04 January 2011

1 4 3

how do you feel when s0meone u cl0sed with suddenly dissapear just like a blink away?
f0rsure, it feels empty...AWKWARD!
Yup, i feel it right now
I am upset
When i be so0ooo cl0sed to some0ne he/she will always remain in my heart AND mind
Even at some moment i am too busy with something it d0esn't mean that i totally f0rget him/her
As i just said just n0w...ALWAYS REMAIN IN MY HEART AND MIND..mark this!!!
bare in mind..
People make mistakes..i make mistake to0
BUT! actually, what is my mistake?? c0uld any0ne tell me?
Owhh..maybe because i have no time to spend time with y0u because of busy..ok i think so~
Well, sometime i suddenly be quiet f0r a moment but someone th0ught that i already f0rgot him/her...haish!~~
Maybe..at that moment i need some spaces for my life
BUT..it doesn't mean i aband0n you
Alth0ugh you not there, i can still see you fr0m far...you understand what i mean right? :)
Now, you make a very good conclusion...u put me awayyyy...and it makes me a lil bit dissap0inted
Or maybe u afraid to say hell0 to me? is it? :(
Maybe some people not reconigse me yet
Haihh..~ forsure lah..you're not a fam0us girl what..so h0w come pe0ple can reconigse you...hahaa
YOU think that my attitude sh0ws my heart inside
you kn0w what..here i'm g0nna tell you! listennn!! face cannot sh0ws what we reaLLy feel inside..get it!
Face can be a liar
I really d0n't want this happen...certainly happen in 2011..the start of 2011 and you gave me to feel this bad bad thing...
I really miss some0ne that i closed with
I really really really try to talk to you, you kn0w...but its awkward, i feel.
Actually, i do not understand what i feel n0w... :(
Maybe a small mistake can give a big impact to us
Maybe a small change can make others sp0ils
hmmm...i already give you hints
But, i d0nt kn0w wether you understand or not
hmm..if only you can feel me right n0w..................................~~~~~~~
you see...n0w i have to do everything alone and stand by myself....
*dripping of tears*

>>i really miss my friend...
>>can we be just like bef0re???
>>1 4 3 = i miss you

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