If you d0nt like flawless or glittering or beauty of make up..d0nt be t0o criticism~
Make up is beautiful too
Well, like pe0ple say== the definition of beauty is subjective

Ohokayyy..pers0nally i do n0t like MAKE UP..eeuwwww~
Feel like "s0mething" on my face and i cant "open" it..hahaa!
Actually i tried it once...my friend kinda force me to do it and she did it f0r me
....but it turned disaster..YUCKKSS!!

I dont wear make-up..yuckks!
So, i prefer bare faced..bare fr0m make up..easy peasy ;)
I never use a single dirt of make up t0 go out...just l0oking bare face ^^,
I supp0rt true beautyyyyyy....

scha al-yahya

lisa surihani

selena g0mez

avril lavigne

kendall jenner & kylie jenner

tayl0r swift

Appreciate y0ur true beauty? Hmm! Always take care of y0ur skin n0 matter what..d0nt be lazy ok!
Cause s0me pe0ple kinda lazy to take care of their skin...why??
I feel aggrieved with them..The imp0rtant basic of the outside beauty is SKIN
*hmm..is it right what im saying??..ok fine..wh0 cares!..hihii*

Hey peepS! it will be easy to handle y0ur skin if y0u always take care of it
You dont have to put on make up
Easy rite! :)))

AND me! I always ch00se the best skincare pr0duct that suits me..
Dont be to0 obsess of new product
Ch0ose the right one ok babes!
AND stick with it

This entry kinda different with others bef0re
This entry c0mes with my pLedge: To always l0ve my skin To always take care of my skin and n0t torture it with make up To always be confident bare face AND To keep my skin healthy...

::Because You're Worth It::

21 July 2011

Changes Always Happen

My life would never be the same.....

People changed
So dont trust anyone n always get prepared
I changed but i will always be myself

SO....Lets welc0me to my siLLy life!!!


20 July 2011

Control Your Anger

Peace may be upon you

Angry birds. Kinda fun game.. At 1st im kinda addicted to this game. It is an easy game and i already finished all levels required. Just see the red face of the bird. Its already show the anger. Hmm this game is very enjoy to play. And u know what, when i started playing this game it is kinda hard to stop.. Hahaa! Actually this game succeed to build anger in me...yearrrrgghhh!!

A.N.G.E.R or A.N.G.R.Y

Everybody can be angry. Everybody has the emotion of anger. Why can this happen?? This is because when there is an uncomfortable situation that we didn't like and most hated happened. When people gets angry they tend to do stuffs that will make them feel relief again.. People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care about has been offended. So control your anger.. Do not easily get mad/anry with someone. No one like it lah..huh!

Anger can ruin everything. Usually when people get angry they will do what they want until they feel relief. For me, this is not my type of mood. I feel bad when im in this mood. No used if i carry on or entertain myself with anger. It become more stressful and it is not fun. Sometimes if i feel angry with someone or something i certainly try to be busy as possible. Owh ya! Just wanna share with my readers, if i angry with s0meone i will try to calm down or maybe just keep quiet. Sometimes i will let go the things that is useless for me to go angry.

People who full of anger in themselves will not listen to others. Slow talk will never been heard. Hmm...by the time the heart will speak, a blink away people realized. But it is too late. Whatever happen is just happened. No used! To face this kind of person, i will be act coOL..huh. Just wasting y0ur time lah dude. Usually when people get angry they cant stop talking n alwiz bla..bla..bla..and of course acting weird. Just l0ok at their faces..Wh00aa! what the!~ DoOhh!! what an awful n s0ur face..hahaha >> XD

Anger is a short madness...There are m0re preci0us things to do then being angry.. You just wastin y0ur preci0us seconds of your life.

Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them -James Fallows-

Ehem! Well, actually sometimes it is OK to blow your anger...hihii :P

Tips that i used to avoid anger:
1. be calm
2. take a deep breath
3. smile
4. do stuffs that i loved most
5. pray
6. try to accept things with no regrets
7. make fun
8. hang out with friends
9. take photos..coz i love photo! :))
10. run/jogging
11. forget it
12. speak out

p/s: if people get mad/angry with me, i will seek for the reason why. Maybe if i make the mistake then i should apologize.

Till then~


29 June 2011

Dubai Vacation

Its the end of June.. But this is my 1st entry for this m0nth
Well, actually i have had so many thing to do
Some of them..DONE..heheee :))
Oh0kayyy, i'll make it sh0rt
I already in a semester break moOd
did u kn0w how long my break???
damn l0ng okay n i get bOred already
what the..~~
But forsure i dont want to get a jOb..LAZY GIRL..of course
Oh yah! for your guys information, i just came back frOm vacation
It was awesOme yaw!!!
or i can called it as superb splendid amazing vacay for 2 weeks
DUBAI..such a great cOuntry
very cooL peeps
nice buildings
nice beach
nice places
busiest country...owh mann!!
can't describe by words
You should go there!! i recommend u ;))
I went there by Emirates Airlines..well, it is one of the best airlines ever

b0arding pass - from KUL to DXB by Emirates Airlines

food sucks..desserts yummy!! hihii ;)

the Dubai International Airport...it's the only airport that will treat us food for free after arrived

Dubai city..the tallest building is Burj Khalifa *taken from the airplane*

I'm having so0oo much fun there..
Maybe one day i will visit Dubai again
Amazing yaw!


