30 September 2009

Anything can happen

aiyOo..!!~ today so many things happened. The story begin when i juz woke up about 9.25 a.m. Actually, i'd set my alarm around 8.50 a.m. But suddenly i realised that i'm late. Huh! Hmm...why people easily forget what we have done give in helping listening n done gud things to them. I can feel them... but can they do the same thing? For sure the answer NO!! People juz say oh!...thank god u're here, whOa..thanks a lOt! i appreciate it...n bla..bla..bla... But do they meant it?? I don't nOe the answer. But i'm hoping for the best thing to happen. Wanna let it out, to say that i like to help people, sumtimes i dunt care if the people that i gonna help try to take advantage of my kindhearted attitude...hmm let it be~

BUT!!!!...do nOt make an exploitation from my gratitude. U can get hurt soOn... Juz wanna remind bebeh!

29 September 2009

Catch Ur Falling Star

Friendship is a most beautiful thing happened to human being. We all meet some people with whom we never had a kinship, but they become so special in our life that it becomes hard to live without them. Let us see some points we should consider while playing a role in friendship. Many poets have described friendship as one of the most fascinating bond we ever make in our life. It's the most beautiful thing that happens to us.
Friendship is a relation that is entirely based on trust, belief of two friends in each other. We come across many things in our lives, about which we do not tell anything to people near and dear to us, but we freely tell everything to our friends. Many people find good friends but they fail to continue with their friendship, because they do not know their role as a friend.
Let us see some important points that we should take care of if we wish to be good friend for someone:

Be a secrete admirer of your friend:
If your friend is good at something then do not praise him/her in his/her presence. Praising a person for what he/she is good, does not improve his/her qualities, but can cause over-confidence to be induced in him/her, which surely will be harmful for your friend. A good friend should never miss an opportunity to praise his/her friend in front of others when he/she is not around.
Don't proved him/her wrong in public:
As it is important not to praise a friend openly in his/her presence, it is also very much important to abstain from proving him/her wrong in front of other people. Take him/her away from the crowd and let him/her know where he/she is wrong. There is no point in proving your friend wrong in other's presence; it will spoil your friend's image in other's view. And additionally your friendship will be in danger.
Try to understand your friend:
It is always important to understand what your friend is worried about or what problems he/she is facing. Always try to understand the situation your friend is in and try to soothe him/her. It is evident that if people are undergoing some problems, they will not speak up their problems to their brothers or sisters, they will instead tell everything to their friends. Let your friend speak up, just listen to him/her and be with him/her until your friend does not come out of frustration.
Pull Your Friend Away From Making Mistakes:
If your friend is doing something wrong, it is your duty to let him/her know it at earliest. Keep in mind; best friend has to play a role of critic if he/she wants his/her friend to stop doing wrong things. But again keep in mind not to show your friends mistakes in front of other people. Sometimes it is important to understand your friend's intentions behind his/her actions and try to analyze situation, then only you should give your opinion.
The Ego Problem:
Never let ego spoil your friendship. It is no reason to be jealous if your friend is not at all able to speak to you and is with someone else, you have to be his/her friend, do not expect word of gratitude from the person you think is your friend. Sometimes there could be a clash between you and your friend, and you both stop talking to each other for some time, it is not at all wrong to speak first and say sorry to your friend, no matter what happens.
Try to Teach Good Things:
If you are a true friend, you should never give your hungry friend a fish, instead, you should teach him/her how to fish, this will give your friend food for lifetime. A good friend will never wish his/her friend to be dependent on someone.
Do Not Interfere:
Most important point that one should take care of is that your friend has his/her own life and you should not interfere in his/her life. You have a right to tell your friend what is good and what is bad, but you do not have a right to make someone do what you wish. Hope this will help you out solve some of your problems you are facing in friendship.

p/s: Alwayz be nice 2 ur frenz so that ur frenz will feel more apprieciate to u...

