23 December 2013

You have found God through your woman, through your man

"When you love a woman, what do you really love in her? It will be different with different people and it will be different at different times. If love really grows, this is the way: first you fall in love with the woman because her body is beautiful. That is the first available beauty - her face, her eyes, her proportion, her elegance, her dancing, pulsating energy. Her body is beautiful. That is the first approach. You fall in love.
Then after a few days you start going deeper into the woman. You start loving her heart. Now a far more beautiful revelation is coming to you. The body becomes secondary; the heart becomes primary. A new vision has arisen, a new peak. If you go on loving the woman, sooner or later you will find there are peaks beyond peaks, depths beyond depths. Then you start loving the soul of the woman. Then it is not only her heart - now that has become secondary. Now it is the very person, the very presence, the very radiance, the aliveness, that unknown phenomenon of her being - that she is. The body is very far away, the heart has also gone away - now the being is.
And then one day this particular woman's being becomes far away. Now you start loving womanhood in her, the femininity, the feminineness, that receptivity. Now she is not a particular woman at all, she simply reflects womanhood, a particular form of womanhood. Now it is no longer individual, it is becoming more and more universal. And one day that womanhood has also disappeared - you love the humanity in her. Now she is not just a representative of woman, she is also a representative of man as much. The sky is becoming bigger and bigger. Then one day it is not humanity, but existence. That she exists, that's all that you want - that she exists. You are coming very close to God.
Then the last point comes - all formulations and all forms disappear and there is God. You have found God through your woman, through your man. Each love is an echo of God's love." ~ Osho

15 November 2013

Dry Tears

Nobody understand the person who always be there for them. Sometimes be ready is such a waste of time because of no sincerity or being forced. Waiting for hours but then.....

05 November 2013

My Best Day

Let the pictures speak!


My Convocation Day
My Bachelor (hons) of Civil Engineering
5th October 2013

Thanks for the:
Cute gift and card
Wishing angel
Disney Mickey n Minnie Mouse 



ANC Award and DEANLIST Award
2nd October 2013

Deanlist Semester I & II



In memory






03 November 2013


From far

02 November 2013

How You Guys Doinggg..Good??

Happy november to everyone. We are in the new month and 2013 is just going to end soon. Time's fly fast, rite. Like a blink an eye. I miss old days. It is true because, i finally realized that wow i didn't update any post in my blog quite along time. Is it? Hold on. Hold on. Don't think that i already forgot about my blog. Nope. Sometimes i always check out and peek-a-boo here. But didn't have time to type on it. No mood. But not lazy.. only think and do the important thing that i have to do, that is my research study. My Master of Research in Civil Engineering stuffs. That's all matter. I've already stated before that i do busy during month of october. I do update some of my daylife stuffs on facebook, instagram and twitter. A lot of things going on last month. I would like to thanks to all who had been involved on those things last month. It doesn't matter if there are no shortage or excess occured last month. I don't like to think much and just forget it. Life is such a waste if we keep on thinking the past. Do you agree? Ok. Nevermind..  I would like to share the happines of being me. Thanks to people who came to my big day-my convocation day-my bachelor (hons) of civil engineering day and to those who wishing me and also thanks for the lovely gifts.. Those gifts means so much to me. I will never let you down. All of you. So, that is why i keep on busying my life to complete my master of research seriously. Eventhough sometimes i do play play a bit...but still focus on my research ok. I've already done half of my proposal for asessement 1 next year on January 6th - 17th..if im not mistaken. Done chapter 1,2 and 3. Besides that, i also got my own working station or i usually called it as research cube cell at Research Centre of Soft Soil (RECESS). Hahaa.. only for research student ok. *special gitu* This is because the working station is kinda seperating by some-space-compartment-wall-act-like-cube shape-thingy. Please do understand and try  imagine. LOLLL! :D But rarely i go to RECESS. I prefer to do my research at library cause i can search lots of journals and books if i want too. Master research is different with coursework. Why? Don't need to go to class and i really like that cause all time is mine.. But when doing research we must have strong spirit and can't easily give up or else u will never understand of what you're doing. No lecturers or lecture notes to guide me. I need to figure out by my own. That is why it is named as research. Eventhough i do have a supervisor. Yup, at first, while im doing and researching my project im kinda felt like "urghhhh! Why i choosed this path, why why..Nak keje lah cmniiii" Seriously. Now i understand how the success people get up from this situation. But i believe that every winner begin with failures. Its ok to feel bad at first. Because the bad one can give life lesson. It is just like a turning point or help from god i guess, when, while im researching journals of my project i suddenly felt like i want to know it and into it. So, here comes the spirit of completing the chapter 1,2,3 of my asessement 1. Now, i feel release and still reading some journals based on my research. Alhamdulillah...... :)

