25 June 2009


Today I’m damn tired.
After wake up early m0rning my life juz like usual
Do this d0ne that n bla..bla..bla….
But, during aftern0on I must prepared all my stuffz to bring to my rented h0use
Semester break will be over s00n n juz ar0und the corner
I must get ready n clean that h0use before I stay there
Huh! Quite lots of things to bring along
Lucky, I’d packed all my stuffz 1st
I juz carried n put them in b0nnet car
Then, after reached that h0use 1st thing to do is took out all things in that r0om
Dust n dirt everywhere…DIRT-TRACK! DIRT –TRACK!!! EeeUuuWww~~
Sweep the fl0or
Arranged everything to look neat n tidy
N at last everthing’s done!!
Ouchh…hurt my wrist my back legs hands n bla…bla..bla….huhuhu~
So hardly tired
What I w0rried now is my h0usemate
H0w r they?
What types r they?
Co0L sp0rting give n take or…….??
I hope that all will be gud n I can acc0modate myself very well
Next m0nth will be a new w0rld for me!
Is everthing will g0nna be ok??
Juz be patient n pray……
Try to be patient eventhough the pe0ple is not what u think they r
Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

17 June 2009

The Theme of LIFE

Sum pe0ple may seems to know me very well but sum of them juz pretend that they reconigze me.. Nowadays, it is very hard to find sum0ne that is truly sincere. Many pe0ple out there are wearing a mask to look gud. I’m confused b0ut human. It supposed to be that human must help human but all are fake. I’m n0t really trust any0ne anym0re.
Why a pers0n that i believe willing to betray me?? Is it wr0ng to speak out what I feel to them?? Friend? Friend or beast? What is a friend? A friend is a pers0n that always support us n be with us no matter what happen right! Hmm…but if I trust a friend a lot a friend also can turn to be so mean. Human like to take for granted of other human who r kind to them n also the weakers. I juz wanna be myself n don’t care what people gonna say cuz they talk too much… For me, understanding is the key for happiness. Whatever pe0ple do did or d0ne to me I’ll try to understand n never put a revenge to them. Face it with smile. Everthing happen have a reas0n..huHh!

Understand sumthin n later we’ll know how to s0lve it!!

I’m n0t understand why a best friend can misunderstood juz bcuz of other people that unconnected to them.
I’m n0t understand why human willing to do anything for m0ney.
I’m n0t understand how human can fight for unnecessary things.
I’m n0t understand why human can have jelousy to people that have m0re expectation than them.
I’m n0t understand how human can change from gud to bad..
I’m n0t understand how friends can dominate sum0ne life n change sum0ne become sumone else.
I’m n0t understand why a family relationship can estranged eventhough life’s full of property.
I’m n0t understand why human wanna take for granted to the weaker.
I’m n0t understand why human can be beside us during easy time n go away during difficult time
I’m n0t understand why human talk harsh about sum0ne else but they didn’t realized the badness of theirs.
I’m n0t understand why human can easily get influences even he/she the cleverest pers0n in studies.
I’m n0t understand why human willing to lie n bec0me sum0ne else juz to get an attenti0n.
I’m n0t understand why human can be so selfish in many aspects.
I’m n0t understand why human wanna fight n differentiate a person by the skin color.
I’m n0t understand why human can have the prejudice attitude to others.
I’m n0t understand why I can’t understand those things ab0ve.

So many things dat I still cann0t understand b0ut human. Mybe this is what a H.U.M.A.N..hard to expect n difficult to understand..Bcuz we actually didn’t reconigzed wh0 we are. We only kn0w b0ut study study n study… Emm mybe n0t we but me! But how far an educati0n will help us succeed? Juz think wisely…The imp0rtant is c0operate. We are facing for only 0ne same direction that is the everlasting direction. We’re only a servant who drop by to this w0rld. Time is the distance of our journey. Make our life as beautiful as a rainb0w with colourful happiness n in peace.

P/S: keep swimming…swimming~~ get the treasure!!

