29 May 2010

It's A Mess Week

what a very l0ng time i had never t0uch this bloggie cutie nicey c0olie bl0G...wee~
Actually, i have so many things to tell.. Hmm.. ab0ut my industrial trainning, favOrite reality
shOw, ISO meeting, monthly pr0gress repOrt n bLa...bla..blaaaa... HUhh!
What a mess..to say so many things
Juz like one mOuth to say hundred of things.. Aiyaaa~
ok..i have to say it n0w..hehehe

1) Industrial Training
Ohh..it's such a blink away. Only 5 weeks to go.. Then, i'm g0ing to further my bachel0r degree in civil engineering. But, never decide yet which university i'm going to choose.. Well, the practical cOndition until this week was very exciting.. A lot of things going on right nOw. I have had so many experience..hmm..i think sO~ The most important thing is i must make myself feel comfortable working in the CLSB company. For sure u'all dont kn0w that i, actually, working under project department (PJC). PJC is the main department that will make the 1st move to the company. All project that this company get will be arrange under this department. In CLSB, i'm busy doing BQ (bil quntities) for tender, PO (purchase order), plan analysing and others.. Pretty amazing and enjoy doing these stuffs. WORK...WORK...WORK...

2)Favorite Reality Show
I hope it is not late to wish congratulatiOns to the AF8's winner.. I knew he will get the cr0wn of the champiOn. Yeahhhh! The winner is SHAHIR!!!! "che amad hoi hoi hOi"...heee~ He got the highest votes 43.9%..i guess...Weho0oo..(excited nyer pmpuan nie..hish) 2nd place g0es to ADIRA, 3rd - DAUS, 4th - MAULANA, and last but not least the ad0rable one, the 5th place g0es to IWAN... ;P Well, i never miss the AF seasOn from the 1st till nOw..haha..freaky ha! (lantak laa..). Ok...these are some pictures from AF8!!! Take a l0ok..!

3) ISO Meeting --- As usual, i went to my office n finish my work. But on last Wednesday, was a creepy and unbelieveable day fOr me. Just imagine, my boss asked me to replace my site engineer position in the ISO meeting.. I said >> haa...WHATTTT??? very speechless duhh.. I just went out from toilet and the admin executive tOld me that CLSB boss wanted me to replace the site engineer place during the meeting..Ohhh damn mann!! haha.. I reaLLy didn't kn0w what kind of ISO thingy is braDaa..! hahaha.. SOooo i, actually, went to the meeting roOm and acted like i knOw everything..but actually i knOw nothing bOuT I.S.O.. HUHHhhh! What the..!! The meeting was held for a h0le day..Tired pLusss boringggggg...They talked abOut bla..bLAaaa....bla...n..bla... They asked so many questiOns. Some of them i can answer very weLL but some aren't.. AND..some, i asked them questiONs..haha! Hmmm..during the meeting the ISO consultant asked me to re-dO the monthly progress repOrt from september 2009 untiL today..n again i said>>> WHATTTT THE??? Crazzzyyy lah! I must finish it very soOn cause the ISO consultant wanna come again.. At last, i knOW the ISO things.. CLSB company have a MS ISO 9001 : 2008 meeting... YEAhhhh!!! So the replacement is success!! ;)

4) Monthly Progress Report ----- i'm exhausted and dizzy completing this kind of stuff. I feel like i must finish it very quickly. hUhhh!! The badness is, i l0st my monthly pr0gress rep0rt foLder dude..Perrhhh..keje giLer r..! I need to do it again..Aiyaiyaiyaiyai~~ Strive f0r exceLLent j0b gurL!! weehOOoo.. Okay..FOCUS time! hey pe0ple..i'll try to complete this rep0rt n talk to u so0n..

See ya..Ganbatte!!

17 May 2010

Say It Loud!!

Progress is a nice word.. But change is it's motivator. And change has its enemies.
-Robert Kennedy-
Nice quote rite! I like this quote.. Yeah, change is enemy..sOmetimes~
Change is good
Change is bad
Change is a moving forward
Change is change..
But now, i'm still at my office doing nothing n getting bOred
I need work..Huhh! Please give me some works
I will feel more valuelable if i have a work to do
No excitment t0day!! ArgghhhHhh!!!
I NEED AN EXCITMENT!!!~~ (begging)
Oh ya..! I think last week i had taken my MUET speaking examinati0n
Well, it was okayy~
I think i had fully answered the question well and spoke well t0o..
Not much difficulties during the exam
The issue is quite easy lah..! hahaha..belagak
Only, me, malay student in that group..Woww!!!
The rest are chinese..
But, no worries..I just say what i wanna say with confidence!
Finally, i'm going to off this blog
Maybe not to long..
Ok..See yaaaa!!!!~~

07 May 2010


What a busy week..
n0 time to update my bl0g..n my bl0g became webby web as spider web
hahaha.. ;P
Well, as y0u kn0w, n0w, i'm doing my industrial training f0r only 2 m0nth 6 days
This is the 7th day of my practical
At first, i felt awkward and uneasy to fit myself with the company
BUT, i can manage it with goOd condition..
Actually it is quite interesting and fun to be part of the staff in that company...
I had learned so many new things eventhOugh i've been there for juz 7 days
All the staffs are really nice n also the Boss too...hehe
My boss is an easy-going person, strict, n VERY conscientious at w0rk...HUhh~
But, i don't care...It shows our commitment to our work..right?? Yupp!!
Site visit, doing method statements, complete my l0g book and others are things i do during the practical...
So i don't feel bOred!
Its been a long time i didn't sleep late and wake up late..hehee~
Usually i will wake up early morning at 6.30 a.m and sleep ar0und 11.30 p.m
Working is tired but it is fun!
Working can gain some knowledge and information that we can't learn at school or college
Working is an experience
Alright, i have to continue my undone works and finish it up..
Catch ya later..!!

04 May 2010











the 1st day at site

S0, this is what happen


I must climb up to the f0urth fl0or using this thing name scaffOld ladder...

Imagined that..!!

03 May 2010

New EvOlution

I'm exhausted
Today is the first day of my industrial training
It was a lil bit b0red...no exciting w0rk to do
while in office i was just l0oking at some pictures of site pr0jects and i learned something new t0day....
Ok fine..i als0 got some input actually, about c0nstruction pr0jects
Huh! go merry-gO-rOund in that office cause i'm kinda bOred babe
Maybe that's why i felt so exhausted!
Tomorrow i 'm g0ing to constructiOn site...
1 day at site cOnstruction...n very sure i will gonna faint

Alright, write soOn...~
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