30 July 2010


Christopher Nolan's masterpiece
The best m0vie ever!!
It is fun and enj0yable watched this mOvie
It makes me keep thinking while watching it..
Cause the dream is real!!!
I think this is the super duper best mOvie of the year
Very exciting and absOlutely minD blOwing...
All characters in this mOvie sh0wed their character nicely n reaL!
They are genius..owhh my~
Ariadne is very talented architect in this m0vie.. Love to see the building moves
Good job Christopher Nolan!

26 July 2010


In my life, as a civil student is very challenging...But i don't mind
Cuz i need it.. f0r bec0ming an excellent engineer one day, perhaps!!
No..i don't mind!
So, i don't have much time to update my webby bLOg..hahaa~~
I really try to make all things to be in secure
Now, i wanna share with u s0mething very new
Actually new in my college..
THE NEW library of UTHM
I'm soOOooo impress to loOk at the bulding structure of UTHM library
Very big, Unique and rOund
Well, it's quite tired to walk around the library cause it is very big..HUhhh!
At the 1st time i went there, i must take a long breath after reach the tOp..Urgghh~
But, it is really fun and enjOy looking and walking at the new library..
So, take a look at those pictures i captured!!

12 July 2010


My legs hurt..
Today is such a buzy messy day
Actually, today is the 1st class f0r me...As a degree student
BUT..First, i need to register all subjects that i will study f0r this semester
the registratiOn need to be done at FKAAS faculty
So..me n my friends reached at the faculty arOund 8.15a.m
We were very SUPRISED!!!
huhh..the faculty was very crOwded.. The office open at 8.30a.m
But, they were so excited until they waited there bef0re 8.00a.m
Well of course, the que was very l0ng..and..student gathered all together in fr0nt of the caunter
hahaha..nO spaces at aLL..
Standing all day lOng to wait the next turn..so do i
Can't stand anymOre..so i went to see my PA to sign sOme of my document n bla...blaa...bla...
Then, i went back to faculty...againnn~
Still in a lOnggggg que...aiyaaa~...
Such a busiest mOment..End arOund 5.oo p.m
BUTT...my cases nOt done yet
Sooo..i'm trying to settle them dOwn as soOn as possibLe duhh!

08 July 2010


Day without sunlight is nOthing
Night withOut star is missing
People without love is wasting
Time without a seconds is sOmething...
Me with0ut bLog is lOosing...loose?? lOose weight?? lalala~
gain weight!! XD
Okayy..straight to the pOint
It is the end of chapter of being a civil engineering diplOma student
Now, waiting fOr the convOcatiOn day..end of OCTOBER! Yeahhh2!!
Well, a lot of sweet, yuCkkss and preciOus mOment i get to be a trainnee
Never fOrget that moment
Actually, i'm a lil bit 'heart heavy' (berat hati)..lalala~ when i walk away frOm CLSB
Yup..of course i can't wait to end this LI but i'll gonna miss what they taught and advised me
Especially to my bOss.. Lots of knOwledges and experiences i got frOm him
And not forgotten to the staffs and my supervisOr
i will use my exprience and knowledge i get for my jOurney soOn..oppss!..frOm now onwards
Being a trainnee there is sOoo great!
Thanks to aLL that had invOlved...
The last advise that my boss said "bile kte dh pndai, jgn lOkek ilmu, bantu org laen plak"
you're rite boss..this is what i do in my life..althOugh sometime peOple take advantage on what i've dOne..hmm~
it doesn't matter...As long as i be sincere to what i've done to them
I'M HAPPY...~ :))))
nO regrets..cuz sometime we must let it be......................

07 July 2010


Today is 07.07.10 @ 7710..haha

My sis 20th birthday..


wee~..awkward pLuss weird cuz i wished u in here

hOpe u will neva find me here..hehe


NVM...no matter where is it, i just wanna say all the best and may ur wishes come true babe!