16 June 2009

Sumthin Bugging~

Okay, today entry quite different. But still i will feel release after done it. Try to understand although u didn't...
Dlm brite harian cite psl kiamat yg mnyatakn bhwa ramalan nyer 21 disember 2012. 211212…Ala ramalan xsmstinye btul kn.
Rsenye bile kte ckp psl kiamat, perhh cmue tkut. TKUT??? Tkut yg wt2 tkut atau btul2 tkut pun enth laa…xde trfikir nk brubh tuk ari 2 ke??
Hmm skrunk kn jaja tgk mnusia bbs nk wt pe je di0rg ske. Halal haram put at aside first. Yg pnting can have fun. Nape ek agk2??

Smpi ble kte nk cri keFUNan n kseronokkn yg xkekal nie…Cara owg dlu ngn skrunk fun mmg bebeza giler. Zmn skrunk bnyk sgt medium2 dat can make a l0t of fun. But still xpuas2.
Remaja, trutamanya dlm lngkungn skola mngh yg tau mnghbiskn duet mak bpk dgn bli asap?? ROKOK. Alaa rokok je kn..nk heran pe sgt. Merata2 owg jual. Merata2 owg isap rokok. Rilek r. So spe kesah kn? Pmpuan mr0kok pn no hal lah. Mak bpk diorg tau, so nk kesah pe??

Bosan r mer0kok. Xbest sbb dh c0mmon sgt r. Owg dh xpndg r pmpuan mer0kok. Ssh lak nk trik prhatian owg ek. Then, try bnde lain. Afta mr0kok, arak lak. what? ARAK?? Air kncig setan pn nk tguk ke? Pas 2 ssuke hati teguk sna cni dpn owg rmai. Tnjuk terer r 2….

Yg pelik nye mne dpt arak 2? Kn owg islm xbley bli. Hah. Untg pnye psl…Lantak lahh! Kn halal hrm t0lak tepi. Dh jd rutin kn..
Haa..pas b0sn tonggak arak SOSIAL sna cni.. Sosial kn trend.. Bese la. Xde life r klu xsosial. Kn? Lgpn skrunk sng je nk cri tmn s0sial. Myspace Friendster kn ade. Ade je tmn yg nk tmn kuar siang mlm pgi ptg snggup kuar. Kwn baik la katakn. El0ow..klu nk bers0sial pn agak2 r

Orait, pas bosn lpk2 s0sial sna cni try yg len lak. B0yfriend gUrLfriend tau2 la nk wt pe kn. Xyah kesah owg pndg sbb owg yg pndg 2 pn dua kli lime je. So, klu nk brsentuhn n wt adegan kasih syg dpn owg pn dh xkesah. Lg terase OH SWEET NYE DAT COUPLE ade la kn..kn!!
Huh! Skrunk nk tunding jari pn xgune. Sbb bnde nie mmg dh c0mmon sgt2. Owg nmpk pn wt2 xnmpk je.. Ala klu jaja nmpk pn wt2 xnmpk gak. Trpkse mncegah mllui hti jeKlu tegur direct kt owg yg kte knl xpe r. Tp klu owg yg xknl 2 hmm jgn la arap sgt, jgn nsht, salam pn xterase nk bg..

Nsht pn xde gune nye.. Msuk tlnga kiri kuar tlnga knan.. Mcm owg isap r0kok gak…sdut trase nkmat last2 kuar gak. Klu nk arapkn mak bpk, rse nye pukul la blasah la sbnyk mngkin but otak dh diisi dgn pmber0ntakan jiwa, ttp xkn brubh.
Akhrnya rmai la yg msuk pusat serenti n pmulihan. Tp 2 pn ade yg trlepas gak cuz ade yg xbrdftar… Mne peginya msyrkt yg prihatin nie?? Mmg la xde. Sbb klu owg prihatin ckit ckp jge tepi kain owg plak kn… So baik wt xtau je. Jge dri cndri.

