18 October 2011

Continued: #100 Facts About Me 3

79) Dont like pe0ple re-arrange my stuffs with0ut asking me...back off!! i cant find it lah..
80) Say if u want it
81) Sm0ker! Do not smoking near to me okay..yucckss!
82) People keeps saying that me and my sisters have different faces..yah, its true our faces are different
83) Dont kn0w how to use ATM..still learning..shhhhh~ * cuz i always ask money from my family* ^^,
84) I like blogging
85) I hear all kind of music whether i understand or not...I am 1 World!! weee~

86) I have 2 cute hamsters but they didnt have name yet...Still wondering; LA n UK
87) Bag stuffs must have: fan, umbrella, tissue, handph0ne, purse, mineral water
89) Peace no war
90) I always forgot about my dreams when i woke up...any tips how to remind back? let me kn0w...
91) When there is an exam or test i must take a nap usually 30minutes before i go to the examination hall
92) I cant study straight for so0oooo long..i dont care even it is a killer subject
93) I believe what is real and learn to believe unreal...Sometimes unreal things is real but we cant see
94) Stress is damn tensi0n...enj0y is damn great!
95) I do not interfere pe0ple's life...so are you! yeahhh
96) +.+
97) -.-
98) x.x
99) o.O
100) =.="

-the end-

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