30 January 2010

Nothing To Display

Urgghhh...i'm b0red! Dun nOe what t0 do..I'm kinda bLurr right nOw.
Hmmm...the weird situatiOn>> i heard a smaLL v0ice inside my head..
Small voice inside ur head d0esnt cheat u!
Listen to ur head vOice..hahaha...*mcm blaja v0kaL plak*
N0w, i see trees of green n red rOses too.
What's happening tO me???
Lately, i'm kinda lil bit tingtOng durr. Just prePpy n lame..huh!
It is aahhaa mmHhmm ooohoOkayy la.......~~
Tonight, the m0On is soOoo bright n big..WoW!!!
So r0mantic scenery.
Romantic date under the shining m0onlight...wee~
ooopppsyyy doOppssyy....
over the fence ler jaja!
ok2...nOw fOcus!!! STUDY...STUDY...S.T.U.D.Y
next week u have a test
Law subject is sOOOOooooo bOooorrringggggggg!~~

p/s: wanna create the bOm..ngeeee

29 January 2010

The Plastic One

Plastic can be recycle. Many uses of plastic. Some plastics have many kind of col0urs, patterns, and shapes. Plastic can put our things tidy. The aspect of plastic is very useful, helpful n multifuncti0nal to0.... So, it shows the go0d of plastic, rite? What ab0ut the bad of plastic?? Well, n0t all the go0d things can be very g0od all time. Not all the useful things will be too useful f0r us. Cuz whats the go0d comes the bad. Just see to the plastic. We only see n kn0w that plastic l0oks nice, very useful, makes our life easy, happy n bla..bla.bla...~ Happy?? Cann0t beee...hahaha. But, plastic is just like the silent kiLLer. Huh! Or backstaber! Huhh!... The fact is, plastic is n0t good f0r health. It also takes ab0ut thousand of years to bi0digreate *rite or wr0ng spelling?..ciss wh0 cares!!* Although it still can biodigreate but it takes a l0ng peri0d to do so.

I am a complicated 20-year-old gurL who d0esnt kn0w the definitiOn of life..~ But, too many realities, experiences, challanges, paths, peeps, and kn0wledges have lead my way. The leader in my life is my heart. Follow your heart in a g0od way... A lot of pe0ple out there think that he/she be their ownself but actually a lot of pe0ple had involved in their life. I can’t stand with pe0ple who such a plastic.. Can’t!! OK! Hey, actually i have always this kinda character. Hmm..n0t to say that i’m kind or whateva..but i just d0n’t kn0w to react back..~ F0r this thingy, i’ll take it m0re seri0us. Yaa..we’re n0t perfect. But, at list....aarrhhh fine! Plastic is n0t needed at aLL... Paper bag als0 have been there for me. Haha..*weirdness* ;P

Paper bag is such an original n very naturalism. Yup! It l0oks like kinda awful or ugly or n0 style n what s0 ever... D0n’t judge a bo0k by its c0ver!! That’s why this quote appear. Do you know the best thing of paper bag?? It don’t effect our ecosystem. Although, sumtimes the paper bag do not look go0d at all. THE BAD CAN TURN TO BE BETTER. I believe in that. I believe in giving a sec0nd chance. Nothing to loose! Paper bag t0day can be the marbell0us paper bag ever..hahaha..*again! Do my own w0rd..heh*

Ok..now i would like to tell a lil sumthin that kinda sumthin2..h0ho! actually, i can’t say bad things or say things that i kn0w will hurt them. Especially t0 my friends.. And i really d0n’t kn0w how to react the situatiOn. You see, sh0uld i laugh when i dont really feel to laugh, sh0uld i talk when i dont really feel to taLk, shOuld i ign0re and be m0re patient eventh0ugh it hurt my feelings and they tend t0 do it m0re n m0re n m0re often????? Sumtimes, it feels hurt n just like wanna scream out LOUD!! To sumOne faces! Hahahhh...But, i kn0w, i can’t do it. Why?? It is because of friendship. What?? Just that? BuLLshitt!~

Plastic pe0ple only kn0w h0w to take pe0ple advantages. The best opportunity laa... Only f0r their own needs.. Let it be. I never put a revenge on them. Is there, any pe0ple out there, that kn0w how to take care of others feeling?? Very fed up with this issue. No manners! Thr0w away the plastic bag. I’m n0t really need it. Bl0ody ****** *sigh*row of beads of tears in cheek*

22 January 2010

Girls Night!!