Huii jaja!! Npe ko nie k0lot sgt. Oh sy mmg k0lot. Sdey tgk bdk2 zmn skrunk yg cube mnikmati khidupn dgn kesr0nkn tpi sbnrnye kOSOng. Weh jaja, cm ko 2 baik sgt nk nsht kn owg. Crmin dlu bley?? Ko pn bukn alim sgt tp nk blagak alim. Ko bukn btUdung pn kn!
By the way, trime ksih jika trdetik pers0alan diats. Ini brmkne anda prihatn trhdp sy. Ye, jaja bukn la baik sgt n yez jaja xbtudung btul. Bukn jaja nk brbngga jaja xbtudung but msih brusaha kearah itu. Jaja xmmpu wt bnde yg xikhls kuar dr hti.
Ekeleh, ape ssh sgt btudung. Mne2 kdai kn ade jual tudung. Mmg la sng bg owg yg brkata 2. Mmg sng nk btudng n sronok brtudung. Tp, jaja sdg brusaha btudung luar dn dlm. Xde gune btudung luar tp dlm(hati) xiklas.
Ape kisah ikhlas ke xikhlas. Yg pnting ko ttup aurat nmpk la cm owg baik, dh la. Ha? Mcm 2?? Tu la yg jaja mksudkn soal hti. Jaja xnk la krne jaja btudung xikhlas, then owg len mula hukum owg btudung jht. Sorng wt maksiat, yg len trkene tempias nye.. Skrunk pn rmai owg ckp cm 2.. Pkai je tudung tp owg xbtudung lg baik dr yg btudung 2…hmm~
Eh jaja, chill chill la… Emo smcm nmpk? Oh xdela…Yela smpi bile kite nk fun fun n xreti nk serius. Ha nie la msenye…Skli skala kne r serius. Ade mse nk brser0nok ade mse nk serius.

Hmm..cm over lak entry kli nie. Hehehe…Tp 2 la sdey tgk muda mudi zmn skrunk nie. Maaf kpd yg trse. Sme2 la kte brubh. Lupekn perihal nk fun fun sgt. Ckit2 ok r…Jgn smpi ketagih.. Ketagih ch0colate xpe…hahaha =P
P/S: Whatever it is, juz open ur eyez n see as far as u can. Think 1st bef0re react. Looking forward n never turn back. Never give up n be urself..

11 June 2009

Can or Cannot???

Can't sleep. My flowery red clock showed its b0ut 1.45a.m.. Hmm dunt know why~ Maybe sumthin bothering me. But what is it??? ArGggHhhh! I'll try to relax my mind [reading st0ry book;listenin to music;wr0te sumthin in this bl0g;think interesting things n duin sum weird stuffz]
So many questions bothering me right now. Questions that needsum c0nversation or pe0ple to solve them or me,al0ne hve to take it or............ Orait then. Still i hve to throw it out of my mind or else i can't sleep. Only this blog...a place where i can say wut i wanna say n you can't stop me. Cuz i'll say it LOUD!!!

1. Can i forget a person that i love juz a blink away?
2. Can i try to love sum0ne else eventhough we know that only he still in our heart?

3. Is it ok if i wait for sum0ne that don't care b0ut me?
4. Is it ok to hope that one day he will done all his promises to me?
5. Can i put a revenge to him that hurt me?
6. Can i take a gud care f0r sumthin that i alwayz cared enough?
7. Is it necessary to defend sumthin that i hve been build?
8. Is it ok to act n0thin eventhough i know that i've been played?
9. How c0me he can change?
10. How c0me he can be so mean?
11. He forgot wh0 alwayz beside him?
12. He forgot who alwayz take a gud care for him?
13. Is he remember the teardrops for him?
14. Is he remember a person that alwayz give in to him?
15. Only 1 answer for each question
16. Only 1 reason for each answer
17. Only 1 answer 1 reason to ensure these
18. But i can't find the fullst0p for these.....


p/s: face up to problem n see what happens?? coOl or......
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