31 August 2010

Independence Day

J's life.studio
The August 31st have just arrived
Today is Malaysia's Independence day!
S0oo...just wanna wish HAPPY MERDEKA!!!!
And i'm pr0ud to be a Malaysian
Malaysian f0r 1 Malaysia...

It is 53rd of independence day..The past will remain past but present teach us to mOve forward to the future
BUT, we must n0t f0rget the past time..cause the past will lead our jOurney~
A lot of imprOvement and changes happened.
Our country must mOving forward and we, as a Malaysian citizens must coOperate together to be an outstanding country with our great cultures, religiOn and races


30 August 2010

My New Baby

my dream c0me true!!!
reaLLy really super excited right n0www...I have a DSLR camera
Thanks madam..xoxo ^^
Canon EOS 500D (58mm)
The price is RM2600++

>>Higher resolution sensor (15.1 effective megapixels)
>>Extended ISO range up to ISO 12800
>>HD video capability
>>New 3.0 inch 920K pixels screen
>>Adjustable noise reduction and highlight tone priority
>>Face Detection in Live View
>>Peripheral Illumination Correction
>>HDMI output
>>Larger buffer in continuous shooting
>>Digic 4 style menu design
>>3.4 fps
>>170 JPEG/fine frames
>>9 RAW frames


27 August 2010

10 Cases

How do you kn0w if your b0dy getting m0re expand than bef0re:
  • Case#1 when u feel that y0ur body just like the baLLOn size.. expand and getting expanding
  • Case#2 y0ur clothes seems like getting smaller but actually y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#3 when u keep on eating and can't stOp...but really wanna do t0 stop
  • Case#4 you tend to feel hungry and want some f0Od
  • Case#5 y0ur tummy kinda buncit than bef0re...haaa
  • Case#6 a lil bit lazy t0 study and dreaming a l0t... XD
  • Case#7 when pe0ple notice that y0u are getting bigger
  • Case#8 Pe0ple start calling you with the-crazy-fat name
  • Case#9 when y0u, y0urself, find out that u must put on DIET immedietly! Excersise!!
  • Case#10 no eating rice and more eat fruits and vegetables



25 August 2010

Something Wrong Somewhere...

Sometimes what we plan d0 not work at all
S0metimes what i had learned i can't remember at all...
*dripping of tears*

23 August 2010

It's Killing Me

This week such a buzy week..
BUSY is the best word to describe my c0ndition right n0w
I must try to manage my time wisely
I've got tw0 TESTs
Mechanics of Materials on this Tuesday
Hydraulic on this Thursday
Need to prepare s0o so0ooo weLL...
S0ooo i have to push myself t0 study both subjects of course..duhh!
To0 many bo0ks to read n d0 the revisi0ns
Tons of n0tes, calculati0ns, steps and concepts i must remember and understand babe...

N0w, my w0rld is n0t al0ne..cuz i have partner
Yeahhh!! Bo0ks are my partner n0wadays..hahahh :D

My w0rld n0w is include with boOks...
I'd read these both subjects couple days bef0re...n i keep repeating study the same subjects
*pengsann* (x.x)
Actually, i'd studied 93% i think so...hmm~
Well....well...well....>>like usual i hope f0r the best f0r these tests..Aminnn.... ^^

19 August 2010

Undefined Items

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio

J's life.studio
Try and error
My studio... Just a simple sh0Ot..
Plus, just a simple editing
Better be g0od for the next photoshoOt!

17 August 2010


The interview d0ne sm0othly..
well, i think i had d0ne my best f0r the interview sessi0n
S0oo..hope that i'll get the go0d result
jia y0u!!

16 August 2010

Utterly CooL

hey guys!
actually, i have a lab interview tomorrow..
BUt..i'm n0t study yet
So0oo..i-merry-go-r0und-surfing the internet
Then, i saw s0mething that i REALLY REALLY attracted with..huh.
Yeahh..i really want it!!!!!!!! DSLR camera...

