08 September 2010

I Tell Ya

Ting! Ting! Tinggg!!!!
Hell0 bl0ggie...h0w do u do?? haha..
Everything was ok...
Its feel go0d to be with my own family
Well, its been a l0ng time, i think....i d0 not open this webby bl0g...uhh~
Very sure i'll tell ya..kinda busy with my routine and of course d0ing h0usehold A LOTS!!!
Raya is already ar0und the c0rner..hell yeahh!!! damn excited pLus can''t wait
Alth0ugh, i already in 2 weeks hOlidays but i'm n0t feel the mo0d of holiday yet..pity me..
I've been busy cleaning my h0use, r0om n bla..bla..blaa....
They must be go0d, clean, sparkle, tidy and neat f0r sure.
My b0dy felt pain everywhere...duhh.
But..nO pain nO gain, rite?? huu~

"To l00k nice must c0st a lot of effOrt babes" -Jaja-
Oh0okayyy...this year my h0use lo0ks a lil bit different
We've made a renOvation s0me parts of the hOuse..cO0l!!
oh ya! s0me of my friends kinda c0nfiuse to find my h0use..just because of the ren0vatiOn...hahaha
Is that coOL...!! weee~~
Tomorr0w will be the last day of fasting...yess! Then...RAYA!!!! *excited nyer pmpuan nie*
See...s0 many things need t0 be d0ne
Be prepared gurl..!
and HAPPY EID DAY every0ne... :))

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