17 May 2011

Welcome Back Miss J

Greetings to all...THROUGH MY WINDOW..hmm...almost not recognise my own bl0g..what the!! DAMN..such a l0ng time i didnt update this bl0ggie..HUH..im too busy with life as student yaw.. As civil engineering student..Truely, i really really miss to write in this bl0g.. :(((

Actually im just having my semester h0lidays for FOUR months..haha! damn l0ng h0lidays right! And forsure i need some co0lest n enj0y plan. Yes! I already get what i wanna do,..WEHOOOO!! First, i would like to story ab0ut what did i doand done for the past days and weeks while im away fr0m my TMW bl0g.

I'd finished my final examinati0ns..hell yeah! So happy and excited. But i do hope that i can pass with flying c0lours..OR if i cant get go0d result saya bersyukur dengan apa yang ada saja..Alhamdulillah.. :)) cuz i already do my best..so, lets be no regret. Well, bef0re the examination happen, actually i did a l0ts of stuff..haha! Stuff?? Or maybe i can called as assignments or projects. Yah..what on earth!

How could the lecturers gave us l0ts of works during the study weeks. :( Im suffering a lot..huhuu..very2 sad. My time is very messy and i cant manage my time well. My day was kinda miserable. STRESSSS!!! My mind was messy..M.E.S.S.Y guys! Study weeks sh0uld do rivision for examination..butttt..i didnt! Because busy compliting 'THE STUFFS'..huhh! The best step to do is be str0ng n patient. I tried to complete all the stuffs.. During that day, i hve no time with my own life..my life is with my stuffs. I almost forget pe0ple around me. What a freaking fucking busy yo!! Stay FOCUS.. ;)

Well, the examinations was kinda okay.. But the last paper was kinda tough. I didnt kn0w what i've d0ne on that paper...hmm..let it be..let by gone be by gone..the past is past...Just move on with the new life.. The only thing i can do right now is pray for the best cause i already do the best! ;) yeahhhh!! So lets enj0y by watching the movie.. Hehehe. I already watched the Fast and Furious 5 and it was awesome!! what a great acti0n movie.. XD

Ok then, and n0w im relaxing at home. Enjoy the holidays m0ment. On 29th May i will be off to Dubai. I will not in Malaysia for two weeks..having my great h0lidays at Dubai..weee!! Excited yaw!

P/s: i will try to always update..pr0mise! *wink2*

13 April 2011

Like whatttt!!! But The Vacay Was Awesome

I'm back on trackkk!!! Such a l0ngggg day away fr0m my bl0ggie... My life seems so0ooo busy but enj0ying Life isn't matter of milestones, but of m0ments.. L0ts of stuffs i did d0 d0ne n bla..blaa...blaaa... If i list them out f0rsure b0ringggg~~ BUT...i wiLL make me n u feel that..hahaa! Okayyy..lets list out the 'THINGS' ;)



Actually, i want t0 write ab0ut my best m0ment that i've already been thr0ugh...it is the LANGKAWI TRIP on 5th - 7th of April 2011!! weeh0ooo.. ^^ Really cool yaw! Cant express with w0rds..no words!!! Owhh mannn... Its just like heaven fall to here..! damn cool XD

just check out my ph0to blog at http://teroponglensa.wordpress.com

tudells!! GTG


26 March 2011

The World Is Blackout For An Hour

Switch off all the lights

Shut down all y0ur power supplies and y0ur power equipments




It is Earth Hour moment

Save the Earth

Save the energy

Save the power

Just f0r an hour guys!

24 March 2011

La Isle lalala

No words to say
Just only know that word..B.U.S.Y
No idea to update cause my mind full of 'THAT' word..BUSYYYYY
Sometimes i hope that i can control everything in this world
But, actually the more i try the more busier i am
So, the conclusion is..i just go with the flow and follow the rhythm
Let it happen
No regrets
But i will NEVER GIVE UP
and i will try to ACCEPT what i will receive and already received
GOD always with me

Till then..>> I WILL BE BACK SOON!!

23 February 2011

Actions Can Make Lots Of Stories

En0ugh of works..enough! en0ugh! Huhh..i'm really tired b0ut them..It seems that it will be n0 end ab0ut WORK.. I'm over it..i'm over everything!!! urggghhhh~... :(

Hey guys! how r u? I kn0w, quite a l0ng time i n0t update this webby blOg.. Actually l0ts of things i have to handle to manage and to take care of.. Sometimes i have no time to MYSELF..very sad right??!! I miss my bl0g.. I really miss want to write ab0ut my daylife j0urnal. But the times always runaway fr0m me.. I always try to find my time but it seem that the times find me..What the heckkk!! If i sh0rt list all the activities and things i have d0ne sure no spaces at all. So let me make a summary ab0ut what had happened in my life these pass few weeks.. Maybe i can make this as an epis0de st0ries..hahaha!!

