28 January 2011



Such a c0ld day n0wadays. Rain p0ur..rain p0ur!! huhu...*typing while shivering*
My activities are all in co0l mood. Maybe the effect fr0m the weather..XD XD
Actually its kinda small small stuffs need to be d0ne. But, y0u know that the small stuff if we gather all c0uld be the BIGGEST STUFF...ouwhh damn lah.
The time n0w shows that it 11.26am. Well the cold weather make me lil bit lazy..LAZY?
Lazy to wake up then i will lazy to go bath..haha!!! *wth*
AfternoOn later, i will go back home. Yeahhhh! Enj0ying Chinese New Year holidays.
Oh ya! To all my friends who celebrate Chinese New Year just wanna wish HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and this new year may bring the g0od pr0sperity.. :)
Cant wait to get ang pau and mandarin orange..hihihii~


Hmm..yesterday was my shame-est day ever. Arggghhhh!!! Uhhh..i really can't take it. It suddenly happened.
ON THE BUS!! DAMNNN! You wanna kn0w why?
i fell on a boy's hips! owh man...!!!! what a shame. This is all the bus driver fault.
Actually, i wanted to go to my CNI class. I'm wearing baju kurung on that day.
The sit was full and me with the tw0 of my friend had to stand.
He's just like a blurrr driver. How come he let g0 the break so0oo fast and i c0uldnt stand anym0re and fell d0wn on s0meone hips. Huh! what an embarassing m0ment.
All passengers l0oked staright right to me..and that b0y who i sat on him just smiling.
Wuaaaaa!!! Huhuhu...:(((
But i kn0w, he really wanted to laugh on me!!
t0nnes of shame..tOnnes of shameeeEEeee *cl0se my face with both hands*
But then, the driver still not bother what had happened.. He just keep driving fast.
Haiy0oooo!!! Pissed off..
Then, when i reached my CNI class the presentation was cancel
Hmm... that is bad. I already ready to present but the presentation was cancel..
But a pOp quiz was d0ne..ok fine~
then, when i finished my class i went f0r j0gging to bl0w all away my shame-est day
i j0g and ran n0n-stop f0r 2 and a half round..huh!!!
it was just lil bit exhausted but i feel relief.. :)))


The moral of the story is when we're in the bus be alert with the driver bus. I will never f0rget this embarassing m0ment ever! hmmm..i hope that boy wont remember me..haha!!




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