09 April 2012

I'm Dissapearing Avoiding Most Things

We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already dissapearing
- R. D. L
aing -

Nice quote! ;) I've been missing from updating my most precious blog for almost 1 month 20days. Such a long day i guess. -.-" I've been busy with my classes, assginments, pr0jects and lots of tests and of course lepaking with lovely peeps. I'm in so much pain during the previous time. But worth it too, i guess -.-" Yahh, and right now, i've stole some of my freetime (semester mid break) to make my bl0g more alive.

A little background, i guess -.-" Well, after all my classes back on track, no time for me to spend time on this bloggie. Actually, if i get some-little-tiny-tiny-little free time, still i do not have enough strength to update my blog. This is because my mind cant think about others anym0re. It's all about w0rks and w0rks. But i admit that i did spent time with friends and lovely one. Still i couldn't do any updating here.

So many things happened during the previous month. Sadness and happiness. Happiness and enjoyment. The sad one, my lovely pet died (a hamster). And right now, i miss my pet so much. Bubba suddenly gone.. I've cried all night long because of him. :((( Bubba is a cute and aggresive pet. Only certain people can touch Bubba. Cause Bubba do not like people to touch him. My sister buried Bubba under a tiny little tree just in front of my house and put little flowers on top of it. I miss you Bubba. May you rest in peace there..

Lets see.. A photo can speak a thousand words. List of works need to be d0ne..bluarggghhh 0.O No words to decribe -.-" Tests non stop -.-" *pening2..pale ade banyak star o.O*

There are 3 kind of books that i already read and they were kinda awesome. Obviously i dont usually buy any type of story books...But i accidently bought these books. Hahaa! For One More Day is such a nice story. It is about a boy and his mother, an endless relationship. Kinda sad story.. While reading this book,it makes me think, what if we've been given a 1 day opportunity to be with people that we love, the people that already died...This is what the story about. Written by Mitch Albom.. The second book is Gadis Lolipop. A girl who is brave, smart, never give up on anything to fullfill her dreams even people seen her as an arrogant girl. She willing to do anything to reach her goals. I do like this book. It is certainly true because nowadays people is not usually what we think. The pinky book Sekiranya Aku Menjadi Detektif, story about a group of girls who act like Charlie's Angel to find thieves and the mastermind of this thingy..

This is secret event.. hahaha. XD This thing happened on 1st April 2012. My aunt's birthday.. So me and sisters wanna celebrate her birthday with these cakes. We just pointed any cake that we look kinda yummy.. There are chocolate hazel, durian durian, cream butterscotch (i guess...sumthin sumthin butterscotch..cant remember) and sumthing cheese classic. I forgot the name lahh..hihii. ;) I LOVE YOU FOREVER AUNTY..xoxo~

Ohhh Yeahhhhh!! I like this part. Watched nice and awes0me movie.. Damn awesome yo! Splendid!!!! *give a big applause* lovely..lovely *.*

Just wanna share you something. These 2 kids, they are cute kids in this house. My aunt babysit them. They are smart and brilliant kids. I do like to spend time and play with them. You see, they're cute right. hehee!! Kakak heart you girls.

Fatini and Adawiyah

Hmm...right now, i'm on my bed, facing the laptop, updating my blog while having my peach yougurt in my mouth. During this semester mid break, i will have i-have-to-do-list thingy to make my holidays more fun and nice. YEssss!
1) eat
2) watch TV
3) lepak at my room
4) family
5) not hang out but hang in at home... wehehehh
6) dont wanna think about studies

So yeah, that's what i did this week, the professional student's holidays. :D If i have to share it with you guys every detail of what's happening and what i've done, it will take a llllllllooooooooooonnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg time cause there's so many things i did. So let me make it just short oh0kayyyy ;) Two thing i could say, great and fun..ooppss! i guess it's 3 words lahh :P

p/s: above picture shows an accident at the junction near Carrefour. A ltreller flip over on the road because of overloading stuffs.. Poorly driver. But no injury happened.. BUT the road was busy with traffic jam when people trying to slow down their vehicles to see what's happening. -.-"

till then...
Blast Off!!!
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