Number One:

on February 13rd 2011

....That day was such a great day. Dance competition have been held at UTHM (university tun hussien onn malaysia). This competiti0n opened to all UTHM students. But m0stly the participants were indians. They dance really great and nice.. Actually, i went there to give a support to my friend, JAC. She had j0ined the competition. Jac paid me f0r the ticket..hihii~ The competiti0n is in group. All groups that had perf0med were really talented. For y0ur inf0rmation, only me, malay girl at that place. The rest are indians..hahaa! what a weird situati0n at first. But, as the sh0ws go on the situati0n turn to be okay! yesss!! Fun and enj0yable.. My friend won f0r the 1st runner up..! cooL yah!! congratulati0ns to her team.

Number two:

on February 14th 2011

....yo! after the dance competit0n..owh GOD! During this day im having a Maths test.. What a brave time to take yesterday as a fun day, watched-the-cool-dance-t0urnement..hahaa! The test was kinda tough. Its not easy for me to answer but i already tried my best. So i leave the rest to GOD to judge what i've dOne. I PRAY FOR THE BEST!!
Number three:

on February 20th 2011

...This day is really cool.. For y0ur information, i have to do a survey pr0ject regarding ab0ut the biggest issue n0wadays. This is for my ethnics subject. Actually, not me al0ne but i did with my group. It was super duper cool. I met some new friends and they are AWESOME!!! xoxo~ We did a survey at the area of Taman Soga, Batu Pahat. Just nearby my house..and y0u know what, i stay in that town..hahaa! So its easy for us to do survey, rite?? :P There were two cars going on this trip. Trip?? HAHAA..kinda~ First, before we began our work, we stop by to take lunch at Nasi Beriani Power. Some of them never been there before. So why not if they have a try.. We cit-chat and bla..bla..bLaa... ;) Then, we went to Tasik-Y or Y-Lake.. Yup, still they had never been to that place. So0ooo...as i kn0w, im kinda ph0to maniac and kinda photography maniac, so the important thing to do on that day was snapped l0ts of photos, of course! It was awesome and fun. We talks-cit-chat-say-l0ts-of-things and many more. At late evening, we started our survey project. Luckily it end fast and all d0ne great! Settle!! Then, at night, we went for our dinner at McDonalds..yeyy!

Number four:

on February 22nd 2011

....Huh! Owh My Gucci!!! That day was really tired and it was like the end of the worLd for me..damn! Really can't take it on that day. Just imagine if you have two important tests to sit..WTHell.. (X.X) The 1st, Geotechnic's test started at 4.oopm while the second, Structure Analysis's test started at 8.00pm.. This should not happen to me..Urggghhhh!~~ February 22nd was the mess messy day of my life. During the Structure test, an undesire thing was happened. The test papers were not en0ugh for students. So me and some of my friends have to wait for our lecturer to go to photostate the test paper again. We waited ab0ut half and hour..Then, after that, we can answer and proceed our test. hmmmm...~ The conclusion, my structure analysis's test was not good en0ugh. I can feel it!! But, as usual, just take it easy gurL! :(((

Number five:

on February 22nd 2011

...UTHM was held an electi0n day. This day was a busy day.. All students must made their own decisi0n to choose the best student representative of UTHM. There were about 52 candidates in this election. Before the election day begin, the candidates must do some campaign to invite other student to vote or support them. So, the day before the election will be made, the campaign was kinda cha0s and a bit clumsy. All posters were hanging around the campus. Actually, all the posters kinda disturbing us.. Got some complaining regarding the hanging posters. Our campus look excatly like a jungle. Posters were hung everywhere..OWHHHhhhh! such a mess..! During the election day, we had to wait in a l0nggggg que..haiy0ooo!!~ BUT, i realized that this year recepti0n of election day was fascinating.. All students go out to vote. :))) go0d job guys!

Number six:

on February 25th n 26th 2011

....Exciting and fun plus tiring!! Both days me and my friends did a survey ab0ut our project group. We have to do the survey at Batu Pahat area. We went out in the morning and will be back during late night. There are 8 pe0ples had involved during this trip..haha. trip?? yup, kinda.. We went there by 2 MyVi cars.. huhh!.. Such a busy day. I couldn't get a rest in my ro0m.. We need to do an interview at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), Tuan Haji Zanil and Batu pahat Police Station, DSP Che Mahazan, the Chief Department of District Crime Investigation. Both interviews were very nice and smooth. No problems at all. Then, after finished our survey, we went to enjoy ourselves. Had a lot of fun and excitment.. i likeee!! ;) We went for lunch together, pray, and enjoyed watching movie..I AM NUMBER FOUR.. Such a greattt movie!!

This movie is really great. You sh0uld watch this movie.. The story is easy to understand and not b0red. I wish i could have the POWER of hand..hehee!! ^^,
HUhh..i think this update was quite long..hahaa! why? because so much stories to tell. All in one time. Easy to read because i already summarize my activities that i've d0ne.
See you when i see u..got to go n0w! Study ge0logy.. The test is just around the corner :)

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