23 May 2012

Mind Your Own Business

Supp0sed that you should mind your own business. People out there keep saying things that they've thought in their mind about others. It looks like they really don't kn0w what to do to enj0y their life because busy watching others rather then themselves. Pity on them... Let me sh0w you how to enjoy laa -.-" You are wasting your precious time la peeps. 
Actually what on earth they're d0ing? -.-" Feel like this kind of people want to spread some issue to others or maybe because of this attitude they feel that forsure they will be famous or known well.. 
Your talk are actually annoying someh0w. Some people feel pleased to listen from you. 
But maybe people who usually listen to you are just like you. You d0n't have to pretend that nothing's going on. Nothing wouldn't be nothing if nothing is something...hahaa..ok this is weird ;)) Let me explain. Emmm...ok, if nothing happen in your life, something is going on..You Are SOoooo Dull..duhh!! So, mind your own business! Watch your life first bef0re comment others.
If you say 'Mind Your Own Business!' to someone, you're telling them to stop intefering in things that don't concern them or the best word is to stop asking personnel questions. Saying those words to somenone quite harsh and aggresive...heheh! So becareful who you say it to. Watch and learn..yeahhhhh
Basically, people who like to interfere people's life are someone who has dull moment and maybe they're b0red to see what they usually see. Feel bad f0r them. Could you please respect people's privacy rather then interupting people that dont have any connection with you? Or maybe i can do some interview with this people and ask them do you have life?? Nice haa...heee~
For those who face this kind of people, you dont have to feel bad. Be yourself.. Do not let changes control you. If you are happy for what you're doing right now, you dont have to change because of people out there who are useless. Because the title for this post is MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS!.So organize your business well ok.. Maybe in future you can be an excellent businessman or businessw0man.. XD *annoying*

Some people may have problems minding their own business that are really serious. If this is your case, then you may want to see professional help.

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