24 July 2009

Critical Point

Welcome back!!
No time to say for a long time
Busy b0ut studies

Sumtime i feel like i'm dying with all of dis stuffz
Sumtime i can't think talk walk eat n s0lve other matter
Sumtime i'm feel fed up with these!!!

i'm OUT!!

10 July 2009

Watashi wa daigaku no gakusei desu

Itz been along time for a new entry.. Actually, i'm kinda busy with my new w0rld new life new semester new studies new atm0sphere n everythings are new for me rite now. I think this is the hardest week of my life. Everthing hve to be d0ne very quick sm00th n well. I juz came back from my semester break n start my studies. Huh!! So much to do!
First thing is claz timetable. Well, itz quite pack on m0nday but others are fine. Hmm..on the 1st day my frenz n i act like a chicken that wanted to find the missing egg..hahaha. Imgined, we couldn't find our rite claz. Going nowhere n juz go ar0und the campus n looking for claz. But, with the wr0ng inf0rmation. It is n0t the rite claz that we wanted to reach. It must be a mistake. At last, the claz was canceled. What on the earth that we're looking for the invisible claz! Freaky dowhh....
I think this is the tiredable week. Although i had been through so many difficulties during this week i would like to say that all of these are the part n parcel of student life. It is hard to archive the best the greatest the gold. Alwayz motivate ourselves to succeed in life. 2009/2010 will be the memorable session for me!!! yeaHH!......

01 July 2009

Voice From A GurL

Theme> need sum0ne to sp0tlight
Doing>updating bl0g
Eat>bread+oaT, laksa j0hor
Drinks>mil0 ice,sky juiCe
Mo0d>average + b0red + excited
Situati0n>weird + lil confused
Obsess> dance + s1ng
Fav0urite> meet the r0binson
Bo0ks>remaja,Japanese c0mic,0xford dicti0nary,maths,manual nokN78,BH
Sh0utout> I hve t0 let it g0 n juz enj0y the sh0w
Confessi0n> Thank g0d I f0und U
Wanted>an icE cream & ice blended strawberry
S0ngs> true,1234,superhuman,mad,tentang kitA
Facial>grin =D
Sigh>huh! Aiy0oo….
Promises>hard to d0 but the h0pe is there…juz try
C0lour>blue + lil bit yell0w
Less0n>always make pe0ple happy
Sh0ws>When a stranger call, Music fact0ry,La d0lce Amira,that’s s0 raven
Questi0n>Is it hard to express our feeling to others?
Spirit>ganbatte kudasai jaja-san!!!!
Magic>heart n s0ul
Word for t0day> f0rwad “keep m0ving forward” [meet the r0bins0n]

P/S: We can make magic!
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