30 March 2013

Its Able To Touch

Finally, i already used my rebat baucher to buy this handphone
It is Samsung!!
Touch screen oh0kayyy... Im not a touch-screen-ph0ne person
All these days and for the whole life i've been using a keypad handph0ne that is more easy than touch screen..
I guess ;) It is more touchable than touch screen.. :P I can feel it
you know what i mean
But now, suddenly i got one!
Seriously awkward.. hahaa.. still in the learning process (kuno n jakun tol budak nie) @.@

This is the rebat baucher that i've used to buy that touch screen phone
Thanks to the rebat.. I couldnt think any phone other than this
Cause the other phones are kinda not my taste or worth at all
So i rather choose this one eventhough im not into touch-screen-thingy

28 March 2013


Am i missing something? yes!! Where did i go for the past few weeks? So, here i am. Back again blogging.
What happened?

Haaiiihhhhhh... before this, i am absolutely busy with my final semester life. Tonnes of works to do. But still in a calm mood. Relax lah~ Settle down your works systematicaly ok.. n bla bla blaa...blaa... Study stuffs. Boringgggggg. Urghh! -.-

Let skip everything about student's life. Last Monday, with kinda weird plus excited spirit, i've joined Car Boot Sale that has been held at UTHM.

                                                             Muffins and Cupcakes Sale

Started at 8.30am till 5.30pm. But, me and aunt were the 1st person who arrived. Early bird and went home absolutely like a bird returning to the nest.. Hahah! The event was quite good but the weather is damn hot yaw!

                                                                Mini Bakery.. (cute rite :P)

During that day, i saw many types of customers who came to buy and some who just came by.. Well, its kinda nice experience to get involve with this kind of event or i can called it as mini business.. Kononnnnn!! :P Pretty tired you know. Huh~~

The day end well although a lil bit uncomfortable with the weather. We got what we aim and it was AWESOME for the first time try. :D Yeahhh roxx!

Enough! Back to my study, revision, test.. Homaigaddddd~

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