29 October 2012

Special AidilAdha










12 October 2012

Buzz Buzz Busy

Hey peeps out there! The only reason i can think of right now for not updating my blog is becauseeee, i've been damn busy... Busy with my Final Year Project, Integrated Design Project, and Assignments. For FYP, its require me to read and find several of journals for references. * seyez macam nk termuntah!*

Plus, i've got 1 week to prepare for my 1st test..Steel & Timber Design, Economy, Geoenvironmental, OSHA and Mandarin Language. 

22/10/12 - Steel & Timber
23/10/12 - Mandarin Language
24/10/12 - Geoenvirnmental
               - Economy

p/s: OSHA - when??...not confirm yet o.O

I think this final year will give me some cool experience. It doesnt matter if it is nice experience or bad experience.. Sometimes, i feel like i need an assistant to do all my works. Really need that person oh0kayyy...hahahh! kidding~ :(  No matter how many times i shout..cannot get. So right now, i think i am a bit lazy and not really focus on what i'm actually doing and need to do. Why??? Hmm..still in dream i guess -.-" WAKE UPPPPP!!!!!! huhhh!! 

Nevermind....maybe i have to do someting more interesting first. But for how many times lerr?? Ohokayy..nevermind  nevermind........blast off!

Oh ya, i also will join the UTHM Town & Gown for UTHM Convocation 12 Carnival. It will be held on 20/10/12 at Dataran Penggaram, Batu Pahat, Johor. I love photo, lets do photo! :D Going to start my LimiPhotography again..*excited woi!* hahah..eventhough the next week after will be my War Week (test woi test...jgn main) Mai ramai-ramai.. XD

There are a lot of things going on lately. I am busy like bee.. I know i must organize my time well. Don't be stress. Manage all things nicely and comfortably. :) Oh, ok bye!!!

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