01 January 2012

Life Is A Road Life Is A Lesson

Life's aint easy. Crucial paths we need to get through. Some road that we choose is not the best road that we think. The road that we seen sometimes is not as good as what we saw. We used to choose the short road rather than long road. Forsure, it is the human behavior to choose the easy one. So, the long road will be dead and full of sadness. Then, we might think that, the long road is weird, haunted and dangerous. Full of badness. But actually, there are not many people who willing and brave to discover it. They didn't see that it is a nice view and wonderful exploration if they took this road. Full of experiences to be made. We always pray to have a long life.. So why not if we take the long road to fill our emptyness in life and explore new things new world that we havent seen before. Maybe while we on our j0urney to the destination we can see many things and learn many things.

Open your eyes widely and see around you. One day you will regret when your eyes closed and will not be able to open anymore. On that day you will feel so0oooo useless. We can feel that life is full
of challenges. Only the strong one willing to face the challenge in their own way. Do not care about what people might think about you. You live your life for what you are. They are not you. People will not stop talking until you stop doing what you want. Life isn't worth living unless you're willing to take some big chances and go for broke.
Life is a road. Keep on going. Life is a lesson. Keep on learning..
It is in your hand..

It is in my hand..


GOD bless you all

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