02 July 2010

Back To The Track!!!

Hey..It's been a l0ng time dOing nothing on this bLog
FYI, i'm quite busy..n too much to handle guys!!
Like seriOusly damn busy n dizzy..haha
So, from this moment i'll try to post the thingy that i have d0ne or not yet d0ne..
Ohokayyy...the industrial training is just ar0und the corner to the End..yeahhh!!!
Very excited pLus enj0y
well, of course f0r my degree's further study
Yupp!! i got it..!! i got the appOrtunity to further my Bach. Degree of Civil Engineering with Hons. in UTHM..againnn~ :)
Can't wait to start the next level of educatiOn but a lil bit nervOus..hahhahh
From what i saw, UTHM is quite different today..
A lot of upgratiOn had been dOne.. Such as the structurers, buildings, organisatiOns, systems n many mOre
N i hope the staff toO *imp0rtant thingy*...hihiii
Ohh ya! i alm0st forget that t0mmorow will be a big day fOr me..
The registratiOn for the first intake of Degree students of UTHM..Will be held at F2 block..haha..The scary bl0ck for student..cuz..there is where all the final examinatiOn to be dOne
BUT, for tommorow it is the busiest bLock!! Arrghhhh... XD
Hmm..i still never prepare anything for tommorow.
Not yet packing my stuffZ..haha..COOL RITE!!??
And...I'm back to Tun Fatimah Residential College..weee~
Best college ever..but the r0om that i get is not quite strategic larhh!
I hope the wireless is very OK n signal OK
Cuz i reaLLy need it..for the sake of my LIFE??? Yahh..haha ;)
>>>back to industrial training>>>
Only 1 week to go
Then, "THE END" babe...
Actually, so many experiences and knOwledge i get frOm this training
I hope i can use it well in the future
But seriOusly, work is tired n not easy mannn...~~ urhh..
Very big-large-wonder-different then being a student....Being a student is much coOLer than a worker..this is my opiniOn laa...You???
SOoooOooo...I wanna say that i will try to be a goOd student and mOre focus in studies
No play play yah!





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