28 December 2015

Moment Of The Previous Month on 2015

The whole year in 2015 was a busy day for me. I admit that i am not usually update my blog for such a loonnggggg time!
I know that some of my reader or silent reader might be eyeing on my blog like almost every week, i guess. HAHAA! *annoying*
I am very busy with my research stuffs eventhough i already finished it.
Maybe my supervisor is totally count on me.
Sometimes i want to get off from this research life and go to work.
But, i didn't have heart to do it because my supervisor always count on me and he helps me a lot with my stuffs.
He gave me many great opportunities during my studies. Enough with the supervisor -student-problems.
Lets straight to the point about the moment of the previous month in 2015

Journaling is apart of my life. I did some paper about my reserach during my Master's.
I've attended many international conferences and participated in those stuffs. I have presented in international conferences quite a lot!
I have published my research paper about 5 times
Briefing with Bachelor Degree of final year students regarding their final year project is a part of my life during my Master's study, especially about peat soil. Why?
My supervisor would asked me to give their final year student the research that they're going to do.
I listed everything starts from:
- Project Title
- Objective
- Problem Statement
- Scopes
- Aim of Study
- Methodology
Those  are the important things that i would going to help my supervisor with.
Eventhough i need to complete my thesis from Chapter 1- 6 and re-run my testings, i still need to involve in all university activities.
Some of the activities were kinda interesting and knowledgeable
I have know nothing about the real business stuff. My supervisor asked me to join the business talk that conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Fauziah.
The seminar was organized by my faculty on how to be a successful businessman or businesswoman
She talked about how to build a company, how to start your company, how to gain some profit in your company and how to make your company very well-known
Based on my observation, it needs an awesome thought and brilliant strategy to build a successful company
You need to have a powerful trademark so that your company will be easy to establish

Then, it is time for me to concentrate on my thesis and upcoming viva
Actually, i have been to viva quite a several time. This is for Master's Reseerch student only!
Maybe it is just a simple open viva presentation compare to the close viva
But, before i join the viva i need to do a pre-viva presentation. It is a presentation between 3 internal panels. You must present your research in front of them and they will give some opinion or comments about your research.
This is to make sure that you are ready enough for viva and understand about your research project
During that time, the panels asked me a lot of questions based on my research and about my research method
It tooks almost 3 hours to complete my pre-viva session. I did it on Ramadhan. Just imagine, i need to explain a lot and can't drink any water. I was so damn thirsty during that day.
My mind was only think about water, water and water while explaining my research to them.
I really can't wait to finish that session. Fuhhh! 
Finally, i need to adjust some part of my thesis and did some minor collections
It took about 3 weeks to do my corrections and besides that the Eid celebrations was around the corner
Then, on the first week of raya i took all the panels's comments and did my thesis corrections and ready to submit it for viva
I must prepared full thesis to submit for viva and discussed it with my supervisor
After submitted the full thesis for viva, i've waited about 2 months to present my viva
I am patiently wait and read my thesis everyday so that i am clear about my research and study a lot of journals regarding my research.

The big day has come! I am ready to present my viva. 
The viva session was held in the morning at 9 AM. but actually i'm a bit late and the person who incharge the viva session called to but i've already reach the venue. 
The external examiner also already waited me inside the viva room.
 He is from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 
Only God knows how i felt during my viva. I am so nervous but tried to be calm and cool. 
The internal examiner for my master research viva is my friend. He just finished and graduated Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering
People may seen that it is an advantage for me to get your own freind as an examiner.
But i am not that kind of person who would like to take some advantage of what already have
I respect him as my internal examiner eventhough he is my friend in the real life
The viva was fine and nothing major problem at all
Finally, all my sweats and work hard are paid off. I am officially finished my Master's Research in Civil Engineering
I am so excited to hear the official annoucement from the MC
I smiled from ear to ear and screaming out loud inside

Sometimes, all you have to do is just carry on with your work and don't ever give up on whatever you do because you never know what will happen in the future
People might don't understand of what you do but you must have faith in yourself no matter what
You lead your life
You are the leader of your own heart
You should never underestimate yourself
One day you will shine in your own way and you will be proud of it
Shine your way....

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