07 November 2014

Poem For The Past 5 Month (Part 5)

Month: May 2015

The moment we've been waiting for
OPKIM Ceremony!! Finally.......
Splendid moment
Great moment
Our charity construction project finally done although everybody was busy with their own research
Parit Nipah, Batu Pahat is a place where we picked to launch our research station on peat 
The large peat area is such a great place to do our research on peat and Parit Nipah is the best place to build a peat station
The charity program has been inaugurated by Batu Pahat DUN
Got sponsor for them rm20k...yeahhh!!
Everybody was tired but felt relief because the project done successfully
There's no need to rest after the program because i need to continue doing my testings
Rushed from the program to RECESS lab and started my tests...bluargghhhh~~
Direct simple shear
Direct shear box
Please be nice to me.... :)
Another program is waiting and need to carry on
GeoFest 2014 meeting
Bandung Conference meeting
Prepared conference paper
Read journals
Timber Talk
Life always busy like bee...but more busy than a bee
Never get rest

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