don't nOty2..~

p/s: happy old day..hahaha
p/s/s: sorry f0r the candlesss..LOL

06 July 2010

Degree's RegistratiOn Day

Just came back fr0m Perak after sending my sister to continue her study in AD course
This is the 2nd year for her
The jOurney was quite tired, bOred and i felt exhausted!
Just imagine larhh..after finish my degree's registratiOn, in a sudden i have to go to Perak
WhoOaa..~ Such a mess and unbelieveable.. It was held on July 3rd 2010
Alrite!! I like this one..hahah..The registratiOn was cr0wded mannn!!!
*shocked* 1st time reached to UTHM
I thought that i'm the 1st one came early to register but i was wrOng
When i reached the destinatiOn, the parking was quite pack!
AiyoOoo~ Actually, i came abOut 7.30a.m and u kn0w what, many peOple there..
They all l0oks smart and tidy
With tie,long-sleeve shirt, baju kurung, and with very smart and clean clothes..wee~
EverybOdy was busy with their files, fOrms, l0oKs and bla..bla..bLaa..~
I think the conditiOn was quite upside dOwn BUT under cOntrol..hahaha
The que was soOooo damn lOnggg....OMGGGG!!!

1st, went to check all the f0rms that we had brOught
2nd, went to the second caunter that was studies fees
3rd, went to PKU's caunter
4th, went to MHS caunter to collect UTHM gifts ( but actually i'd paid them)..bag,t-shirt,baju batik
5th, took a lift to do the matric card..haa..the condition during this moment was quite
calm and not toO crowded
6th, went to Alumni's caunter to register as an Alumni's UTHM student and took a gift..haha
7th, last but nOt least went to residential college...

During that time, i was a lil bit unimpress with the residential college staffs..How come my roOm number had to be change last minute
And they answered>>"kene penOhkan blok D dlu..pas 2 bru blok yg strusnye plak"
I said WHAT THE??? ohhhkkaayyyy...fine..no words to say cause i'm in hurry...huh!!! BUT really angry larhh..hmm!
Then, i went to my car and toOk all my belongings to "the rOom"..hmm!
I just put them and live it there..nO time to arrange and tidy up..
Emmm..i really tak puas ati with the roOm larh..They change it without any goOd reasOn..
I supposed this is to be uncoOL to spit it fr0m my mOuth..
Hey, actually u must follOw the procedure larh..If the letter said A u do the A larh!
If the letter toLd the Z but u did the A what's the prOblem??!!! rite??!!!
Soo..the upgratiOn is actually succeed in structures and buldings but not the organisatiOn or staffs...~

02 July 2010

Back To The Track!!!

Hey..It's been a l0ng time dOing nothing on this bLog
FYI, i'm quite busy..n too much to handle guys!!
Like seriOusly damn busy n dizzy..haha
So, from this moment i'll try to post the thingy that i have d0ne or not yet d0ne..
Ohokayyy...the industrial training is just ar0und the corner to the End..yeahhh!!!
Very excited pLus enj0y
well, of course f0r my degree's further study
Yupp!! i got it..!! i got the appOrtunity to further my Bach. Degree of Civil Engineering with Hons. in UTHM..againnn~ :)
Can't wait to start the next level of educatiOn but a lil bit nervOus..hahhahh
From what i saw, UTHM is quite different today..
A lot of upgratiOn had been dOne.. Such as the structurers, buildings, organisatiOns, systems n many mOre
N i hope the staff toO *imp0rtant thingy*...hihiii
Ohh ya! i alm0st forget that t0mmorow will be a big day fOr me..
The registratiOn for the first intake of Degree students of UTHM..Will be held at F2 block..haha..The scary bl0ck for student..cuz..there is where all the final examinatiOn to be dOne
BUT, for tommorow it is the busiest bLock!! Arrghhhh... XD
Hmm..i still never prepare anything for tommorow.
Not yet packing my stuffZ..haha..COOL RITE!!??
And...I'm back to Tun Fatimah Residential College..weee~
Best college ever..but the r0om that i get is not quite strategic larhh!
I hope the wireless is very OK n signal OK
Cuz i reaLLy need it..for the sake of my LIFE??? Yahh..haha ;)
>>>back to industrial training>>>
Only 1 week to go
Then, "THE END" babe...
Actually, so many experiences and knOwledge i get frOm this training
I hope i can use it well in the future
But seriOusly, work is tired n not easy mannn...~~ urhh..
Very big-large-wonder-different then being a student....Being a student is much coOLer than a worker..this is my opiniOn laa...You???
SOoooOooo...I wanna say that i will try to be a goOd student and mOre focus in studies
No play play yah!




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