25 May 2013

Useless of Appreciation











21 May 2013

Shape My Heart

Nothing is permanent in life. Life is just a temporary.. Why? Because life wanna teach us to be thankful, grateful and appreciate what we have now. Yup. We cannot blame anyone. Its about our life. But, life involve people around us. Surely we understand that no one cant rely on theirselves alone. No matter how hard we try. But we can accept that everyb0dy can be an independent person. It doesn't mean that we can stand on our own feet alone. In my opinion, it's mean that we are not depending on others authority or disturbing others..

Like loving a person too. Love last  forever (true love). But it doesn't mean u can own your lover. No matter how much we love someone it is not just like our love towards him. It is hard to have understanding in love.
Am i not strong enough? Nope. I am a strong girl to accept that u cant be mine. You know what,  that is the toughest thing i must and need to do. The one that i really love but cannot be mine forever. For others i didnt bother.

I am the type of person who can accept things readily. InsyAllah. With no interference. You dont need to remind me about the future. You dont love me cause u willing to say that to me and you know i dont like it anyway.

I never say bad things or want bad things to happen or unnecessary things happen between this relationship. Cause i know we dont have much time. I only know that i love u. Nothing else. Too much love for you until im kinda weak. Love is not good for weaker i guess.

Yah. Every lover will get invovled with so many troubles. I dont bother about those craps things. What i want now is you. Just you. I've never compared about our marriage fate to you. You're the one who talk and compare about it. I realize and truly realize la about the future. I know that you cant be mine forever. But u should not said that to me. Never!

Why? Cause it is such a waste knowing and loving you for these years. Why u do this to me? I never said that to you. Why do u keep on hurting me this way? What do u want? Are u really avoiding me? Do you really mean it that i couldnt understand you?

If you are nothing to him, you wont be anything to him. No matter what you do. He will always imagine you are nothing to him. It is the most terrible thing to accept. But pleaseeeeee, dont keep on repeating about that.
Is it you never remember what we did together from the first time we met and enjoyed together? Live our life together until you willing to say that to me? Sometimes i feel that all those moment are useless.

I told you that you cannot change anything if the time is not right. I just wanna be with you right now, this moment. Just that. I thought u will understand that. But you said it is interrupting you. Then how?

What am i supposed to do? I cannot avoiding u in my mind or reality. Hmm. Now, maybe i will keep some distance with you. I know who i am. Its all limited right? Im just a girl besides you only. Not more than that. 

I really cant imagine to love someone else after this. I will find my old-ownself and be that girl again. A happy girl and tears never appear. The weird part is, even my family never once make me cry a lot.

You are just a wonderful piece of dream only. A dream that i've dream off. You absolutely have no idea how much i love you. You are lucky cause you are not married with me. Like u've said. Hmm. But im not.....maybe im the only one that dreamed it to be happen. Dont worry. It is only just a dream. Dream that cant be real. All fake! Fake Fake!! Just remember that ILYSM.

P/S: wonderful story hah? ;) thanks to the Book of Stories

Everythings Here

This is damn late.. I cant post everything here.. But i'll try ok. I'll tryyy!
Yah...im trying.. Now.

Lately, my life seems kinda upside down. Lots stuffs and personal matter happened. Those craps really challenge me a lot and makes me crazy all the time.
But in the end it doesn't even matter.. :)
Some problem solved but some maybe need to ask the other part. If u know what i mean. *kelip kelip mata*

I think the best way to update everthing here is by using pictures. Actually if you follow me on facebook you will see every updates about me cause it's easy and fast. I guess! HAHA.. XD 
Pictures tells a lot. 
So let me introduce the 1st one.