"mul0t lu ngn kaki lu lebey kurg sme je kn"
"don't because of one mat rempit, all mat rempit spOiled"
"wa xmaen r mat-mat rempit nie br0..wa layan mat kete bro...yg ade bumb0ng...xkne ujan br0~"
"d0nt make banana fruit 2 times"
"jgn krne nila setitik r0sak susu rempit..eh siLap! rosak rempit sebelanga.."

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA...WUAHAHAHAHAA!!!... What the funniest m0vie i had ever seen..WoohOoooo~~...Last wednesday, i went f0r a movie with my friends at MBO SO.. And guess what! It was so0oo coOLLL der. heeee... ;) The ADNAN SEMPIT..

Actually, the st0ry is about a man wh0 likes to rempit n als0 about the one that he l0ves.. Kinda r0mantic comedy m0vie..haha. But really enj0yable. U should watch it babes! Never regret! hahaha... This m0vie take 1hour n 25minutes only... Laugh..laugh..laugh..n...laugh all the way l0ng! makes my m0uth in pain. Uuurrrr~

After watching, we went to mcD. Eating n having fun with them bef0re something weird happened. A guy came towards me n asking my ph0ne number.. Hah?? What the! sh0cked in a sec0nds. Crazy mannnn... hahaha. That guy said, "hey adek, sum0ne wanted ur phOne number." *freeze* You kn0w what..he gave me a pen and a tissue to write d0wn my phone number on that tissue paper!! EeeeuuuWww~~

Lucky me n my friends just finished our f0od. So, as soOn as possible i get up fr0m my chair n check oUt from McD.. Fiuuyyy! What a creepy night..huh. It gives me trauma f0r that m0ment for being in mcD. Hahahhh~

For u, my friends...It's the 1st time we spend time t0gether rite? heee.. ;) U guyz r0cks!! Yeahhhh...

19 January 2010

Overcome The Dilemma

Quite a l0ng time away from any sh0utout p0st. A l0t of things to catch up n d0ne.. B.U.S.Y...is the best wOrd to describe! huhuu~ Everything have to be d0ne as so0n as p0ssible. A.S.A.P..O.M.G..B.T.W..T.I.E...! ;P Anyb0dy understand what's the key w0rd that i've been used??? haha.. Raise y0ur hand up high please.....high..high..n..highhhh...as high as you can der! High just like the blue sky. High just like the shining star at night. Aiyaa~ I can't see r..wo0t wo0tt!! [hmm..what's happening n0w? Seems like white paper with n0 w0rd no colour no..nOthing on it....arggHhhh!!!] Ok...I'M IN A DILEMMA.... The situation in which a chOice must be made between unwelc0me alternatives. Hey pe0ple, i wanna ask u s0mething. What will u d0 if u have a delimma that involve u between ur future n what u needed? Or actually what u want ler...s0?? what's the first m0ve?

Well, i'm in a delimma ab0ut choosing to further my study in the right place. There are many disadvantages and advantages i had listed n thought n0wadays...Alright. For now, i studying in UTHM. This place means so much to me. I had expl0red many new things in my life since studying here. Although, sometimes the experience is soOOoooo mean but i'll make it so0oo meaningful. For me, UTHM is the best university i had studied. UTHM= cooL.. ;) UTHM is maj0r in engineering courses. Such as civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Ohh ya! Last but n0t least, the new one, aeronautic enigineering!! Yupz...only in Batu Pahat. But it is not in the main campus. Quite far from the main.. Pe0ple from peninsular malaysia c0me to UTHM to study here. Some of the student also from foreign country too. Gather f0r a kn0wledge! N to be a successful engineer.

This is the last year n last semester i study in UTHM... I must furhter my degree after graduate my diplOma. Stay in UTHM or go to another institutiOn??? ArggHHhh...This issue makes me super dizzy, super crazy, super c0nfuse n turn me green...HULK..hahaha! See...very true that this thing making me mad. =) superbbb!!! I just fill up my registration f0rm. But only half way. Still never decide yet any university in that super creepy fOrm. Still thinking f0r the best ch0ice i must chOose for the sake of my future life.. Further degree in UTHM can make ur time sh0rt. Drop any subject that we had to0k during diplOma. But, for other instituti0n is a lil bit hard to do so..n it takes quite l0ng time to finish our degree. Too many ch0ices distract me. I can't think pr0perly right nOw.

