30 June 2012

Internship vs Home

Almost a week i've done my internship. But i've learned so many things that i never get used to it bef0re.. Doing my intenship at consultant c0mpany gave new experience to me. I thought that to be a consultant is not easy because of you must know h0w to use vari0us kinds of software and need to master all. Truely, actually it is not so difficult. It seems too easy if you enj0y doing it. AND i do enj0yed them. For these days, i've inv0lved lots of pr0jects..
  • Water reclamati0n project (drawing at AutoCAD 2012)
  • Apartment at Scientex Skudai (design at ESTEEM 8)
  • Schematic drawing for water rec. for Peak Flow and Hydrant Flow (at AutoCAD 2012)
  • RC Drawing for foundation of 20 units of semidetaches h0uses at Simpang Renggam (AutoCAD 2012)  
  • Prepare the l0ngggggg lists of  MASMA data.
Sometimes i didn't have time to go to toilet..hihii *pee..pee* Sometimes i need to finish my work at home. Some project need to submit to b0ss on the dot as the boss said so. I didn't say that i master all the softwares and design method. Like i said bef0re, i still learn to be a better person. If i don't kn0w anything or not sure to anything, i will ask the staffs there or ask directly to my bOss. Even some of the staff quite afraid to ask or meet the boss. I admit that my boss is kinda strict person and not quite understand what his saying. Well of course every boss will have that kind of strict's attitude. But i will try to feel more comfortable with my surrounding.

Finally, i'm at h0me. Really at h0me..hahahh! Weekdays busy with internship. Finally ITS WEEKEND DAYS!!! Owhhhh..Oooo Oooo Awes0meeeeeeeee *eventhough i do bring my long list of MASMA data at h0me...bluarggghhhh*  o.O -.-" Maybe one day i will feel more appreciate the damn co0llest of weekend to workers. Right now i sitting at my comfy ro0m and peacfully updating my cool bl0g. Hahaha.. but d0n't get confuse with the icey co0Lbl0g oh0kayyyyy~ Ok then, i think i should get out of this cool bl0g and enj0y life at h0me. Home sweet h0me always!

So0ooooo niceeeeeee....
Good day allz!

Keep smiling for a perfect day
Let the smile be on y0ur face...

27 June 2012

The Designer Wanna Be

Fully exhausted..
enj0yed! ^^,
It has been 3 days of my internship
I never get really b0red or etc..hihii
Got lots of w0rk to do and need to be d0ne
Its splendid.. :))
well, engineer right..yeahh!
For this 3 days what did i do?

- using ESTEEM 8.0.549.0 (installed)
- design in AutoCAD 2012..the latest! (installed)
- introduction of ORION (didn't install)
*never used it before in my life...Orion is more advanced than Esteem 8...special f0r curve beams and etc..awes0me yaw!!!* 
- plan checking for RC Plan and Infra & Structure Plan
- Plan col0uring

Esteem 8.0.549.0

AutoCAD 2012..easy peasy la~~

 My name..my name...i did it!! (HAJAR)-SERVER 2011

p/s: wanna do m0re... nyumm!! ;)

25 June 2012

My Day My Life Not Yours

Well hello there w0rld!! I'm at h0me..Just finished my final examination. It is the end of 3rd year civil engineering student. So life will be much different. For your information, 22nd June 2012 was my last paper of 3rd year student. Kinda excited because the final year getting closer day by day but also nervous. Why leyy?? Because it might be the end of being a civil engineering student. I guess -.-" hahahh! But maybe i'm l0oking forward for Master of Civil Engineering..s0on guys! ;) Cuz i w0uld like to have an experience being an engineer first. Engineer is what i dream since i was a little kid.. When my father asked me, "what is y0ur ambition, dear?" then i said; "an engineer baba" *excited* :D So i think my wish came true...Thanks for all the support fam! xoxo..

Alright, lets straight to the point. Actually i just came back from KL and Kajang yesterday. We went there for 2 days. Spending some time with my relatives and family. It was awes0me yaw.. I also met two lovely cats. Owhhhhh..what can i say! Those cats are so0oooo so0ooo cute and sweet...pampered cats. Hihiii.. XD hmmm...if only i could have those cats. *dreamingggg* Is there any kindhearted people who willing to give me like those kind of cats... *dream again* The cats are Chikki n Chikko.. Chikki is black colour and it is a SHE...while Chikko is light ch0colate colour and it is a HE. Chikko is a pampered cat while Chikki kinda i-am-myself-behave-dont-disturb-me. Arr0gant cat la tuh! :P Yeahhh Chikki..you're rox! Most of the time i always with Chikko...cuz he is soooo cute DAMN CUTEeee and friendly i guess... But i love both. ;) 


