07 December 2012

The Short Getaway

This is just a short h0liday during weekend. We didnt plan to go to Legoland.. But actually we already bought the ticket earlier, and dont have any suitable date to go... cause i'm just too busy with my studies. I did it! i did to escape from my w0rks and my final year project although those stuffs not quite in oder.. But who cares??? :P Who wouldnt want to go for a h0liday mannnn.... -.-"

Legoland first in Asia is at Malaysia. Awesome hah! Sorry for the late update. For your information, i'm too busy with my life, my studies and some personal matters..hmm s0rt of! Oh0kayyyy then. Anyway, we started our j0urney on Saturday morning. The early morning ok. Around 7.30am cause need to take some breakfast first to build up energy for later...and of course during that journey i do spend my time with sleeping.. The Legoland located in Nusajaya. Not far from Johor Bahru.. The new highway was quite b0red and no signboard at all..huh! quite confused and need to be alert all the time. We passed the Hello Kitty Land junction. It is near with Legoland. Maybe some other time we can have a visit there..

Almost 9.30am we arrived at Legoland. the parking not yet full. Got l0tsssss and lotssss of parking spaces. Well, it's around 1 1/2 hour + to reach there. We played all those park and enjoyed all..lots of pictures have been taken. :)

The short h0liday is always awesome. Lets do short holiday again. Will definitely do this again, when i have chance to go for a short trip.

Jom baby ;) *teeeetttttt!!*


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