To be what u wanna be only in your hand.. So...only me can make my own decisiOn. Not others n0t my family nOt my friends. MEEEEE!!!!!! [my stomach crumble while typing the "meeeee" w0rd..thinking of mee h0on tom yam..wOww!..huh..slllluuurrrpppp..~] ahaha..lil bit cOmercial break..again mad!..h0hooo~ Ok2..seriOus gurL!! Hey, just ch0ose la...no need to think anymOre..haiyaa..very easy what. Yah yah...too easy n too difficult. Civil engineering is crazy ler. But I DON'T CARE!! The chances i'm taking sumtimes might knOck me d0wn..bUT...i wiLL not breaking..

"Just bang what u see if that is what u want" -jaja-

UTM!!!! UTHM!!!! UPM!!!! bla..bla..bla...huh~~ %^$#@&**&@$$^*&#@#% blurrrr~.....

13 January 2010

Nihongo - Yande Kudasai

 Minna san..Hajimemashou...!


watashi wa nihongo no gakusei desu


douzo y0roshiku~

Kyou wa nihongo no jyugyo wa desu


watashi no sensei wa yoshi desu ne..

watashi wa yukai desu

Emm...iie desuka

aaa...hait, kekko desu!

sou ka..hait2~

nihongo no jyugyo wa goji kara shichi ji sanjyuppun made desu

jya mata

dewa mata

hehehe.. ;P

otokonoko to onnanoko itte kimasu!

kiw0 tsukete kudasai yeh.....

aishiteru <3

10 January 2010

Starts Of Something New

Yeahh!! i've g0t new stuffz t0day...
Nike pinky sh0es
New maxis number..hahaha

*NIKE..just d0 it*

Actually, my favourite c0lour is YELLOW. But, pink is quite cute to0~
The sh0e is very the stylish man! weee~....
Thanks f0r my madam

This is my new maxis number
I d0nt like to change my ph0ne number but i must d0 it f0r the sake of my life
Cuz s0meone bugging me..Huhh!!

N at last

05 January 2010

How To Be A Smart Person

Life can be difficult. In life we can try anything that we lOve...We are free to try..People are alwayz l0oking f0r an influence, sumOne to look up to, and sumOne to emulate. Juz be the persOn that people want to be like. You can help change the wOrld by changing yOurself. But, change in a gud way~ A smart pers0n is not an intelligent in academic or others. Smart pers0n can handle a situation very well and able to describe anything n0 matter what. They think p0sitive n negative way toO...

We d0 not describe a persOn from the outside of him/her but BOTH-INSIDE-OUTSIDE.

We do nOt describe a person thrOugh their l0oks but PERSONALITY.

We do nOt describe a person by the way they cheer up pe0ple but the way they TALK that makes we cheered.

We d0 not describe a persOn with juz hear what we heard but the EXPERIENCES with them.

We do nOt describe a pers0n with one eye but thrOugh the HEART.

So, think smart and act smart pe0ple!! When we l0oks smart, pe0ple will think us smart toO...Juz be smart in a goOd way yall.. Alright, HOW TO BE A SMART PERSON???

1. decide what it is that u cOnsider 'a gud pers0n' to be

2. make changes slOwly

3. remember the life goals n change, n whO u are can change as weLL

4. make friends

5. read. Pe0ple admire smart peeps n well-educated

6. help others

7. stay active

8. a happy lifestyle

9. love what u dO, dO what u love

10. pick up ur dreams. The wildest dream that head held high

11. dOn't forces others into things u dO

12. decide what it is making u feel u're a bad persOn

13. find ouT who u're reaLLy are

14. be smart, think smart, act smart [fOrsure!]

Hmm...gud tips i bet. Smart thinking on the spOt..hahahahh ;)) Everybody has their own opiniOn.. And this is mine. This is what i am thinking. This is what i thOught. Too many pe0ple i meet everyday. There are bad n goOd one...it's ok. They make colOurs in this kinda worLd. Don't easily feel sad or depress if sumOne doesn't notice yOu or wanna run away frOm yoUr life. Cuz THIS IS LIFE!!!!

