19 January 2012

Hol Iii Da Ay

Exams Off
Lets partayyyyyy...

Finally im free fr0m examinati0ns. Overall, the examinations were ok. AWESOMEeee!!!. Opppsss! kinda~~ not for last paper.. The Concrete Design was not so go0d. -.-"
*tears dr0p* Like not s0ooo okay..
*hmm..bior lah..yg penting i dh study ok..giler2 punye study okeh!* It's up to Him.. like damn f0cus study..weee~ Well, at least i do something and try my best right..better than n0thing or cheating.

This semester gave me lots of experiences. Experience with peeps and friends. They taught me many things. Some peeps thats is real and not. Actually, i have no rights to say who is real and wh0's not the real one. But i just be friends with everyone. Maybe some people misjudge me..Nevermind. Like i just knew who she/he really are... You made my eyes wide open. Seriously.. Dont be fake.

Well, when i know that i will accept it. In this world, we must learn how to accept things eventhough it is the thing that we hate most.

I never try to take s0mething from others. I am not a scramble person. But when something come back to me, d0nt throw a curse or blame on me.. -JJ-

Right now, i'm having my semester break holidays for 1 month..yes! nice!



Maybe wings will help me fly

*cr0wning gl0ryyy*

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