Now, i'm at my home sweet home for a break. Till tuesday only.. got some family matter to settle first. Wedding and kenduri matters. Owhh! Almost forgot. HAPPY DIWALI to all hindus..Deepavali vaaltukel! 1 Malaysia!..

Ok done. That's it for today. The other story for later ok..

See you around.

10 October 2013

What Do You Think?

The cycle of life

Cry better than latent.
 Latent increasingly more painful. 
Crying is the way to express when mouth cannot speak.

01 October 2013

Little Miss Busy

Busy month!
catch up later...xoxo ;)

- Degree's Convocation day
- Job at the famous O&G company
- Master Research
- Research Project


29 September 2013

With All The Lil Things

I've got so many things to do for a year with you.. But not all that we've planned we will succeed. God already has planned. Like right now. Just a lil ask can change everything. It seems like i didn't expect that it will turned into this. Maybe it's a fate. I have to accept and live with it. But i feel like i can already accept it. It's such a suprise. Cause i thought that i'm not strong enough. I don't know where i get that strength. Finally you can make your own move without any interference. Don't get me wrong. You're the free-willy now. 

Every moment can be a memory or temporary cause it is you the only one who can choose. Maybe god already give me a path to choose. I need to learn between the memory, temporary, fantasy n reality. But for me, those things are the things that bring me alive n bring me to u. I really don't care for whatever happen. Life is how you manage and understand the meaning of live. Life is not a competition. But a lesson to be shared. For me you've gave a lot of lesson, inspiration and motivation. 

Sometimes the different is good cause it completes others. Good things happen with reasons. Only the special and strong person may overcome it. When it comes for the love one, it may seems hard. Bad? Nobody wants to be bad. It is an enough to put the tension on me. You, please understand and just do it. If you did it you will no more feel pain inside ur heart. Don't worry. Just do ok. Revenge will eventually broke your heart. If it is hard to give forgiveness to people, i don't mind. Make a new life.

p/s: Before you see what i did to you, just remember its for your own good..


My eyes kinda itchy lately. Why? I dont know why? Is it allergic or what?
Please tell me
Need some help or any medication advice/tips

*red eyes*

Wedding at JB

I'm a bit busy these couple days. Like a week ok.. So, i have not time to update any stories in my blog because my closest cousin's grandfather just passed away. All relatives gathered to prepare kenduri for 7 days 7 nights. Everyone will die soon. But we still need to move on our life like a normal person. 

Love eternally!

Last afternoon on August 28th was my closest cousin's wedding. This time is for the Groom's side. It was held in JB at Jubli Intan Hall. The theme of the wedding was Vintage Black-n-White. We arrived at 10am and stayed at homestay that have been prepared by the groom. Supposed that the reception started at 1.30pm. We had a convoy there. But, actually my car turned at the wrong way because we were so busy talking and making lots of noises inside the car and didn't see that the others were at the other lane. It seems like there are lots of stories to tell just now, maybe. That's why we need to take another road to reach Jubli Intan Hall. But don't be panic. Finally we safely arrived to the venue. Oh, last but not least, i've made a special speech in front of the guests exclusively to the love birds on that day because i have been forced by the MC. HAHAHH! *malu2 kucing sat*

Lets enjoy the photos below...

The end


23 September 2013

This Is Enough



21 September 2013

Only You Have The Answers

Don't you feel happy to see someone else happy? Is it sucks to see someone happy because of something? How do you feel when someone took your happines away? With just a blink. Would you never feel proud to know that someone happy because of you? Would you willing to take someone happiness? Did you never feel regret to know that you've making someone sad? You don't want to fix it? Just let it be. Just let it go. Do you think that someone is strong enough to accept the feeling? Did you feel happy to see someone sad? Is it good to make someone feel unappreciated? Is this what u've learned for these years? Do you wanna make someone feel useless? Is it nice to make someone feel they are nothing? After so much happiness that already had. Don't you have heart? Don't you think? Don't you feel? Don't you happy to see someone happy? Eventhough just for  awhile or a year. Don't you? Don't you? Happiness is not on that moment. Happiness is always. No one on this earth wanna be sad. I want to be happy. You want to be happy. So i make you happy. Treat someone nicely.. Is it hard for you? Would you understand?

