29 October 2011

They Do Desire The Cut Of Truth

If you d0nt know her well dont easily underestimate her. Sometimes she d0nt do something d0esnt mean that she dont kn0w that thing.

I dont understand with pe0ple nowadays. They seems like - what you see is what you get.. -.-" ??? We dont kn0w people until we meet them. What you see cant describe things that you wanna know.

We all have our own power. Power to live. Power to defend ourselves. Power to defeat people. Power to be m0re powerful than others...

First, we must know our own ability. Others cant control our life or underestimate us. Some people didnt share their abilities to others. Well, it's all up to them. Maybe they think they dont need to show it cause it is too sh0w off.. :P Maybe they dont care at all...or people d0nt know that they're exist.

Life wont always be just about you.. Life's inv0lve everything around us. Whether u like it or hate it. Some people really dont care ab0ut others. They with their own world. Some people build a group and cant accept others to join them. They will say you are not in my gr0up..s0rry! cant get al0ng.. -.-?? What the hell! You think you are cool en0ugh ha?

Before we see others we sh0uld look at ourselves first. hmm, when you look back on you life, you will have moments of which you are pr0ud and maybe a few you are regret. That's life. Yeah...but..emm ok!

Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man -Ian Duncan Smith-

Sometimes people who like to underestimate people is a person who have no confidence in theirselves. Or maybe they jeal0us with others life. Seems so good but their life not as good as others. This kind of person is a human wh0 cant see others over powered them. Do not think that you are the greatest than others. If you are great enough you dont need to depend on others.

I rather use kn0w than judge. I dont judge pe0ple. We kn0w people not by h0w they answer our questions BUT how they ask us questions. We know people after we recognize them. So, how to deal with people who underestimate you? Hmm..lets do it my way! hahaha! Yeahhh!!

Usually, it is a problem that some people underestimate you. Sometimes i feel like that too.. Maybe certain people are complicated in their life and they like to make others life complicated too..WTHell..??? BUT if you are really more than what they say/think you are, then you have to deal with them.

1. be more confidence in yourself..Good job! bc0z this is the 1st step
2. g0lden opportunity to prove that they are wrong, you are right! Proving people wrong is such fun thing yaw.. ^^,
3. just shut your m0uth..speaking to them will only hurt you. There is no used to speak to people who say unmeaning words
4. suprise them that you are not what they think you are..Let their eyes wide open!
5. Just concentrate on your goals and life..Dont ever ever let the negativity let you down. You must concentrate to yourself and be str0ng, always!
6. everytime they look down on you or say negative things remember that this is THE BIG OPPORTUNITY to prove them wrong.
7. Every snicker, mean l0ok, whisper, negative comment is another opportunity for you to just keep silent and remember the day that all their current words will look so0oooo DUMB..the day they will be proven wrong. Feel really damn good!! >.<

You cant control what others are thinking and you cant please everyone..and who cares what people think. Cause in this m0dern cruel world no one cares about you. You can stick up for yourself if you like, but be very careful with your words as you do, keep them simple.

Just say a few words like "you're wrong" or "too bad you think that" or something, and thats all. Sometimes if too long to be quite, it is the time to say it loud and sometimes just a simple word can make people ast0nished or dumbfounded..hahahh!

Mark this oh0kayy! Do not underestimate others because of you have alot of friends. Cause some pe0ple take this as opportunity to underestimate some peeps. What a dumbness way to make others impress about you. You should shame on yourself.. Huh~ What on earth are y0u thinking yaw?? Psycho -.-"

Watch out, you the underestimater maker! The more you underestimate people the very very m0re others underestimate you..! Shame hah?? Shame on you...~~

Life is to enjoy and be free..not to condemn OK..

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