29 September 2013

With All The Lil Things

I've got so many things to do for a year with you.. But not all that we've planned we will succeed. God already has planned. Like right now. Just a lil ask can change everything. It seems like i didn't expect that it will turned into this. Maybe it's a fate. I have to accept and live with it. But i feel like i can already accept it. It's such a suprise. Cause i thought that i'm not strong enough. I don't know where i get that strength. Finally you can make your own move without any interference. Don't get me wrong. You're the free-willy now. 

Every moment can be a memory or temporary cause it is you the only one who can choose. Maybe god already give me a path to choose. I need to learn between the memory, temporary, fantasy n reality. But for me, those things are the things that bring me alive n bring me to u. I really don't care for whatever happen. Life is how you manage and understand the meaning of live. Life is not a competition. But a lesson to be shared. For me you've gave a lot of lesson, inspiration and motivation. 

Sometimes the different is good cause it completes others. Good things happen with reasons. Only the special and strong person may overcome it. When it comes for the love one, it may seems hard. Bad? Nobody wants to be bad. It is an enough to put the tension on me. You, please understand and just do it. If you did it you will no more feel pain inside ur heart. Don't worry. Just do ok. Revenge will eventually broke your heart. If it is hard to give forgiveness to people, i don't mind. Make a new life.

p/s: Before you see what i did to you, just remember its for your own good..

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