26 July 2010


In my life, as a civil student is very challenging...But i don't mind
Cuz i need it.. f0r bec0ming an excellent engineer one day, perhaps!!
No..i don't mind!
So, i don't have much time to update my webby bLOg..hahaa~~
I really try to make all things to be in secure
Now, i wanna share with u s0mething very new
Actually new in my college..
THE NEW library of UTHM
I'm soOOooo impress to loOk at the bulding structure of UTHM library
Very big, Unique and rOund
Well, it's quite tired to walk around the library cause it is very big..HUhhh!
At the 1st time i went there, i must take a long breath after reach the tOp..Urgghh~
But, it is really fun and enjOy looking and walking at the new library..
So, take a look at those pictures i captured!!

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