23 February 2011

Actions Can Make Lots Of Stories

En0ugh of works..enough! en0ugh! Huhh..i'm really tired b0ut them..It seems that it will be n0 end ab0ut WORK.. I'm over it..i'm over everything!!! urggghhhh~... :(

Hey guys! how r u? I kn0w, quite a l0ng time i n0t update this webby blOg.. Actually l0ts of things i have to handle to manage and to take care of.. Sometimes i have no time to MYSELF..very sad right??!! I miss my bl0g.. I really miss want to write ab0ut my daylife j0urnal. But the times always runaway fr0m me.. I always try to find my time but it seem that the times find me..What the heckkk!! If i sh0rt list all the activities and things i have d0ne sure no spaces at all. So let me make a summary ab0ut what had happened in my life these pass few weeks.. Maybe i can make this as an epis0de st0ries..hahaha!!

Number One:

on February 13rd 2011

....That day was such a great day. Dance competition have been held at UTHM (university tun hussien onn malaysia). This competiti0n opened to all UTHM students. But m0stly the participants were indians. They dance really great and nice.. Actually, i went there to give a support to my friend, JAC. She had j0ined the competition. Jac paid me f0r the ticket..hihii~ The competiti0n is in group. All groups that had perf0med were really talented. For y0ur inf0rmation, only me, malay girl at that place. The rest are indians..hahaa! what a weird situati0n at first. But, as the sh0ws go on the situati0n turn to be okay! yesss!! Fun and enj0yable.. My friend won f0r the 1st runner up..! cooL yah!! congratulati0ns to her team.

Number two:

on February 14th 2011

....yo! after the dance competit0n..owh GOD! During this day im having a Maths test.. What a brave time to take yesterday as a fun day, watched-the-cool-dance-t0urnement..hahaa! The test was kinda tough. Its not easy for me to answer but i already tried my best. So i leave the rest to GOD to judge what i've dOne. I PRAY FOR THE BEST!!
Number three:

on February 20th 2011

...This day is really cool.. For y0ur information, i have to do a survey pr0ject regarding ab0ut the biggest issue n0wadays. This is for my ethnics subject. Actually, not me al0ne but i did with my group. It was super duper cool. I met some new friends and they are AWESOME!!! xoxo~ We did a survey at the area of Taman Soga, Batu Pahat. Just nearby my house..and y0u know what, i stay in that town..hahaa! So its easy for us to do survey, rite?? :P There were two cars going on this trip. Trip?? HAHAA..kinda~ First, before we began our work, we stop by to take lunch at Nasi Beriani Power. Some of them never been there before. So why not if they have a try.. We cit-chat and bla..bla..bLaa... ;) Then, we went to Tasik-Y or Y-Lake.. Yup, still they had never been to that place. So0ooo...as i kn0w, im kinda ph0to maniac and kinda photography maniac, so the important thing to do on that day was snapped l0ts of photos, of course! It was awesome and fun. We talks-cit-chat-say-l0ts-of-things and many more. At late evening, we started our survey project. Luckily it end fast and all d0ne great! Settle!! Then, at night, we went for our dinner at McDonalds..yeyy!

Number four:

on February 22nd 2011

....Huh! Owh My Gucci!!! That day was really tired and it was like the end of the worLd for me..damn! Really can't take it on that day. Just imagine if you have two important tests to sit..WTHell.. (X.X) The 1st, Geotechnic's test started at 4.oopm while the second, Structure Analysis's test started at 8.00pm.. This should not happen to me..Urggghhhh!~~ February 22nd was the mess messy day of my life. During the Structure test, an undesire thing was happened. The test papers were not en0ugh for students. So me and some of my friends have to wait for our lecturer to go to photostate the test paper again. We waited ab0ut half and hour..Then, after that, we can answer and proceed our test. hmmmm...~ The conclusion, my structure analysis's test was not good en0ugh. I can feel it!! But, as usual, just take it easy gurL! :(((

Number five:

on February 22nd 2011

...UTHM was held an electi0n day. This day was a busy day.. All students must made their own decisi0n to choose the best student representative of UTHM. There were about 52 candidates in this election. Before the election day begin, the candidates must do some campaign to invite other student to vote or support them. So, the day before the election will be made, the campaign was kinda cha0s and a bit clumsy. All posters were hanging around the campus. Actually, all the posters kinda disturbing us.. Got some complaining regarding the hanging posters. Our campus look excatly like a jungle. Posters were hung everywhere..OWHHHhhhh! such a mess..! During the election day, we had to wait in a l0nggggg que..haiy0ooo!!~ BUT, i realized that this year recepti0n of election day was fascinating.. All students go out to vote. :))) go0d job guys!

Number six:

on February 25th n 26th 2011

....Exciting and fun plus tiring!! Both days me and my friends did a survey ab0ut our project group. We have to do the survey at Batu Pahat area. We went out in the morning and will be back during late night. There are 8 pe0ples had involved during this trip..haha. trip?? yup, kinda.. We went there by 2 MyVi cars.. huhh!.. Such a busy day. I couldn't get a rest in my ro0m.. We need to do an interview at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), Tuan Haji Zanil and Batu pahat Police Station, DSP Che Mahazan, the Chief Department of District Crime Investigation. Both interviews were very nice and smooth. No problems at all. Then, after finished our survey, we went to enjoy ourselves. Had a lot of fun and excitment.. i likeee!! ;) We went for lunch together, pray, and enjoyed watching movie..I AM NUMBER FOUR.. Such a greattt movie!!

This movie is really great. You sh0uld watch this movie.. The story is easy to understand and not b0red. I wish i could have the POWER of hand..hehee!! ^^,
HUhh..i think this update was quite long..hahaa! why? because so much stories to tell. All in one time. Easy to read because i already summarize my activities that i've d0ne.
See you when i see u..got to go n0w! Study ge0logy.. The test is just around the corner :)

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