Model: Canon EOS 30D

The Digital Single Lense Reflex (DSLR)...weee~
In love with DSLR *dreaming*..........
Utterly h0t guys!!! Auuuwwww~...
Well, actually, quite l0ng time ag0 i knew bOut this DSLR thingy
At first, I saw this DSLR camera fr0m one of televisiOn show....very2 l0ngggg time ag0ooo....
Very unique and kinda coOL gadget
I only kn0w s0me-that-lil-bit-n0t much ab0ut the DSLR
The shape is very stylish when teenager h0ld it...hahah! smartttt!!!
Nowadays, DSLR cameras are increasingly bec0ming a type of camera that every teenager want.
It is also a type of camera that is in the reach of average ph0tographer cause many types of model that had been intrOduce in the market t0day...
DSLR have many useful functions and the image that will be taken also sh0w the best quality image.
The profesionals usually use the Canon and Nikon model for their go0d shots

The function based on the m0del of DSLR..such as:
>>Canon EOS 400D
>>Canon EOS 30D
>>Canon EOS 5D
>>Nikon D200 (go0d quality for DSLR)
>>Nikon D70s (goOd quality for DSLR)

model: Canon EOS 5D

model: Canon EOS 400D

Huh..there are a l0t of DSLR model that you can search on the internet.. Hmm..however, i actually fall in l0ve with the Canon EOS 30D model...huhh!
Such a heaven if i get it..wh0OOaaa!!!!!~ XD XD
Okayy..i'll try ask my aunt ab0ut this wanted-DSLR-thingyyy!!
But, she'd said bef0re that she actually g0ing to buy this type of camera f0r me..
wahhh!! realllllllyyyyyy damnn EXCITED!!!! haish!!!~
When??? hmm..!! can't wait larrr..
bef0re my c0nvocati0n day or after rayer????
hmmm...still with no answer..waitinggg~~

p/s: later, i'm sure i'm gonna post ab0ut how to cho0se a DSLR camera.

i bet i get the camera...~~

13 August 2010

Engine Maths Mighty

It is 12.55 a.m
Just finished my engineering maths study..
what on earth i studied fr0m 9p.m until 12.55a.m...straight!!!
OhOookayyy...engine maths is quite t0ugh but actually very easy
yahh..! i admit that maths engine actually easy t0 understand and their steps are clear
BUT..the pr0blem is, when it c0mes to solve the integratiOn part..lalala~
My head turn eenie meenie miney m0re...~~
Well, as u kn0w, t0morrow..oppsss! i mean...T0day, i will have to sit my first test in degree
Absolutely, i'm gone mad when study this subject
But..but....BUT....i l0ve maths!!! weeee~~ ;)))
Eventh0ugh sometime i'm easily get stuck or give up t0 answer the questi0ns
It is actually fun and we will feel enj0y pLUsss++ if we get the answers right...rite?? :)
SoOooo..i h0pe that i can answer the questi0n very very WELL!!!
I never get the answer right..th0ugh~~
Owhh..not "never" but finally get the answer right...okay u'll n0t understand...hahah!
Cause i feel sleepy and my brain need s0me rest..
Till then!~

11 August 2010

The Ramadhan

Ramadhan just arrived
Fasting mOnth!!!


do it well~

07 August 2010


why must i get it???? urghh!
very uncoOL...!
flu makes me feel very unc0mfortable

06 August 2010

Forever 21



i'm turn t0 21 on August 5th 2010
sweet 21..go0d bye 2o~
I kn0w it's kinda late but HAPPY BIRTDAY TO JAJA!!! yeahhhh..!
Actually, i'm kinda late to p0st this update cause a lil bit busy
Well, of course busy with my studies..Huhh!
But...thanks a l0t to all my belOved friends that had wished on my birthday
It's very awes0me if s0meone that is so0oo imp0rtant to y0u never f0rget y0ur big speciaL day
I LOVE y'aLL!!!!! :DD
Anyway, big girl c0mes with big rep0nsibilities ( mcm spiderman....)
S0oo, i h0pe i can fullfill my dreams and they c0me true
21 is n0t that i am getting older..but i'm getting m0re mature n gr0wing up..hehehh
At this point, i want to build m0re n mOreee friendship and find the ever lasting friendship
I wish i will have more peOple to love
I wish f0r a happy and enj0yable life
I wish i have peOple in my life who will care abOut me as much as i dO...
I wish i could cherish my friends
I wish i will be a very go0d gurl :)))))
I wish i will be an excellent engineer one day
I wish i will pass my degree with flying coLours n make my fam pr0ud
I wish i have friends who always stand by my side
And last but n0t least...

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