Till then~

04 January 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia

Need to write in this blog... Juz came back frOm Perak for a holiday n of cuz sending my sister to her cOllege in UITM Seri Iskandar.. Feel exhausted n tireD sumhOw but stiLL enj0y n have soOooo much FUN there!!! Didn't want to go hOme BP..hahahaH~ ;P Many interesting things n places i went in Perak. Woww!! really reaLLy no wOrd to describe. But, what i can say is FUN FUNNY FUNTIME all the way...heheee~

Actually we went there fOr three days. It tooks 6 hours to reach there.. We stayed in my cOusin's hOuse.. They're coOL.. After reached there, we went to anOther coUsin's house to take my sister bel0ngings. She need to bring out all her stuffz fr0m d0rm.. UITM makes pe0ple miserable during the semester hOlidays..haish!!!~ Fuhh! l0ts of things babes. H0w c0me my sis can carry that all heavy stuffz..Aiyaa~ AD c0urse is such a complicated althOugh it is easy.. AD stands f0r Art & Design lerr~.. ;P

For AD students, their c0urse is quite interesting n fUn... This cOurse is full of colours n inspiratiOtions. They must think creative n big ideas of cuz! I very like this part. To see my sis's drawings n what s0 ever laahh.. W0ww!! Very very impress ho0.. Such a go0d artist.. Very artistic der. Most impOrtant AD course need drawing skiLLs babes..hahah! It's suits with my sis. Actually my family have the bl0Od of art.. We all can draw or sketch things..s0 no w0rries at aLL...s0 so laa..hehehh. But, d0nt w0rry fOr who d0esn't kn0w how to draw but admire this AD cOurse. You can still learn it in the campus.

"When U Like what u like, u wiLL enjOy dOin what u like" - jaja-

kekekee...kinda messy english duh! This quote is br0ugth to u by jaja's inspiratiOn..hehehh~ Well, it's true what. Like what u d0 did or dOne n it's easy to enj0y.

Ok then, that's all abOut AD course...to0 much talking n bubbling ar0und n oUt off topic..haha. Ok2. Actually, next day we went f0r shOpping time laa of cuz. Best!!! Went to Ipoh Mall n then JuscO.. Shopping at Body Glove Boutique, Padini, Converse, Al-Ikhsan [very big woO], Reject Shop [quite lil bit c0oL laa there], DONA, s0me shOp that i f0rgot the names..hOw come r, then stop at MPH [want the japanese dictiOnary book derr]. Ooo ya guyz! I really want to have a very coOl guitar so i juz stOp by at the guitar shOp..Fuhh! All types of guitar i saw man. One m0re thing, i already have an electric guitar at hOme but it's bass n the string is brOken.

I must get my new own guitar nO matter what. Sumtimes, during my leisure time i like to spend my time with music..I LOVE MUSIC SOOOO DAMN MUCH!!! haha..No music nO life k0t..Like pe0ple said. Not me..... I have a bass guitar that is brOken and an organ [siblings with pianO but n0t pianO..haha] I like to play when i'm bOred or no mOod at aLL.. Organ is where i love to create my own 'not'. Wanna knOw sumthin? You kn0w what, actually when i listen a song i can play it at organ. Only listen to the song. Songs that i had played>>winter sonata, authmn in my heart, my all, happy birthday, pulangkan[give back], mungkin nanti[later maybe], n many m0re to list dOwn..huh! My aunt said..."if u want a guitar, u must get dean list first" waaa!! This is the challenge. I MUST GET THE DEAN LIST..haha! alright2.

Hehe...Out off topic again. Be co0L people. I luv to talk much..sumtimes...in a goOd way la of cuz!So after shopping, we went fOr a drink. Teatime laa. :)) Then, there was a small stall in this mall. Waffle stall. Yeahh! Favourite of mine. Waffle with peanut butter on it..! I'm crazy bOut it!!! Yummy yummyyyyyyyyy..I"M LOVIN IT~~ Time is very jel0Us with us. Went back with fun, enj0y, happy, glitter smile, but alsO tired.

So many mOment during holidays in Perak. The precious moment n soOn i will go there again. For another places n another extravaganza..Hah! Now, I need GUITAR!!!!! I need the DEAN LIST f0r this sem. Yeahh!!! GANBATTE KUDASAI...

01 January 2010

The 2010!!!

anyway, juz wanna wish Happy New Year t0 y'all..
It's 01.01.10
New year = new LIFE, new AGE, new MEMORY, new MOMENT to enjOy

Within the truth of living....
Our life's pass us only once
Today's mOment becOmes t0morrow's memOry
enjOy every mOment we have, gud or bad!
cUz the gift of life is life itself~ ;)
have a w0nderful n peacefuL life peOple!!

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