30 April 2013

Cute Motivation Entry

Sharing doesnt always caring. Sometimes it may means nothing. I get it. We cant share everything to others.  But, learning from something is everything.
That is life. Life is unpredictable. #easypeasy
A strong girl can laugh after cry.
A strong girl is very patient and committed in her work, wheather it is easy or even tough one.
A strong girl doesnt care about the challenges that she must faces.
A strong girl committed in her plans.
That is why she can looks easy  in front of other peeps.
Keep your head held up high. You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was. #AbrahamLincoln
*For your information, this is a short update from Samsung Galaxy S3 mini after sooooo damn loooonnnggggg*
Till then..will update more soon with some hottest issue
Guess what?? 

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