08 October 2011

Suicide Silent or Enjoy Silent?

Pe0ple will keep on saying what they wanna say. It is hard to keep their m0uths shut...Shut up! Feel like wanna sh0ut out on some0ne faces...*damn evil face* Some of them really trying to talk to us. Yah! u should! I will give you time to talk..Just talk and split over all the w0rds from your mouth.

The above situation is usually happen when pe0ple cant c0ntrol the messy things anym0re. I cant live in messy situation.. Seri0usly! Sometimes silence is the best. It d0esnt mean that you hiding your feeling or something fr0m others. Being silent and hiding are way too different. People try to be silent because they feel like wanna have their own space or maybe because they cant talk the 'thing' to someone. So, the best way to do is just keep quiet. The other reason pe0ple hide is they dont want others know what they do. Sometimes, people hide because of love. This is weird but always happen.

Save me from being silent. Silence is good. Silence is bad.. Silence is better than WORDS. Silence is better than unmeaning words. Silence is l0uder than words. Hmm..actually, can silence speak l0uder than words? Really hah??

Usually silence is the result of having so much to say, that u cant put it all together to simple express what you are feeling. Sometimes we happy in silence. But, if we being silent pe0ple might think wrong. Is it silence is louder than words? hmm...i dont think so. People always judge wrong if people in silence. Some of them think that silence is when we hiding something from them. You see, this shows that people are complicated. When you hide your emotion to others they can never understand you, that time silence won't work. All you can do is be yourself.

Silence happen when:
- something that we dont like happen
- people dont wanna talk
- angry
- confussion
- b0red
- too happy and it become speechless
- thinking
- no idea to talk
- shy
-cry in silence

Actually, a lot of things happen in silence. Silence isn't always truth...sometimes it can be fear. Some people choose to be silence because they feel like it is useless if they talk. Maybe no one hear what they wanna say. Sometimes we didnt have the opportunity to talk. So we rather choose to be silent.

Silence can turn bad. You can hurt your heart. The pain is in your heart. Why u wanna hurt yourself because of something that isnt matter at all?? Its your own choice to choose to be silence or loud. Everb0dy has their own style. For me, i would choose silence when i think i need it. Enjoy the silence peeps! Silence is just like treatment..hehehh ;)

Sometime silence is needed to hear others and surroundings.
That's life..

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