08 July 2012

Mix Up and Wishes

Yesterday was my sister's birthday
07 / 07 / 2012
You're big girl already
Wishes from your lovely sis: May all y0ur dreams come true & go0d luck plusss++ all the best in your future undertaking..
The celebration was simple (at lovely h0me) but a very nice m0ment
Really enj0yed DOMINO's PIZZA..hahahh!


Tomorrow will be the 3rd week of my internship
Last week was quite busy
I am really exhausted...During this internship i usually sleep early and wake up early
Cause i feel sleepy quite fast nowadays
hmmm -.-"
maybe too busy at day
Lots of works and stuffs need to be carry out
I thought that this degree's internship quite same as diplomme's internship
But actually, i was wrong..Doing intenship at consultant company is busy like bee
Works are always on the way
Projects are all the way
Sometimes i need to settle 1 project for 2 or 3 days cause have to complete and submit directly to boss on time
I couldnt list out all the works that i've done
But i can only say that DAMN A LOT!!!
maybe, some people says that:
'what la...intenship only la...not much works to do laaa...chill babe'
'hah? is it true ha internship do have lots of work to do'
'how come you say that doing an internship is very busy'
Hmmm...maybe your company dont have lots of projects so you can say that things laa~
I dont care what people say..As long as i can learn something new
 Yuo! I learn something new!
Good for me..

Who cares!

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