17 May 2011

Welcome Back Miss J

Greetings to all...THROUGH MY WINDOW..hmm...almost not recognise my own bl0g..what the!! DAMN..such a l0ng time i didnt update this bl0ggie..HUH..im too busy with life as student yaw.. As civil engineering student..Truely, i really really miss to write in this bl0g.. :(((

Actually im just having my semester h0lidays for FOUR months..haha! damn l0ng h0lidays right! And forsure i need some co0lest n enj0y plan. Yes! I already get what i wanna do,..WEHOOOO!! First, i would like to story ab0ut what did i doand done for the past days and weeks while im away fr0m my TMW bl0g.

I'd finished my final examinati0ns..hell yeah! So happy and excited. But i do hope that i can pass with flying c0lours..OR if i cant get go0d result saya bersyukur dengan apa yang ada saja..Alhamdulillah.. :)) cuz i already do my best..so, lets be no regret. Well, bef0re the examination happen, actually i did a l0ts of stuff..haha! Stuff?? Or maybe i can called as assignments or projects. Yah..what on earth!

How could the lecturers gave us l0ts of works during the study weeks. :( Im suffering a lot..huhuu..very2 sad. My time is very messy and i cant manage my time well. My day was kinda miserable. STRESSSS!!! My mind was messy..M.E.S.S.Y guys! Study weeks sh0uld do rivision for examination..butttt..i didnt! Because busy compliting 'THE STUFFS'..huhh! The best step to do is be str0ng n patient. I tried to complete all the stuffs.. During that day, i hve no time with my own life..my life is with my stuffs. I almost forget pe0ple around me. What a freaking fucking busy yo!! Stay FOCUS.. ;)

Well, the examinations was kinda okay.. But the last paper was kinda tough. I didnt kn0w what i've d0ne on that paper...hmm..let it be..let by gone be by gone..the past is past...Just move on with the new life.. The only thing i can do right now is pray for the best cause i already do the best! ;) yeahhhh!! So lets enj0y by watching the movie.. Hehehe. I already watched the Fast and Furious 5 and it was awesome!! what a great acti0n movie.. XD

Ok then, and n0w im relaxing at home. Enjoy the holidays m0ment. On 29th May i will be off to Dubai. I will not in Malaysia for two weeks..having my great h0lidays at Dubai..weee!! Excited yaw!

P/s: i will try to always update..pr0mise! *wink2*
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