12 July 2010


My legs hurt..
Today is such a buzy messy day
Actually, today is the 1st class f0r me...As a degree student
BUT..First, i need to register all subjects that i will study f0r this semester
the registratiOn need to be done at FKAAS faculty
So..me n my friends reached at the faculty arOund 8.15a.m
We were very SUPRISED!!!
huhh..the faculty was very crOwded.. The office open at 8.30a.m
But, they were so excited until they waited there bef0re 8.00a.m
Well of course, the que was very l0ng..and..student gathered all together in fr0nt of the caunter
hahaha..nO spaces at aLL..
Standing all day lOng to wait the next turn..so do i
Can't stand anymOre..so i went to see my PA to sign sOme of my document n bla...blaa...bla...
Then, i went back to faculty...againnn~
Still in a lOnggggg que...aiyaaa~...
Such a busiest mOment..End arOund 5.oo p.m
BUTT...my cases nOt done yet
Sooo..i'm trying to settle them dOwn as soOn as possibLe duhh!

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