10 February 2010

I'm N0t Fake!!!!

Think! think! think! All i can d0 is thinking...Juz think is n0thing. React with what u think.. But sumtimes, i only resp0nd that actually out of t0pic to resp0nd. Why?? Kinda bLur bLury blurrier~ Sumtimes, i say with0ut any reas0n n really abstracted. Like i said bef0re 'out 0f t0pic or away fr0m topic'... I wanna say this but i said that i d0ne that i did that n bla..bLaa..bla.. But actually i d0ne n0thing!! The stupidess is pe0ple will n0t understand what i'm g0nna say. Because i said what i think but n0t i feel directly. N sumtimes pe0ple will misunderstand what i talking ab0ut. When i said A pe0ple thought C. When i said this, pe0ple disagree n what s0 ever.. I really need a pers0n who can understand me very very weLL n of cuz it is hard t0 find one!! Yup! I'm kinda messy gurL n needed sum0ne to hold me till the end. It's n0t that i can't take care of myself. Hey, i am well taking care of myself! Juz that, i need an organizer pleaseee...hahahaha! DEMAND beb!! ;P

I try to be my ownself. I'm not that type of c0pycat pers0n...EeeeUuuwwww!!! Disgusting! I hate c0pycat! Get your own style la dude... I'm alwayz available when sum0ne or friends or family calls, wheather they are l0oking for help or shoulder to cry on. I lOooovveeee t0 help pe0ple. Because if i can help them n make their life m0re easy n then they smile, it makes me happy! The happy m0ment!! At least they appricieate me. S0, dun ever mess up with my pe0ple. I saved my life, f0r later, only f0r them! I pride on being a go0d n loyal friend. There is n0 change. I really g0 straight with my friends. If they have to say what they wanna say t0 me, go ahead.. I dun really care ab0ut it. Cuz i TRUST my friends...emm..sumtimes la..~ Dun let me say 'i d0n't trust anyb0dy anym0re'....It's kinda hurt..huh!

How d0 u feel when sum0ne u trust a l0t played ur heart?? Sure it hurt rite.. There u g0. So i need ur trustw0rthy t0 me n u need my trustw0rthy f0r u..hah? what kind of w0rd is this..haha..nevermind! bedal~~ PEOPLE, WHAT I SAY IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. VERY DIFFICULT AND IMPLICIT FOR U TO JUDGE ME...cuz i say what i wanna say. Read my w0rd babes! s0 u will easy to understand. Read my w0rd by your heart..w0ooW!!! s0ooo sweettt~ Sumtimes, if i d0n't react it d0esn't mean that i d0n't care.

I can be s0ooo much fun if u kn0w me weLL....~

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