But look what you always do? You quickly forget. This is wrong. These are all wrong. 

p/s: inspired from some book

20 September 2013

Love Birds

Last Saturday and Sunday, i attended my cousin's wedding with family at her house. She's my closest cousin ever. On Saturday was her solemnization while on Sunday was her reception. The wedding was really lovely and nice. She had chosen garden style as her wedding concept. I think, it was sweet, simple and nice. :) Beautiful. I was looking forward to this wedding because she is my closest cousin and just like big sister to me or Kak Yen i should called. 

I also get to gather all my relatives thats seems so long never meet. This is the first time in my life to see the real solemnization and the real lafaz akad. Mind blowing. *teruja* I thought that maybe i will missed out to see the akad cause i need to fetch my sister at bus station cause she just came  back from Uitm Melaka. But luckily the solemnization didn't start yet. So, that was the moment i saw and heard the real akad. Sooooo sweet. :))))) We just enjoy every moment of the wedding although i'm pretty damn tired.

Usually when there's a wedding invitation, i don't have any problem of what to wear. The important thing is, it must be nice and modest. Well of course when there's a lot of people at one place, forsure a lot of stories and topics. HAHAA.. Be cool and smile. Enjoy. 

Congratulations Kak Yen and Abg Nas!! May you both live happily ever after.. 





19 September 2013

"You" With "The Name"

Just a short update cause i'm in a good mood right now

To You,

I will just laugh if someone want to steal my boyfriend
Cause you just don't know what we've been through together :D
Wish you luck


17 September 2013

My Car

Anyone out there do familiar with these cars?
Some may not, i guess
Hot stuffs
is it??

It is the very hot wheel on the road
Its HotWheels!!

Yeahh! I got HotWheels. Thanks for giving me this smart toys for my present
Like it alot! <3>

The blacky - Lotus Evora
The bluey - Mustang Fastback
The greeny - AMC Javelin AMX

I know it's a toy. But who cares. It's HotWheels yaw! For me it is not a toy
It's a model stuff
It's a collection stuff

Its mine. Don't be so jealous
*muke dengki*

Life Is Like A Study Process

Seems like 2 weeks i didn't update anything in blog. Life been kinda busy with some stuffs. Sorta. :) 

First of all, i would like to say that i'm officially a student of Master Research in civil engineering at UTHM. Just for a year to complete my research studies. Dear God, please bless me to be successful on it. Amin!! The first time in my j0urney of fulfill my dreams, i went alone for the registration. No one accompanied me. Im alone, me and myself. At first, it was very very awkward. But when it comes to an end, it was pretty nice. I've managed to control it perfectly without any trouble at all. There are 279 students who hve registered during that day. Congratulations to all Masters and PhDs students. 

 UTHM's goodies for newbie students. Go Green guys!!! ;P

Student card with new background colour. It's green. Go green...

Besides that, i'm also preparing for my graduation day. It will be held on 5th, 6th and 7th October 2013. But the actual date for my convocation day is on October 5th at 1.30pm.. 

Recieved an invitation card already.

A big relief at last. Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honors. All the hardwork already paid. This is for me, myself and family. Present, future and forever after. :D

06 September 2013

Life Is All About Yourself


A wise person NEVER create any fight or trouble and easily get mad when got wrong-doings. A wise person will think and talk wisely to make it right. It is clearly shows her manner/attitude. You don't have to be rough to prove anything. You don't have to be an educated people to think wisely. Be smart. God is there. As simple as that.

Silent can be too loud.
Being serious is way too different with joke.
You should understand well.

Huh! This simple thoughts are directly by my-own-self. Mine. I run my world. Cause i'm not afraid.

Hell Yeahhhh..! 




31 August 2013

Always Malaysian


Congartulations for being wonderful in 56 years

Malaysia has d0ne so well

Even Google also share the happiness :)




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