18 July 2012

Hold On! Tonnes Of Works

Action speak l0uder than words
It is an ordinary quote
I want something extraordinary
So i choose 'a picture speak a thousand words'
It is more suitable for me..why???
Because.....a picture shows a project that i've done!
Many days and weeks i've tried to finish those projects
Huhh! What a relief *sort of*
What a nice m0ment yaw!!
For your information, ive already organize them in oder..from latest to oldest
yeahhh..i guess -.-"
Damn headache and backpain..morning till evening i will be sitting in front of a c0mputer
I think my eyes getting more dim
o.O *tingt0ng*
I did drawing, designing, drawing, detailing, designing, drawing, detailing...
I feel like i didnt come for internship
This is more than that...
My life is about AutoCAD
Why i said that? This is because, everytime i touch my laptop or mouse or my keyboard, it is habitual to react just like im using the AutoCAD
*autocad dh sebati dalam diri ke?* wtcad! hahaha.. XD
Seriously i did many times -.-'

 double storey bungalow - ground floor plan
to define the cracking, sinking, leaking when raining
need to draw the ground floor plan first!
at that moment, felt like an architect lah...

 outlet sump detailing for JPS - PROJECT: 3 Storey Office-Shop
first n foremost, i need to calculate the level of suitable place for outlet sump
then the details can be d0ne

 the project plan for JPS
3 Storey Office-Shop
JPS is for drainage system
quite complicated while doing this plan..because...i need to combine the existing plan with the prop0sed plan
so i have to put it in scale correctly

 project plan for JPP
its look kinda same with JPS's project plan but actually it's different
JPP is for sewer department
1st, we need to calculate the PE or kn0wn as Population Evaluation
To evaluate the PE for some unit

this is schematic drawing
project plan for water reclamation or water rec.
before design the drawing, i need to calculate the peak flow and fire hydrant flow
basically, people will say that it is not easy
BUT...for me it is truely awesome!
haha...*senang beb!!~*

Those pictures need lots of time, strength and effort to be completed
Sometimes i feel b0red doing the same stuff because i'm wondering where's the end of my w0rks?
is it too far to reach or gettiing cl0ser
i am the type of person who easily get b0red doing the same things..hahah!
this is me ;)
But i do love what i've done
I still cant believe that i can use AutoCAD now...s00oooo damnnnnn happpyyyyyyy taw!
just look at what i've d0ne..damn superbbbbb!!!!
Everyday i  learn something new...
i keep on learning day by day when i'm doing my internship
i do not know the definition of wasting time..cause my time is fully l0aded
Couldn't imagine of becoming a real engineer later
*bigggg grinnnn*

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