I would like to wish Happy Tearcher's Day to all teachers around the world. Especially to my school tears from kindergarten, primary, secondary and university. AND i will never forget about my lovely aunt who also celebrated the day.
On 18th of May 2013, me and the final year UTHM students gathered along at DTII Hall for Pre-Graduation Day 2013 for all UTHM Alumni of Civil Engineering students. That day was pretty cha0tic but still under control oh0kayyy!~ ;) Sooner or later, we are officially the UTHM Alumni-ians yaw.. HAHAA! *who cares...wekkkk!*

On 13th of May 2013, me and my classmate had some small and short vacation or maybe the right words as Short Getaway for Final Year Gathering at Air Papan Beach, Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. It was really really fun and unexpected enjoyment cause during that day, the weather was so damn hot and sunny. So need to put a lot of sunscreen and sunbl0ck. YEAHH!! It was not just about gathering. It is everything. We played some games and make a team. My teamwon. Splendid...ganbatte!

Pretty awesome of being a student although we faces so many tests, projects and bla bla blaa... (The UPs n DOWNs) But, those things will be the most precious and memorable moments ever with friends. Owh, eventhough im not officially finish my studies yet, i;ve already send my resume to some company to give it a try. Well, i know i shouldn't do that. But dont worry, i already stated my student status on my resume. I also put the date of my graduation day ok! So, no cheating cheating. :P 

For your information, some of the applications that i've made already replied. I've got THREE interviews based on my education level. At first, i didnt believe it. (HAhh?? Yeke nie i dapat? Orang tu baca ke x resume aku fully??) That was the action after i've got the replies. :D

1. Position : Project & Environmental Engineer at Kajang, Selangor (Lucas Works Sdn. Bhd.)
2. Position: Civil/Site Engineer at Johor Bahru, Johor (Pamir Development Sdn. Bhd)
3. Position: Production Engineer at Selangor (not sure the company's name because i think i didnt apply at Selangor area) 

hmmmm..weird someh0w~ ok..nevermind. Weird things happen in life..Agree! The most weirdness is i never go to the interview at all. Cause my family said that they are too far for me. :( Somehow, i also need to further my study also, Master Research of Geotechnical Engineering that sponsored by my supervisor, Doctor Adnan Zainorabidin.

It is true. Life is unexpected. Anything can happen. Wheater it is possible or not. We need to accept, forget and move on. (tp susah la nk buat) Hey, so long didnt use this saying.. *nampak pelik...cmue benda ko pandang pelik jaja*

That's life. Enjoy life even it hurts you for so many times. You just need to be strong forever.. lovelove!

p/s: miss u Bobie... :(

05 May 2013

Change or Not To Change

The clock shows that it is 3.37am.. The clock is thicking. Few hours later will be or may change everything. Everybody cant wait. Some of them may even cant sleep properly. After so many things happened for the past few days, this is the day. All of you will be counted. All of you will be part of it.  

The majority will win and others must accept it maturely. We are all the same cause we live in the same country. We must not create any  differences among us. We are the ruler of this nation. No matter who we choose to be a leader, he must be good and sincere to the country and to us.

People out there! Yuhuuu...!! Dont act too busy punching and pointing others mistake. Dont create bad atmosphere just to see others fall. We do not create divides, although we have our own path. Understand that first. How come for so many years we are in peace but now some unappropiate troublemaker came out and said want to change everything suddenly? Things cant change according to plan in sudden ok. There must be some agenda. Think. It is not worth fighting between us.

Chance can be given. But, hmmm.. i dont know. Everybody has a choice. It can be good or crazy. We'll see.

A matter didnt solve on time or in the meantime. It will be solved if we calm and think intelligently without forgetting the consequences. Sometimes change is good. But sometimes we dont know what kind of changes it will be. Yes, i believe in changes. We can change eveything if we willing to do, but not eveything need changes. Cause we still have GOD, remember!

No matter what you do for what you want, dont forget that you are not made by your ownself. You will get what you want or what you aim only by HIM. So, do not create trouble just to get what you want.

In my own perspective, young people should be involved in this situation. The new generation should know about the country's situation right now. Thats why history is important to know. The veteran should help us and show the good side. But not making us confused, disrespect you, fighting, blaming for nothing and make unnecessary stuffs.

This is not a gamble stuff. These are for our pride,people,religion and nation. Come on, wake up, realize, think, and choose the right thing to do. Never trust something that is based on words. Cause action is more louder than word. Take a look to the  history and see the past to understand the present for a better and brighter future.

#peacenlove ;)

Happy Election Day Malaysia!!!

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