21 September 2013

Only You Have The Answers

Don't you feel happy to see someone else happy? Is it sucks to see someone happy because of something? How do you feel when someone took your happines away? With just a blink. Would you never feel proud to know that someone happy because of you? Would you willing to take someone happiness? Did you never feel regret to know that you've making someone sad? You don't want to fix it? Just let it be. Just let it go. Do you think that someone is strong enough to accept the feeling? Did you feel happy to see someone sad? Is it good to make someone feel unappreciated? Is this what u've learned for these years? Do you wanna make someone feel useless? Is it nice to make someone feel they are nothing? After so much happiness that already had. Don't you have heart? Don't you think? Don't you feel? Don't you happy to see someone happy? Eventhough just for  awhile or a year. Don't you? Don't you? Happiness is not on that moment. Happiness is always. No one on this earth wanna be sad. I want to be happy. You want to be happy. So i make you happy. Treat someone nicely.. Is it hard for you? Would you understand?

But look what you always do? You quickly forget. This is wrong. These are all wrong. 

p/s: inspired from some book

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