21 July 2011

Changes Always Happen

My life would never be the same.....

People changed
So dont trust anyone n always get prepared
I changed but i will always be myself

SO....Lets welc0me to my siLLy life!!!


20 July 2011

Control Your Anger

Peace may be upon you

Angry birds. Kinda fun game.. At 1st im kinda addicted to this game. It is an easy game and i already finished all levels required. Just see the red face of the bird. Its already show the anger. Hmm this game is very enjoy to play. And u know what, when i started playing this game it is kinda hard to stop.. Hahaa! Actually this game succeed to build anger in me...yearrrrgghhh!!

A.N.G.E.R or A.N.G.R.Y

Everybody can be angry. Everybody has the emotion of anger. Why can this happen?? This is because when there is an uncomfortable situation that we didn't like and most hated happened. When people gets angry they tend to do stuffs that will make them feel relief again.. People feel angry when they sense that they or someone they care about has been offended. So control your anger.. Do not easily get mad/anry with someone. No one like it lah..huh!

Anger can ruin everything. Usually when people get angry they will do what they want until they feel relief. For me, this is not my type of mood. I feel bad when im in this mood. No used if i carry on or entertain myself with anger. It become more stressful and it is not fun. Sometimes if i feel angry with someone or something i certainly try to be busy as possible. Owh ya! Just wanna share with my readers, if i angry with s0meone i will try to calm down or maybe just keep quiet. Sometimes i will let go the things that is useless for me to go angry.

People who full of anger in themselves will not listen to others. Slow talk will never been heard. Hmm...by the time the heart will speak, a blink away people realized. But it is too late. Whatever happen is just happened. No used! To face this kind of person, i will be act coOL..huh. Just wasting y0ur time lah dude. Usually when people get angry they cant stop talking n alwiz bla..bla..bla..and of course acting weird. Just l0ok at their faces..Wh00aa! what the!~ DoOhh!! what an awful n s0ur face..hahaha >> XD

Anger is a short madness...There are m0re preci0us things to do then being angry.. You just wastin y0ur preci0us seconds of your life.

Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them -James Fallows-

Ehem! Well, actually sometimes it is OK to blow your anger...hihii :P

Tips that i used to avoid anger:
1. be calm
2. take a deep breath
3. smile
4. do stuffs that i loved most
5. pray
6. try to accept things with no regrets
7. make fun
8. hang out with friends
9. take photos..coz i love photo! :))
10. run/jogging
11. forget it
12. speak out

p/s: if people get mad/angry with me, i will seek for the reason why. Maybe if i make the mistake then i should apologize.

Till then~

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