p/s: x sempat snap chikki..asek lari2 je..penat kej0r.. -.-


Oh0kay..enough with cat's st0ry. Lets talk about my internship. Today is my 1st day of intership as an engineer...oppps! future engineer *hihiii...:D* Internship or industrial training is quite same as go to work. Internship can be describe as job training for white-collar or professional careers. Well of course a civil engineer is a professional career. Typically for college or university's students. I did my intership at a consultant company. Very awes0me..i've started to like it. It is T.P.Tay Consultant Engineer and Teknireka Architecture. This c0mpany is one of the most influential company in Batu Pahat. Let me introduce to you some background of the company. It is located at Batu Pahat of course... :))) TPTCETA handle alot of pr0ject not only in Johor but various states and overseas. Recent overseas project that i know..emmm...at Thailand and Singapore. Hmm quite impressing. Basically, i dont really care or obsesses with h0w many project they handle or get. The most important thing is i wanna learn something new. Cause life as a student and life as a w0rker is very big differences. During my Diplomme studies, i've done my internship at a contract0r company. So, for this semester as a Bachelor of Civil Engineering student, forsure i would like to have some new experience and new environment. That's why i make eff0rts to find a consultant company. I will try to get what i want. Finally, i g0t it..yehaaaa!! *after so much effort hve been d0ne..huhhh~~ p0yoooo*

I will be at TPTCETA company for 10 weeks. It went well. Hope that i can gain lots of kn0wledge and nice experiences at there. For now, the staffs are nice to me. The big BOSSes are really nice *got 2 bosses Ar. Professional-boss (MIEM) and Ir. Professional-boss(MIEM)* and d0es not difficult to share knowledge so do the staffs. Tomorrow will be another day of internship. Must turn to be so great..



Get ready for my next update.. <3


10 June 2012

Stop By

I think i had so much fun this week although its study week. So, en0ugh with those enj0yment. Right now, i need to be ready to go back for studies. -.-" Must get back on track, studying for finals. Tomorrow will be my 1st day of my examination. GREATTT!! o.O *i guess...*

I just can't wait to finish my exams. Do the best for exams..

Hope you guys had a lovely day. I know i did it :)


05 June 2012

Stack Of Notes

May peace be up0n you...
Hello...It is June already. Hey JUNE *lil excited* ^^, This is my 1st update on June. Very annoying cause i didnt have much time to update my blog. -.-" Actually it happened and i let it happen. I'm having difficulties in this new bl0gger style. The settings are all kinda different. I kn0w -.- that i havent been bl0gging for such a long time already. AND it suckkkssss!!!
Okay...my 3rd year as Civil Eng. student is d0ne. I guess everything went fine eventh0ugh there's slacking here and there. Hmmm...we make mistakes, we hurt people and of course we will apologize...
Basically nothing much to talk. Just want to express myself and update this long-left blog bef0re f0cus on final exams...Hahaha..hell no!!
Supposedly, i'm sitting right in my own comfy r0om now if i choose to study. But n0w...bebel0ginggggggg~~ S0metimes, life is that uncertain, things might happen out of our plan. Let it be and just enjoy. Nevermind nevermind.. That's life and life w0nt be beautiful without this small thingy.. :)
Why i must to face an examinations?
Is it very necessary?
Why most of my friend's FB status are all about studies? exams? exam spirits n others that related to final exams?
Why i'm not like them? *think think*
i'm still busy and more worried about other stuffs..why why why?
Why not take the crazy chance...why not do the crazy dance...if you loose the moment...you will be alright... so why not why not (song by Hillary Duff)

If i ruled the world there will be no examinations for student.
Because.......life is the real examination. So say no to study week!!! *if in my world laaa...*
-.-" o.O *ok berangannnn~~~*
Hmmm...for now, i have to start to really reallyyyyy enj0y my study week eventh0ugh it is fake j0y and h0lidays plan are c0ming up in my mind during study weeks..hahahh! *tid0 plan...zZzzzzZZZzz...tV plan...bla blablaaa* 

 A week study week is n0t en0ugh la man!! urgghhhh!!! Need m0re..How much m0re you want?? *talking to myself*..cause right n0w u are having your relaxing time at your lovely h0me with a treatment mask on your face...*still talking to myself* Alright! en0ugh already. Just l0ok at the time table that have been given to sh0w you..study week...exam..exam..exam....internship

click the picture if u wanna see it cleary yaw

Is it necessary f0r me to feel JOY???? Say it..say it..SAY IT RIGHT!!! say it right n0w.....
Ok ok...just calm d0wn. All in all, i would like to say that i will try not to waste my time with thingy that would affect my exam studies. A civil engineering student's life, what to do? Just follow the flow. I believe there will be lights after passing through all these hardships.
It is now or never.
Thats all about my creepy crap update t0day...hihiii. But i feel really glad and satisfy after expressing all th0se craps in my blog. May GOD ease all the difficulties throughout the fake exams and real exams...

Chilling chilling~
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