27 January 2013

We Always Hurts The One We Love

Our story has 3 parts a beginning, a middle, and an end.

It is in vain that we think of someone from morning until night, but actually he assume we have gone.. 
It is no used to think much about people that eventually try to let us go
It is such a wasted to be sad or cry all day long for the people who dont know how to threat us well
It is hurt when somebody we love suddenly end up dissapointing you
It hurts when he just keep on ignoring you while all you have to do is to show how he mean the whole world to you..

If he loves you, dont have to wear make up in front of him
It is a mess, but you still want to be there even it sucks

Just love me the way you did it from the beginning
We are both in a capable stage of being in love
I might do a wrong decision for loving you so badly..but one thing is clear for me..."I Love You" 
If it cause you in pain I will give you the freedom you need

Before i met you, whenever people talk about love my first expression will be rolled my eyes and think how annoying they are. But now, im finally understand why they're acting like that cause sometimes, someone can mean so much to you no matter what or who they are.. :)

People say, if you make a boy laugh, he likes you. If you makes a boy cry he loves you..hahah! really?
Owh yah, and the best smell in the world is the men that you loved..sweet right ;)

LOVE. It will remain forever

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