20 September 2009

R.A.Y.A 2009

SELAMAT ARI RYER!!!...Maaf zahir & batin.. Juz wanna say happy aidilfitri. Today is the 1st day of hari raya. I get up early in the mOrning at 8.30 a.m, took a bath, then took my baju kurung frOm my wardrObe..haha.. My baju kurung is yellOw in colOr. My favourite!!~ After that, get d0wnstairs to take my breakfast. As usual kueh raye is the 1st one i'm gonna eat. Huuhh~ About 1 mOnth i have been fasting n at last nO more fasting seOson n welcome for Hari Raya....! Then, at the end of calling of azan, we all get ready to go to the graveyard. WhOa! A lot of pe0ple at there. Actually itz abOut 10.20 a.m but still have a lOt of people there. They're wearing cOlorful n beautiful baju kurung. Sometimes i get impress with them. Ya laa... A visited to graveyard juz like having an open hOuse fOr hari raya.. hehehe ;)

Alrite..You knOw wut, some of children take an advantage to sell fl0wers n a packet of fl0wer ab0ut 1 dollar each. Huh.. Juz f0r decoration on the grave. Hmm, well for me it doesnt matter to have flowers or nOt. [dun be quate]~ Ok then.. We went to our belOved cousin's house. Wah..expected to get duet rayer! hee~ Of cuz get what! Peace 2 u kazen!!..

Uncle dr0ve to hOme then. Juz relaxing, watching hari raya TV special, makan-makan, lepaking......hmmm...n....tin! tin! tin...!! Guess wut??!! AbOut 5 cars came to attack my hOuse..haha. FuLL! Full... No space.. HUHH!! Next 2 cars came by. Wahh!! What on earth tOday.. Fiiiuuuy. My hOuse is like to explode. Children shOuting, laughing, climbing jumping n running here n there, n bla..bla..bla... TIRED!! Tired...but enjOy bebeh! Till nite pe0ple come n gO. No worries cuz mOney also come in..Wuahaha~ i Like....

I think thats all fOr rayer today. We'll see next time... I feel so tired lOr..Need sum rest.TudeLLs all!!

10 September 2009

Life With Songs

My question says it all, but basically, does anyone know a song about a guy and a girl who are friends, and the girl falls in love with the guy, but he doesn't know?

Or the guy doesn't love her like that?

Or the guy hides his feelings and the girl's confused about how he feels?

The reason I'm asking is that I like to describe my life with songs, and a song like that would be perfect to describe it at the minute! I've been looking all over for one, but I've had no luck :(

Drew looks at me

I fake a smile so he wont see

What i want and i need

And everything that we should be

I’ll bet shes beautiful

That girl he talks about

And shes got everything

That i have to live without

Drew talks to me

I laugh cause its just so funny

That i cant even see

Anyone when hes with me

He said that hes so in love

Hes finally got it rite

I wonder if he knows

He’s all i think about at nite

Hes the reason 4 the teardrops on my guitar

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star

Hes the song in the car i keep singing

Dont know why i do

Drew walks by me

Can he tell that i cant breath?

And there he goes so perfectly

The kind of flawless i wish i could be

She better hold him tight

Give him all her love

Look in those beautiful eyes

And know shes lucky cause

So i drive home alone

As i turn out the light

I’ll put his picture down

And maybe get some sleep tonight

Hes the time taken up but theres never enough

And hes all i need to fall into...

04 September 2009

Tale & Time

Sometimes you need time to learn. You need time to make mistakes. You need time to learn from mistake. You need time to rebound back. You need time to grow"

Juz nice!

Everythin needs time.

Time is everything. Everythin is abOut time.

Time is preciOus. Time is gOld. Time is jOurney.

Time is destinatiOn... Time is abOut giving hOpe.

Dun waste ur time with n0thin matter. But alwayz take ur time 4 sumthin dat u really really want to.

Time keeps away the distance between me n the people that i love n care enOugh.

Time can be in past, present, n future.. take ur past time as mem0rable time. Take ur present time as a thing dat u must face n take ur future time fOr ur jOuney n destination of life.

Time can change us..

Time can change everythin

Human chase time but time nOt chase human.. Time will alwayz be there n alwayz keep on mOving.

Time cannOt change bUt changes needs time.

Time can lead us!

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